“Polaris, it’s better to get a stunt double for such a dangerous scene.” Jacky Ball, who had always been by her side, suggested worriedly, but Mia Kyle didn’t take it seriously He tried convincing Mia Kyle heaps of times to use a stunt double but Mia Kyle wouldn’t listen to him. She always had a theory, where everyone was equal and also loved, how could she be the one who earned the money while someone else bears the risks? Jacky Ball was so worried that he would break out in a cold sweat every time he watched Mia Kyle rigged for a stunt. The Kyle family was so rich that Mia Kyle’s annual pocket money could be someone else’s entire life expenditure. No one knew why she worked so hard. Looking at the wire rise in the air, Jacky Ball felt nervous, he had a feeling that something bad was going to happen. Hearing every creak of the wire, Jacky Ball’s worry got more intense. Mia Kyle had never left his sight. At that sudden moment, the wire broke. Jacky Ball watches helplessly as Mia Kyle plunged down from a height, she screamed, “Ah” The shooting crew panicked, completely forgetting what to do. People started screaming and the scene was in chaos. The moment Jacky Ball saw Mia Kyle fall, he ran towards her almost immediately, hoping to catch her in time. Though he had tried his best, he couldn’t save Mia Kyle. He helplessly watched Mia Kyle fell before his eyes and heard a simultaneous thump. “Oh my god!”, Mia Kyle was in pain. Her face turned pale, she felt as if her body had shattered. “Polaris!”, Jacky Ball rushed over. His knees hit the floor hard as he knelt by Mia Kyle’s side. He checked on her, “How are you feeling?” “I think I’m going to diel”, Mia Kyle answered. She had never suffered such pain ever in her life. How she wished there were a few other crew members who also fell with her to share the pain. “Don’t move, I’m calling an ambulance.”, Jacky Ball comforted her while dialing on his mobile phone. “Jacky Ball, are you worrying about me?”, asked Mia Kyle. “Don’t talk. Save some energy for later.”, Jacky Ball replied. “Jacky Ball, can you grab my phone?”, Mia Kyle requested. “Polaris, don’t move. We’ve already called the ambulance.”, said the crew members that had surrounded her. No one dared to move Mia Kyle since it was known to not move an injured person and to leave it to the paramedics. “Jacky Ball, get me my phone!”, Mia Kyle almost cursed. Her back was was in extreme pain. If she wasn’t trying to reach Neil Brown and get him to see her, she wouldn’t have held on for that long. Jacky Ball asked worriedly, “Why do you need your phone?” “Sh*t! Stop your nonsense and just give it to me!”, Mia shouted in outraged. If it wasn’t for the injury, Mia Kyle would probably have jumped up and beaten him up. Jacky Ball had been around her for years but was just like her brother Kevin Kyle! He was too rigid and never flexible. Mia felt that sooner or later, she would go bananas. Jacky Ball never disobeyed Mia Kyle. He quickly handed over her mobile phone and offered nervously, “What do you need to do? I can help.” Mia Kyle didn’t bother to react. She opened her app, switched on the video mode and started recording herself. She said pitifully, “Neil Brown, I wanted to treat you to dinner tonight but I was injured during the shoot. I don’t know if I will survive. You will come to see me after knowing that I have been so seriously injured. I know you’re the best and won’t let me down, right?” After finishing the sentence, Mia Kyle sent the video and her phone slipped from her hand. She groaned feebly, “Jacky Ball, don’t let my brother, grandpa, and parents know about this incident. I don’t want them to worry.” Her brother had been worried about her sister-in-law, so she didn’t want to give him any more trouble. Her grandfather was old and she didn’t want him to worry. Her mother had been sick, and her father strived hard to take care of her mother. She couldn’t let them worry too. Therefore, the only person who came to her mind was Neil Brown. She wanted to spend all her time with him. Jacky Ball hesitated, “But…” “But what?”, Mia Kyle fiercely interrupted. She gnashed her teeth in pain and yelled, “Has the ambulance arrived yet? They can’t afford for me to die here.” Mia Kyle couldn’t understand why this happened to her. The shooting went well but the wire suddenly broke. She fell down immediately She started thinking about people she had offended recently. How could someone take revenge? How was she going to hang around these people? Mia Kyle had a strong and feisty temper. In spite of that, she still had her limits, she couldn’t hold on any longer. She added, “Jacky Ball, I feel like I’m going to faint. Don’t be scared. Remember what I told you.” After finishing her sentence, Mia Kyle was finally relieved and fainted. She lost consciousness after that. Mia didn’t know how she had been sent to the hospital, how serious her injury was nor how long she had been unconscious. The moment she woke up and opened her eyes, Neil Brown’s stern face was right in her sight. He was dressed in his military uniform. As long as he did not speak, he looked like a representative of justice. Mia Kyle thought that she had seen it wrong, she hurriedly raised her hand and rubbed her eyes but her actions were too vigorous. Her wound was stretched, and it was so painful that she grimaced in pain. She screamed mindlessly, “This is really not something a person should suffer!” “Only two ribs were broken. You will be discharged in a few days. Neil Brown said, he was calmly standing by Mia Kyle’s bed. “I broke two ribs?”, Mia Kyle asked while she stared at Neil Brown with her eyes wide open “Neil Brown, don’t you know how to show mercy to women? As the commander of the Chatterton Town military, have you lost all your empathy?” Mia Kyle questioned. Neil Brown replied, “What’s empathy? Is it worth a penny?” Mia Kyle responded, “You! I really wished I took you down with me.” She couldn’t fight him verbally nor physically but she had merrily accepted the fact that he was her lifelong partner. Neil Brown sat down by Mia Kyle’s side. He reached out his hand and stopped her hand from moving. “If you still want to create trouble, you won’t last long enough to take me down with you. I can prepare a coffin for you in advance if that’s what you want” Neil Brown said. Mia Kyle was speechless. What was this man’s heart made of? Did he have an iron heart? “Would it kill him to say something nice? If it doesn’t, why won’t he say it?” Mia Kyle pondered, she was puzzled. Neil Brown said, “Don’t look at me like that. I won’t buy it!”.

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