Mia Kyle could never imagine Kevin doing this in the past. The man who owned the empire of Rovio used to be so cold, she didn’t expect that he would be such a loving father one day… He could have handed over Little Karen to his assistants, but he didn’t. As long as it was something about Little Karen, he would do it all by himself. Mia Kyle had once thought that this brother of hers would be lonely for the rest of his life, so she kept finding him women. And he finally got married and had a child later… Just when she finally thought that her brother got his happiness, the woman who could bring happiness to his life suddenly disappeared, leaving behind a box of ashes. Mia Kyle witnessed how her brother fell from the heavenly happiness to hell. His soul was hollow. If it weren’t for Little Karen, he would probably be dead… Thinking of this, Mia Kyle rushed up and hugged Little Karen. “Sweetie, I know you are mad at daddy. Do you want to stay with me for a while?” “I want my little aunt…” Little Karen wiped her tears with her small hands and said pitifully. “Hey, Sister-in-Law has already gone. Go and do your work. ‘ll take care of her!” After saying that, Mia Kyle left with Little Karen in her arms. Looking at Little Karen that was crying so badly. Mia guessed that it must be because of Big Karen who left. Little Karen and Big Karen were daughter and mother. Ever since Karen Daly was back, Little Karen wanted to see her so badly, even though she did not know that Karen Daly was her mother. Since she missed her mother, then she would take Little Karen to her mother. Because her silly brother did not know what to do As soon as Karen Daly arrived at the company, Mia Kyle arrived with Little Karen, whose eyes were as red as a little rabbit. Mia Kyle put Little Karen into Karen Daly’s arms and said angrily, “She is already so sad, it’s your business now.” After saying that, Mia Kyle turned around and left, leaving Karen Daly holding a child in her arms. She stood there in a daze and didn’t know what to do. Mia Kyle sounded as if it was her fault that Little Karen was crying this badly Little Karen did not want Karen Daly to dislike her. Even though she was heartbroken, she was unwilling to cry now. “Little Karen… Karen’s heart ached when she saw Little Karen’s red eyes. She hugged the little girl tightly and said, “Little Karen, you can go to work with me.” “I’m not a silly girl!” said Little Karen while leading her head against Karen’s shoulder. She looked so pitiful that she was about to cry again. She had made up her mind. If Big Karen called her a silly girl again, she would definitely cry loudly, just like how she cried to her father just now. “Our Little Karen is so cute and smart. You are not silly at all!” Karen Daly rubbed her head, feeling helpless. What that what she was thinking? “Sister, do you like me?” Little Karen sniffed and asked softly “Of course I like you. I like you more than everyone else!” Karen Daly hugged her tightly. Even she herself did not imagine that she would like Little Karen so much. She would be sad if she saw her cry, and would also miss her a lot when she did not get to see her. Little Karen did not understand what she said, but she only needed to know that Big Karen did not hate her. Since Big Karen said she liked Little Karen so much, Little Karen held her face and rubbed it with her little face. Little Karen’s face was a little chubby. She used her little strength to rub against Big Karen’s face, which nearly melted her heart “Then I will have lunch with you and you can accompany me to work later, okay?” Karen Daly pinched Little Karen’s face and asked softly. “Okay.” Little Karen lay on Karen Daly’s shoulder and answered softly Karen Daly held Little Karen in her arms and looked around. She had to find restaurant selling food that was suitable for a three-year-old child. However, just after a short while, Little Karen had fallen asleep on her shoulder. Karen Daly stroked her head, smiled gently and said in a low voice, “What a lovely girl. You are so cute. How could your mother leave you alone?” Karen Daly didn’t know that every word she said reached Kevin’s ears, and she didn’t know that there was a tracking device in the amulet that Little Karen had given her. Every move of hers was under Kevin’s surveillance. On the first day they met Karen Daly, Kevin already had the plan to do so, but it was not the right time, and he could not find a suitable way. Until Karen Daly get along with Little Karen happily, Kevin only thought of asking Little Karen to send a gift to her After losing Karen Daly, Kevin Kyle had protected Little Karen very well over the years. Therefore Little Karen’s amulet had a tracking device hidden in it, in case she ever goes missing. Nick Black knocked on the door and entered the office, saying, “Boss, the signal is good, and the location is accurate. No matter where she goes in the future, we can accurately pinpoint her position as soon as possible to ensure her safety.” “Very well.” Kevin nodded. He promised that he would never lose Karen Daly again, and he would never let her be hurt for even a bit. Even if this method would invade her privacy, he still had to do so. He had to know her situation for her safety because she was by Samuel Daly’s side all the time. Nick Black added, “Samuel Daly has been in contact with the people in Beaford City for the past two days. We haven’t found out who he is reaching out to yet.” “It would be Willis and Kristine Daly!” Kevin made his guess immediately In the past three years, Mr. Wilis’s company had been growing bigger. It was almost as big as the Gook family’s company Kristine Daly had been accompanying Wilis all this while. Samuel Daly, who was hiding in the dark, must know about it because he had part of the company’s shares. Therefore, as soon as Kevin heard that Samuel Daly was in contact with the people in the Beaford City, he immediately thought of Willis and Kristine Daly. Hearing Kevin’s words, Nick Black thought it made sense too. He said, “ITl arrange for someone to keep an eye on both of them.” “Keep an eye on Samuel too. No matter who he is contacting, I want to know!” Kevin Kyle tapped the table gently with his fingertips and suddenly smiled.

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