In the afternoon, Mia Kyle went to pick up Little Karen from Karen Daly and went back to Kevin Kyle’s house. Mia Kyle also took advantage of the afternoon’s free time to think of a plan for her brother, to pursue his wife. Of course, her plan was simple and rough. Her character was straightforward. Since she liked it, she should go after it. Why did she think about so much? However, Mia Kyle was very clear that her brother was calm and reserved, and he would not use her method, so she did not tell Kevin Kyle. She would just execute it on his behalf! Thinking of her own method, Mia Kyle thought it was perfect. There was no girl who could resist such a romantic attack When she gets her sister-in-law back, Kevin Kyle would just have to give Mia Kyle a first-class merit. She didn’t need too much, she could just ask for a new sports car for herself. Mia Kyle reached out and pinched Little Karen’s pink face, and rubbed it a few times as if she was kneading flour. “Little baby girl, your favorite Big Karen will soon return to our big family. By then, you have to thank me very much.” “Little Aunt, give me the money.” “Money minded baby, what do you want so much money for?” “For Big Karen.” Humph, as long as she had a lot of money, she would give all the money to Big Karen, and Big Karen could accompany her every day. Little Karen thought. “You little fellow.” Mia Kyle poked Little Karen’s head and said with jealousy, “I’ve been taking care of you for so many years, but I can’t compare with your mother who has never taken care of you… Big Karen.” Little Karen blinked her eyes and said innocently, “Daddy likes Big Karen.” Mia Kyle nodded again and said, “Little Karen, you’re so cunning. Your father likes Big Karen, and you can see that.” Little Karen nodded vigorously. She was her father’s baby and was always around him. She would know that her father liked Big Karen “Little one, do you hope your uncle likes me?” “No.” “Why?” “Uncle likes me.” “Alright. You win!’ Mia Kyle said in exasperation Mia Kyle had to admit that Little Karen would be super smart when she grows up. At such a young age, she even knew how to scheme against her little Aunt! It would be terrible when she’s older. “Daddy -” Seeing that Dad was back, Little Karen immediately opened her arms. Kevin Kyle walked over and touched her small nose. “You’re not crying and complaining to me today?” Little Karen blinked innocently with her big eyes, as if to say, “Daddy, don’t talk nonsense. I’m a lovely and sensible baby. so I won’t cry.” Looking at Little Karen’s nifty face, Kevin Kyle couldn’t help but laugh. “From now on, my Little Karen is going to be called a snot worm.” “Daddy, no.” “Snot Worm, this name is good. It’s very suitable for Little Karen!” Mia Kyle interjected. “Little aunt, I don’t want it.” Little Karen said softly and pursed her lips. If they dared to talk about her again, she would cry at them. Anyway, when Big Karen wasn’t here, she would cry if she wanted to, she wasn’t afraid of them. Kevin Kyle rubbed Little Karen’s head and said, “Since you don’t want to be a snot worm, hurry up and eat and rest early” “Okay,” Little Karen replied softly, It was a quiet night, so quiet that the sound of the breeze could be heard. It was not only Karen Daly who was lying in bed, unable to fall asleep, but also Kevin Kyle. He was listening to Karen Daly’s movements all the time. This bug was indeed very effective. When there was no noise around, even the sound of Karen Daly breathing could be heard clearly – it was as if she was lying beside him. “Kevin Kyle-” Suddenly, he heard Karen Daly calling his name softly and softly. It felt much better than when he heard her call out the three words “Mr. Kevin Kyle” in a polite and distant tone. “Little Karen, Little Karen is so cute. I really want to take her home and raise her.” A crisp and gentle voice came from the earphone again, which made Kevin Kyle’s face grow a little gloomy. The person whom Big Karen truly missed was Little Karen, and not Little Karen’s father. Later, Kevin Kyle heard the rustling of the quilt, and Karen Daly’s breathing became more and more uniform. It seemed that she had fallen asleep. Hearing that Karen Daly had fallen asleep, Kevin Kyle turned his head and kissed the little girl next to him, and then closed his eyes with peace of mind. “No, don’t touch my belly, don’t He didn’t know how long it had been, but Karen Daly’s heart wrenching voice came from the Bluetooth headset. Kevin Kyle instantly woke up. “Karen!” He cried. After calling her name, Kevin Kyle remembered that she was not by his side. He immediately got out of bed and wanted to save her, but he was slow to realize that she was not really in danger, but she was only dreaming. She must have been having these bad dreams. Little Karen had been cut out of her womb prematurely, robbed by someone else. Even if she could not remember the past, such unforgettable things would torture her from time to time every time she was dreaming at night. Kevin Kyle didn’t think about it anymore. He took out his mobile phone and dialled Karen Daly’s phone number. He heard her cell phone ringing. Soon, the phone was connected, and Karen Daly’s voice, lingering with fear, could be heard. “Hello, is it Little Karen?” “It’s me. Kevin Kyle!” Hearing her voice, Kevin Kyle wanted to hold her in his arms and tell her not to be afraid anymore. No one would dare to hurt her anymore, but they were separated by a wall that could not be destroyed. “Mr. Kyle, it’s so late. Is Little Karen looking for me?” However, in just a few seconds, it sounded that she had already calmed down. From this, Kevin Kyle could judge that it was not the first time for her to have such a nightmare. “It’s not Little Karen who is looking for you. It’s me who wants to hear your voice.” For the first time, Kevin Kyle said things so rashly. “Mr. Kyle, calling a lady you are not close to, in the middle of the night, is not a good thing, and on top of that, saying such a thing!” Karen Daly’s voice sounded a little unhappy. Kevin Kyle took a deep breath and said seriously. “Karen Daly, let’s meet tomorrow, without Little Karen. Let’s meet each other.” “Mr. Kyle, if there’s something you need to say, say it now. I don’t think we’re that close that we need to meet.” “I’ll take you to meet someone. After you meet him, you can tell me what you think.” Kevin said. Karen Daly was speechless. Kevin Kyle added, “Karen Daly, don’t think of me as a bad person. I won’t hurt you. Please trust me.” She didn’t know if it was because Kevin Kyle’s voice was too pleasant, and she didn’t know whether it was because he called her in time to drag her out of the nightmare that she couldn’t get out of, that her heart softened. In short, Karen Daly did not know the reason why, but she nodded and agreed to Kevin Kyle’s invitation. She agreed to meet him the next day..

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