Kevin Kaly’s eyebrows were raised, the corners of his lips were slightly hooked, and his eyes were soft… Such a smile was really genuine. There was absolutely no hidden meaning Nick Black was a little confused. Why was their boss, President Kevin, smiling this way when he mentioned Samuel Daly? After staring at Kevin Kyle for a while, Nick Black tentatively shouted, “Boss..” “It’s all right. You may go,” Kevin Kyle waved his hand, and his eyes became more gentle, which made Nick Black have goosebumps. After walking out of the office, Nick Black was still wondering if he had done something wrong that their president wanted to punish him with such a smile. Nick Black knew that Kevin Kyle could listen to Karen Daly all the time, but he didn’t know that the reason why Kevin Kyle suddenly laughed was that he heard Karen Daly talking. Kevin Kyle was ordering Nick Black to pay attention to Samuel’s movements when Karen Daly’s voice suddenly came from the Bluetooth headset on his ears. “Little one, the more I look at you, the more I think you look like me. Is it possible that I look similar to your mother, so you look like me, too?” Kevin Kyle heard Karen Daly kiss Little Karen, and then heard her say, “You sleep like a piggy, and you will certainly not answer. Sleep well here, and when you wake up, I will take you out to eat delicious food.” “Karen Daly Suddenly, a man’s voice came into Kevin Kyle’s ears, and he unconsciously frowned. “Director Cheng,” Karen Daly called out. “I heard that you’re so busy that you don’t have time for lunch. I’ve packed some for you!” The man said in a gentle voice. “Director Cheng, how could this be?” “We are colleagues. What’s there to be shy about?” He could hear that the man was smiling. “Thank you, Director Cheng!” “You don’t have to be so polite to me. If you need anything in future, just tell me.” Kevin Kyle suddenly felt agitated, but Karen Daly didn’t like to bother people normally… So she would definitely refuse this man However, as soon as he thought about this, he heard a soft voice from the earphone “Okay.” Kevin Kyle felt that something had caught his heart, and his breath suddenly stopped. “Hey, whose family does this beautiful and lovely child belong to? I see she often comes to look for you.” “I’m close to this child, but I’m not close to her family.” Kevin Kyle did not know if he had heard the conversation after those words. He was slow to react and suddenly realized a terrible reality – Karen Daly had completely forgotten about the past. In Karen Daly’s memory, she was single and had the freedom to fall in love with anyone. And his Karen Daly was so outstanding that there must be many people chasing after her.. What if someone tried to chase after Karen Daly before he could? Kevin Kyle suddenly couldn’t sit still. He really wanted to rush to see Karen Daly immediately and take her hand and announce that she belonged to him. When he thought about it, Kevin Kyle had already rushed to the door of the office. He was about to open the door, but he stopped. What reason did he have now? He hoped that Karen Daly could go on a blind date again, and he could kick out the person who was on a blind date with Karen Daly again, and he would replace Karen’s date and to propose to Karen Daly again. She had promised him once before, and she would say yes again, wouldn’t she? As long as he could find a way to get Karen Daly back home, other things would be easy to handle. Recently, Karen Daly felt that the happiest thing for her was to the hot dishes prepared by her father when she got home after work. Tonight, her father had prepared several dishes that Karen Daly liked very much, such as salt- roasted chicken, beancurd and vegetables. These were all very common dishes, but her father did it with great care. It was very appetizing just by looking at them. After taking a bite of the beancurd, Karen Daly couldn’t help but nod and praise, “Dad, your cooking skills are getting better.” Samuel Daly took off his apron and said, “it’s all because you like it. I want you to have a good meal. That’s why I want to practice my cooking skills!” Hearing her father’s words, Karen Daly’s nose twitched slightly and she suddenly felt like crying. However, she blinked her eyes and forced back her tears. “Thank you, dad!” Karen Daly still remembered that when she had just recovered from the serious illness, she didn’t remember anything about the past. She shut herself up in the room and didn’t go out at all. It was her father who accompanied her patiently and guided her to walk out of the shadows step by step. If it weren’t for her father’s patience, there wouldn’t be the rebirth of Karen Daly. “Silly, why are you so polite to me? You’re my child.” As he spoke, Samuel Daly helped Karen Daly add some dishes to her plate. “You must be very tired since you were so busy today. Eat more.” “Actually, I’m not busy at work. It’s just that I met a lovely little girl recently. After work, I would wait for her family to pick her up, and after that I’d go home.” Karen Daly said without any precaution. How could Samuel Daly not know that Karen Daly had met this little girl? He also knew very well who the little girl was. He just wanted to test if Karen Daly would tell him the truth. Hearing Karen Daly’s words, Samuel Daly was relieved. He picked up more food for Karen Daly “It’s tiring to take care of a child. You should eat more.” Although he said these caring words, he sneered in his heart. “Kevin Kyle, oh, Kevin Kyle, when you see your wife, your child’s mother, right in front of you, but you can’t tell her the truth – that kind of unsatisfied desire must be wonderful.” If Kevin Kyle knew what he should do to help this situation, Kevin would come to look for Samuel Daly sooner. As long as Kevin could help Samuel complete what he wanted to do, he might return Karen Daly to him. But Kevin Kyle didn’t Samuel Daly added, “Why don’t you tell me how many boys have been chasing after you recently? Samuel Daly asked how many boys there were, and not if there were any boys pursuing her, which proved that there had always been boys pursuing her all the time. Karen Daly looked up at Samuel Daly and shook her head. She didn’t like to communicate with strangers, and she didn’t like to make friends. Other than some contacts at work, there were almost no other men around her. Of course, no one would be pursuing her! Samuel Daly said earnestly, “However, you are not young anymore. If you meet a suitable man, you can consider it carefully.” “Dad, I’m not in a hurry!” Karen Daly did not want to talk about relationship matters with her father. Karen Daly interrupted Samuel Daly in time, but Samuel Daly’s words had a great impact on her. At this time, lying on the bed, she was thinking about “a suitable man”. Today, when she heard her father’s words, the first person who had appeared in her mind was Kevin Kyle. She and Kevin Kyle were in a completely different world. Moreover, Kevin Kyle had a wife he deeply loved, and little Karen. How could she have feelings for him? Speaking of the right man, she thought of it over and over again. She couldn’t think of anyone else who was suitable. This kind of thing couldn’t be forced. It all depended on fate.

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