Kevin Kyle had asked Karen Daly to meet downstairs her office, at ten o’clock in the morning. Karen Daly went to the office first to see the management first, so that she could leave later without seeming like she was skiving off work. “Miss Daly, flowers for you.” As soon as she arrived at the front desk of the office, the receptionist stopped Karen Daly, pointing to the two red roses on the counter. In Karen’s memory, she had never experienced such a thing. For a moment, she did not know whether she should accept it or not. Or should she take it back to the office or throw it into the trash can? After thinking about it, Karen felt that the most polite way was to accept it. She would know who sent them, and then she would find a way to return the flowers. Thinking of this, she smiled at the receptionist politely and then returned to the office with these roses in her arms. Back in the office, Karen Daly picked up a bunch of cards that were stuck in the flowers and opened them. Karen Daly then felt goosebumps all over herself! [Big Karen, I love you! Since the first time I saw you, I have deeply fallen in love with you. I want to hug you, kiss you, and even sleep with you. If you have the same feelings towards me, please call me after you receive this bouquet of flowers. I am waiting for you. – Kevin!) After reading it, Karen Daly felt as if she was going to puke, what was this mess. Kevin? Which Kevin?! Karen Daly thought about it seriously. Among all the people she knew, Kevin Kyle was the only one whose name was “Kevin”. Could this really be that cold and aloof Kevin Kyle? It seemed incredulous. In Karen’s eyes, Kevin Kyle was the kind of man who was calm, reserved, didn’t like to smile, and was very serious and responsible in doing things. When she was with him, he always made people feel very safe. He would not do such childish things. Karen tried to think about the appearance and tone of Kevin’s words, but she couldn’t figure it out. She shook her head and denied it. Kevin should not be such a frivolous person. However, she might only know what was on the surface and not what was in his heart. In the past, she had never thought that Kevin would call her at midnight. But just last night, Kevin did call her and said that he wanted to hear her voice If he could say such cheesy words last night, Karen was afraid that he might actually have written these nauseating words on the card. Looking at the card again, Karen really wanted to call Kevin Kyle. It was not to tell him that she was thinking the same, but to tell him that she didn’t want to see him anymore. Buzz… Karen was about to call Kevin, but her phone on the desk rang first. As soon as she looked at the phone number, Karen knew it was Kevin. She took a deep breath, answered it, and said without mercy, “Mr.Kyle, I think there’s really no need for us to meet again. You’d better not do such childish things again. Half an hour ago, Kevin had called Karen. She had even told him on the phone that she would wait for him to pick her up. Why had her attitude towards him completely change in such a short period of time? Kevin frowned slightly and said, “Karen, I have already arrived downstairs of your office. If you have anything to say, you can come down first.” “Mr.Kyle, if you love someone, just love her with all your heart. Don’t get distracted. If you do so, people think lowly of you!” After that, Karen Daly hung up the phone. For some unknown reason, she felt a little uncomfortable. Maybe she felt sad on behalf of his wife. Or perhaps she had thought that it was a good thing to have a man in this world who was so obsessed with a woman, but such a good thing had turned into a mere shadow before her eyes, and that upset her. “President Kyle, please wait a moment.” After a while, there was a loud noise outside the office. As soon as Karen looked up, she saw Kevin, with his darkened face, barging into the office. He stood at the door of her office, his two sharp eyes fell on her, making her unable to look away from him. After staring at her for a while, Kevin suddenly stepped towards her. Although he seemed to be covered by rage, his pace was still elegant, and his temperament was still cold and noble. “Mr.Kyle “Call me Kevin!” He grabbed her hand and dragged her away, no longer asking for her opinion. Today, whether she agreed or not, he had to take her to that place to see that person. He wanted her to know that he wanted to pursue her. Kevin held Karen’s hand tightly, but his control of his strength was very good, so he did not hurt her. Even when he stepped forward quickly, he paid attention to her speed. “Mr.Kyle” Before Karen finished her words, she felt that Kevin gave her a hard look, which was cold and bone piercing. She had never seen Kevin Kyle like this before. For a moment, she was a little scared. She swallowed back what she wanted to say and followed him obediently. Kevin put her in the passenger seat of the car. He closed the door and took his seat in the driver’s seat. After checking that she had buckled the seat belt, Kevin immediately started the car and rushed out. After driving for a while, Karen glanced at Kevin quietly. He looked very unhappy, as if he was trying his best to endure something. Karen didn’t know what was wrong with her. Seeing Kevin Kyle depressed like this, she felt distressed for no reason. “Kevin…” His name came from her gently parted lips. It was like a kind of tonic for him, calming Kevin’s agitation and uneasiness. He tilted his head and gave her a reassuring smile. “Karen, we’ll be there soon. Just accompany me once.” Karen nodded and said, “You can drive in peace. I’ll go with you.” It didn’t take long before she got to know his destination – the Chatterton Town graveyard with the best views She saw a tombstone that she had never thought o seeing. The name of the tombstone was none other than – Karen Daly! The tombstone were somewhat different from other tombstones. There were no photos of the deceased, but only the name of the person buried there. Karen Daly, with the exact same name as her, this was Kevin Kyle’s wife. “Three years ago, my wife was waiting to deliver her baby at home. With the date of delivery one month away, I went on a business trip. When I left, she smiled and said that she would wait for me at home, but when I came back, all I had were her ashes.” “My family told me that my wife was in a car accident on the way to visit her good friend. She was seriously injured and then lost her life. Her last wish was to have the doctors protect our child.” Kevin said it all very calmly as if this matter had nothing to do with him, but Karen understood his sorrow from the bottom of his heart. When he was leaving, his beloved woman was still smiling at him and waiting for him to go home. When he came back, the person he loved had turned into a pile of ashes. How desperate would he feel?.

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