Mia realized she said it wrongly, so she quickly corrected herself, Aren’t you helping your daddy get close to Big Karen?” “Big Karen is still mad at daddy,” Little Karen explained to Mia very seriously After waking up that morning, Big Karen had gone. Little Karen was wondering if Big Karen was scared away by her crying. However, Little Karen did not tell anyone about such an embarrassing thing. Otherwise, her father would laugh at her for crying the other night. In the past two days, she did call Big Karen on the phone. Her voice was very pleasant, and she was still willing to talk to her, but Big Karen didn’t want to talk to her father. She then figured out that Big Karen was mad at her father, and it had nothing to do with her crying the other night. Big Karen would not dislike her, how could she not like such a cute girl like Little Karen? Mia suddenly asked her, “Sweetie, do you want to see Big Karen?” Little Karen nodded her head and said, “Of course.” She missed Big Karen a lot, but she didn’t know what to do if Big Karen did not want to see her. Mia added, “Call Big Karen now and tell her that you are in the hospital. She will come to see you soon.” “Will Big Karen come to see me?” Little Karen expressed some doubts. Big Karen had not come to see her for a few days. If she called her, would she really come? After leaving the Kyle household that day, Karen Daly focused all her attention on her work. She didn’t think about the Kyle family at all, and she didn’t want to even think about the incident that night. However, the more Karen Dyle wanted to forget about it, the more she would think of it. Especially Kevin Kyle’s hesitant expression. The helplessness in his eyes made Karen want to figure out what had happened in his past. Karen was not a meddlesome person. She did not even care much when her father refused to tell her about her She didn’t know why she was particularly concerned about Kevin Kyle. It had been a few days since she started work at PM Corporation, and she was getting used to it. The people in her team were finally convinced by her work and treated her much better. Now, she was living a good life, but it’s just that she suddenly missed Little Karen. She missed her soft voice, and wanted to see her pink little face. Buzz… Karen was just thinking about Little Karen, and suddenly her phone rang. “Sister.” Karen picked up the phone and heard Little Karen’s soft voice coming from the phone. And her heart was warmed by her soft voice. “Little Karen, have you had lunch?” Karen asked softly with her smiling lips. “No, I am in the hospital, it’s so painful. Daddy is not here.” Little Karen followed her aunt’s instruction and deliberately said it in an unclear way. “Sweetie, which hospital are you in?” Before she got a reply. Karen had already picked up her bag and rushed out. She had to rush over and see if Little Karen was alright. She still remembered how badly Little Karen cried on the corridor the other day, as if the whole world had abandoned her. Now that she was injured, without her father and mother beside her, she must be very afraid. At this point, Karen Daly no longer cared about staying away from the Kyle family. She only wanted to take care of Little Karen, so that she wouldn’t feel afraid. Karen Daly immediately hailed a cab after Little Karen told her she was at Rovio Hospital. When she arrived at the hospital, she did not notice that there was also another person getting down from the car next to her taxi. The other person also followed her into the elevator. Karen looked up and saw it was Mr. Kyle. She was surprised! “Miss Daly, what a coincidence. You are at the hospital too,” Kevin said, while he nodded at her. He was polite and distant, as if he had not done anything to her that night. “Yes.” Karen nodded, averted his gaze, and stopped looking at him. As usual, Kevin stood stiffly, without any emotions. Only his hands on the side of his body were clenched so tightly that his knuckles were all white. They both reached the eighth floor where the in-patient wards were very soon. The elevator door opened, but Kevin did not move. He wanted to wait for Karen to go first, but she did not move either. She had come to see Little Karen but he was also here. It was better to pretend that she had something else to do, because she didn’t want to spend too much time with Kevin. “Miss Daly, which floor are you going to?” After a long while, Kevin asked first “The tenth floor,” Karen said casually. “Oh, okay.” Kevin helped her press the tenth floor and then closed the elevator door, he wanted to go to the tenth floor with her Karen asked, “Aren’t you going to eighth floor?” Kevin said, “I’m also going to the tenth floor.” He would follow her anywhere she went. Karen, “..” Little Karen was clearly on the eighth floor. What was he doing on the tenth floor? Was it because of her? Thinking of this, she glanced at him quietly and found that he looked calm and was looking straight at the elevator door. He had no other thoughts. Well, she admitted that she thought too much. Maybe he was just going to the tenth floor. The tenth floor arrived soon. This time, Karen did not stay any longer. She walked out, and Kevin followed closely behind her. “Mr. Kyle, why don’t you go first?” Karen really couldn’t see through him. He didn’t say a word and yet followed her around. She didn’t know what he wanted to do. “Why are you avoiding me?” Kevin asked in a very serious tone. Karen Daly would never be able to understand his kind of helplessness – that the person he had been waiting for had finally returned to his side, but he could not get close to her nor touch her. These days, he even thought of letting go of everything, no matter what Samuel wanted to do, no matter if Karen could remember the past… He wanted to let go of everything and take Karen Daly and Little Karen to find a place where no one knew them and start a new life together. “I am not avoiding you” Karen Daly replied. She was hiding from him, but it was not good to admit it in his face. “That night…” He started. “Mr. Kyle, I have forgotten about it.” Karen interrupted him, looked into the distance and said, “I think it’s better if you go have a look at Little Karen. She needs you now.”.

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