Neil’s voice was very calm. His meticulous care for Mia could no longer be seen. He used to be even more nervous than she was, whenever she fell and hurt herself. One day she only skinned her knees, but he forced the doctor to conduct a full physical examination on her. He said, “You are our family’s treasure, you must not be injured at all!” He also once said, “Little girl, you were sent by God to save me. No matter how unhappy I am, I will be fine once I see you.” Mia used to think that she was his whole world and if she left him, his world would fall apart. Mia once thought that as long as she grew up, she could finally be with Neil. But it was not this way. Ever since she turned 18, Neil Brown had been hiding from her for the last few years. She had confessed to him countless time, but in return she only got his ruthless sarcasm, “It’s none of my business whether you like me or not.” She used to think that she was very close to him, like now, he was sitting by her side, but she couldn’t keep him stay with her. Thinking of this, Mia’s face suddenly darkened and said faintly. “Neil Brown, if I really fell to my death this time, would you be happy?” Not waiting for him to answer, Mia continued, “If I die, no one will come to bother you again, and you can peacefully live your life. I bet you are now hoping for me to fall to my death the next time, aren’t you?” Hearing this, Neil narrowed his sharp eyes and said, “I thought you didn’t know. Thank God you are still aware of this.” Mia, who looked gloomy just now, instantly grew furious. She gritted her teeth and stared at him, she shouted, “Are you cold blooded?” She was just joking and wanted to hear him say something nice to comfort her. How could he answer her like this? Was he trying to piss her off? Neil shrugged indifferently and said, “You are not the first one that calls me cold blooded, and you won’t be the last one too.” Mia was so speechless that she was ready to wrestle him to death. Neil pressed his long arm on her body. She was in so much pain that she screamed, “Neil Brown, are you still human?!” She was already hurt so badly, and he even pressed on the wounded area. Why did she fall in love with a man like this? No, it was his fault. He acted a gentleman too well until she fell for him, and when she was into him, he ignored her and played with her feelings, didn’t he? It’s not a big deal! Let’s wait and see. I will teach him a lesson when I recover. Mia thought Neil asked, “Does it hurt? Do you want me to let go?” Mia’s face was pale with pain. “B*stard, stop pressing!” Neil withdrew his hand and said, “You lost again.” Mia said angrily, “What do you mean by I lost? D*mn it! Neil Brown, you’re a big guy. And you take advantage of me when I’m injured? If you want, I can fight you alone when I have recovered!” Neil said, “I can defeat you without effort if you are injured. Why do I have to wait for you to recover?” Mia’s face was full of disbelief. “Neil Brown, where has your morality gone to?” Mia exclaimed. He still answered with a serious face, “This is called a good strategy! What is morality? Can I survive on it?” Mia, “..” This was the real Neil Brown, a man without morals, A man like Neil Brown, who looked like a gentleman from the outside, was rotten on the inside. Mia decided that she would stop her career as an actor and write a book about Neil Brown, about how dark his life was, it would definitely be a bestseller. “Little Aunt! Uncle!” Little Karen’s soft voice suddenly came from the door. Mia and Neil looked at the door at the same time. Accompanied by Lynn, Little Karen walked towards them with small steps. Neil took two steps forward and picked Little Karen up. “Karen, you are still lovely as always.” “Uncle, give me money!” Little Karen was very smart. She must let Neil know praising her loveliness did not prevent her from asking money from him. “Karen, who taught you to ask for money in this way?” Neil didn’t believe that Kevin Kyle would teach his daughter like this. But after thinking about it carefully, Kevin might have changed after all these years. Mia asked, “Karen, why are you here?” “Dad said that you were disobedient and fell from a very high place, injuring yourself.” Little Karen said, at the same time making a gesture of falling from a high place, “And it’s time for me to fix my little aunt.” Hearing Little Karen’s words, Neil couldn’t help laughing. “Haha Little Karen, you are really smart. You will be your aunt’s opponent in trash-talking in the future.” Mia stared at Neil fiercely. She was so angry that she grabbed the pillow and threw it at him. But it didn’t hit him and she herself cried out in pain because she just aggravated her wound, “Neil Brown, you are officially my enemy now. “Okay,” Neil said, as he put Little Karen on her bed. “Karen, your aunt has broken down. Find a way to fix her.” “Okay, yes, I will!” Little Karen nodded her little head hard. She would fix her broken little aunt. Neil touched Little Karen’s head for a bit, then turned around and left. Mia asked, “Where are you going?” Neil said, “I thought we are officially enemies? I’m leaving then.” Mia was so angry that she gritted her teeth. After a long while, she said, “Screw you. Neil Brown, you b*stard!” Little Karen looked at Mia, who was shouting angrily, with a shocked look on her face. She was scared. “What did Little Aunt mean?” Mia also noticed that she had frightened her little niece. She quickly smiled and said softly, “Sweetie, why are you here looking after me? Aren’t you going to help your dad get your mother back?”.

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