“Young Master, Polaris, a call from Old Master.” Jacky Ball stood at the door with his mobile phone and reported respectfully. “Jacky, you’re so big-mouthed. I told you not to tell the elderly at home, but now you’ve let everyone know!” Mia Kyle scolded him as she took over the phone and said sweetly, “Grandpa…” No one knew what the person on the other side of the phone said. Mia nodded vigorously and said, “Grandpa, don’t worry. I am a lucky girl. I won’t fall to death so easily.” Speaking of this, Mia quickly jumped a few times and said, “Grandpa, did you hear that? I can run and jump. I am perfectly fine. Don’t worry.” “Grandpa, don’t worry, I am really fine. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Kevin! He is also here.” Mia handed the phone to Kevin. He glanced at the phone, and a dark and sharp look flashed across his eyes. He did not pick up the phone, nor did he intend to speak to Grandpa Kyle. Kevin Kyle did not answer the phone. Mia had to explain to Grandpa Kyle, “Grandpa, it’s too tiring to fly around. Just stay put. I will fly back out to see you in a few days.” Kevin picked up Little Karen, looked at Karen Daly beside him, and said softly, “Let’s go first.” “Okay.” Karen Daly nodded and followed Kevin Kyle out. For some reason, Karen Daly had just seen a deadly coldness in Kevin’s eyes, but it was only there in a blink of an eye. Before she could see it clearly, Kevin had returned to the gentle and refined look she often saw, as if it was just an illusion Would it be just an illusion? Karen couldn’t help but look up at him. How could such gentle person have such a look? She was more and more curious about him. “Dad, hold Big Karen’s hand” Little Karen’s soft voice suddenly appeared, and Karen Daly and Kevin looked at each other almost at the same time. Karen Daly moved her eyes away at the fastest speed. The child might have spoken unintentionally, but the adults felt extremely embarrassed. A family of three walked in front of them. The father was holding the child in his right hand and her mother in his left hand. Little Karen saw it. She thought for a moment and felt that although her father was holding hers, and he should still hold Big Karen’s hand. Karen Daly also saw a family of three walking in front of them. It was a father, a mother and a child, not like them – a father, a stranger and a child. Little Karen, such a silly child! She certainly did not know that if her father held another woman’s hand now, her mother would never come back. As for Kevin, he loved his wife so much and had been waiting for his wife to come back. How could he hold another woman’s hand? Karen Daly sighed silently and said, “Mr. Kyle, I still have work to do in the afternoon, so I have to go first.” “Big Karen, don’t you want to have dinner with me? Don’t you want to play with me?” This time, without her father’s hint, Little Karen had already helped her father because she really wanted to be with Big Karen. Karen Daly smiled gently and said, “I still have work to do. I will play with you next time, alright?” “You don’t need to work. Daddy has a lot of money!” Little Karen said while nodding her little head. She blinked her big beautiful eyes at her father as if to say, “Dad, please help me keep Big Karen As long as Dad said that he had a lot of money for them, Big Karen could stay at home with her every day, and she didn’t have to go to work. However, Little Karen did not get a response from her father. Her father did not say a word. She felt that her father was so stingy. He obviously had a lot of money, but why didn’t he spend it on Big Karen? Little Karen was hurt. She decided not to love her stingy father for the rest of the day. At that crucial moment, he would not even help her keep Big Karen with her. “Silly child!” Karen Daly touched Little Karen’s head dotingly and said to Kevin, “Mr. Kyle, I’ll go first.” Kevin Kyle nodded, “Be careful on the way!” Karen Daly also nodded and waved to Little Karen. “Little Karen, goodbye!” Little Karen didn’t know what to say. Little Karen widened her eyes and watched Karen Daly leave with shock and grievance until she could no longer see Karen. She burst into tears, and her heart was broken. She cried so hard as if she could tear down the entire hospital. “Karen, don’t cry. Big Karen has a job, so she can’t accompany you all the time,” Kevin patiently coaxed the child, but her crying did not stop at all. Kevin patted Little Karen on the back and said, “Little Karen, I will take you to Big Karen, okay?” “No-” Little Karen raised her pudgy little hand and wiped her tears. She cried even louder. No… How could it be like this? How could things turn out like this? Big Karen called her a silly child, but she was not silly at all. Big Karen didn’t like her anymore, did she? But Big Karen obviously liked her all the time. Why did she suddenly call her a silly child and didn’t like her anymore? Oh, no… It must be her bad father. Her father had money, but he didn’t want to spend it on Big Karen, and he didn’t want to help her keep her. At this time, Little Karen felt that she was hurt badly. It would be good if she had more money. In that case, she could keep Big Karen without her father’s help. She cried and said aggrievedly, “Dad is a bad guy, I don’t want you… Sob, sob…” “Karen, don’t cry. The more you cry, the uglier you would become!” Kevin coaxed his daughter, feeling distressed and helpless. “No, I’m not ugly…” “Well, well, my baby is the most beautiful.” “I don’t want daddy anymore..” Little Karen had never been so unreasonable. Kevin couldn’t stop her from crying no matter how he coaxed her. He felt so helpless. Mia Kyle was a person who couldn’t sit still. Once she got to know that her ribs were fine and she only got a few bruises, she didn’t want to stay in the hospital anymore. After talking to Grandpa Kyle, she immediately changed her clothes and was ready to go back to the crew to start working again. Jacky Ball couldn’t hold her back even if he followed her. They immediately saw Kevin coaxing his daughter, who couldn’t calm Little Karen down, Seeing Kevin patiently coax Little Karen, Mia’s eyes teared up again.

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