Karen wasn’t avoiding him, but she couldn’t remember him, their child, and all their past. Although Kevin had long accepted this fact, his heart still hurt every time he met her. He clenched his fists and loosened them, again and again He then calmed himself down and spoke to her. He said, “Little Karen always tells me about you nowadays. If you can visit her with me, she will be very happy.” Karen thought for a moment. She was not at fault in the incident too, why did she avoid him anyway? It would only make her look guilty this way. They were acquaintances. Even if they were not friends, they still knew each other. There was no need for her to hide, she then decided to visit Little Karen with him. After thinking it through, Karen looked up and smiled gently at Kevin. “Okay, let’s go together. In fact, I came here to see Little Karen, but I forgot which floor she was on.” Karen’s smile was a little cunning, she was obviously lying, Kevin saw it through but he stayed silent. This was the Karen Daly that he always knew. Who would play tricks on him from time to time, and would aldo trash-talk him occasionally. Most of the time, she was naughty but cute. When both of them appeared in Mia’s ward together, Mia even thought there was something wrong with her eyes again. Didn’t Little Karen say that Big Karen was still angry with Kevin? Then how did both of them get together? Had both of them made peace with each other? “Dad..” Little Karen quickly got out of bed and rushed to her dad. Kevin picked her up and kissed her. “Dad, Big Karen, I’m so happy to see you.” Little Karen looked at Karen Daly who was by Kevin’s side, and said, “Big Karen, I want you to hug me.” Karen Daly hugged Little Karen and looked at her carefully After confirming that she was ok, Karen Daly was relieved. “Don’t hide from me okay?” Little Karen held Karen Daly’s face, leaned forward, and kissed on her cheek. Karen Daly touched her head and smiled gently. “I won’t avoid you anymore in the future. Little Karen, you can come and play with me any time.” Hearing that she allowed her to go to her house anytime, Little Karen was very happy and asked softly, “Can daddy also come along?” Little Karen and daddy both liked Big Karen. It would be great if Big Karen had been with them all the time, Little Karen thought to herself. At night, her father could sleep on the left side and Big Karen could sleep on the right side, while Little Karen could sleep in the middle. Just thinking about it made her so happy Karen Daly pinched Little Karen’s face and said, “Dad is busy, he still has work to do. You can come alone to see me. “All right then.” Little Karen looked at his father who just gave her a look and quickly understood what her dad meant. She struggled to take off the necklace around her neck and said, “Big Karen, this is your present.” The necklace was actually a protective amulet made of fragrant wood. Her grandmother gave it to her and she had worn it since she was a baby. “Isn’t this the necklace that you wear all the time, how could I accept it as a gift?” Karen Daly thought that she should be the one who give Little Karen a present instead of the other way round. “But I like you. I want to give it to you.” Little Karen, however, insisted, and clumsily tried to wear it for Karen Daly. Karen Daly glanced at Kevin subconsciously. He nodded to her and said softly, “Little Karen want to give it to you. If you don’t accept it, she will be sad.” “Big Karen… Little Karen wailed. As soon as Kevin finished his words, tears welled up in Little Karen’s big eyes. “Hey sweetie, do not be sad I’ll take your gift. Karen Daly held Little Karen’s head and kissed her forehead. “Thank you!” Little Karen immediately stopped crying and said happily, “Put it on, please. You are not allowed to take it off anymore!” “Well, alright, I will put it on and not take it off, I promise, Karen Daly put the necklace on immediately. Little Karen looked back at Kevin and smiled proudly. As if she was saying, “Dad, I have completed the task you gave.” Kevin nodded at his daughter with satisfaction and secretly gave her a thumbs-up gesture “Ouch, ouch, it hurts so much!” Mia Kyle, who had been ignored for a long time, really couldn’t stand it anymore. The three of them were reuniting so warmly. Did they care about her feelings? She was still lying on the bed injured and two of her ribs were broken. She couldn’t even get out of her bed now, but no one came to care about her. She was so pitiful that no one loved her, and still needed to watch the lovely family of three in front of her. “Stop yelling. Your wound isn’t that bad till you can’t get out of bed!” Kevin spoke to her in a cheerful voice. “What?” Mia Kyle shouted discontentedly, “Wasn’t it serious that I broke two ribs? Then how do you define serious? Someone who cannot eat or talk?” “Who told you that you have broken two ribs?” Kevin asked. If Mia had really broken two ribs, would he only send Little Karen to take care of her? He would have already hired the best specialist on earth to treat her. How could he let Mia stay at the hospital alone? “Did Neil Brown lie to me?” Mia Kyle sat up in anger. After sitting up, she found that the wound, which had hurt till she couldn’t move earlier, had recovered without medicine. She moved again. It was amazing. When she first heard that two of her ribs were broken, she felt as if she was in great pain. But at this moment, when she heard that he was fine, she felt no pain all over her body. She immediately got off her bed and ran around the room. Mia Kyle ran over and picked Little Karen up. She kissed her on the face and said, “Sweetie, it’s all because of you that I recovered so quickly.” Little Karen spread her hands out to Mia Kyle and said, “A thousand dollars, please! Pay me now.” “You’re really a money-minded baby. You only know how to ask me for money. Why don’t you ask your mother for money?” Mia Kyle muttered and pinched her face. “The Kyle family’s property belongs to you in the future. And you are asking me for this little money now?” “OK. Pack up your stuff now. Let’s go back first,” Kevin still had to thank Mia Kyle. If Mia hadn’t come up with such a good idea, Karen Daly wouldn’t have been here too..

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