Karen Daly quietly turned to look at Kevin Kyle. Dressed in a white shirt, he stood straight and lifted his chin slightly. He narrowed his eyes slightly and looked straight ahead, as if he were a perfect sculpture. However, what she saw was not just Kevin’s elegant temperament and beautiful appearance. She seemed to be able to see his heart, as if he was surrounded by endless loneliness and pain, he seemed so helpless. In her short few years of memories, she had never fallen in love, and she didn’t know what it felt like to be in love. She had heard people say that love was like a double-edged sword, which could serve as an armor, but also a weakness. Now, Kevin Kyle, who had lost his “Karen Daly”, was a person who had no weakness and yet lost his armor at the same time. The “Karen Daly” had once given Kevin the most beautiful things in life, and when she disappeared, she also silently destroyed everything in him. Kevin was still so dazzling in the crowd, but his body seemed to be covered with a thin layer of ice, so cold that no one would dare to get close to him. The most desperate and helpless thing about Kevin was that his wife was still smiling, and waiting for him to return from his business trip. When he was back, she had gone, and there was no chance for them to meet again in this life. However, for Kevin, those things were already in the past, and now there were even more cruel things happening to him. His wife was in front of him. As long as he reached out, he could touch her, but she did not remember him. An invisible wall separated her from him. They could hear each other and feel each other, but their hearts could not touch each other. There were eight hardships in life: life itself, old age, illness, death, love, separation, long-term grievances, begging, and being unable to let go. To have loved and lost, it was painful Kevin suddenly burst into laughter. His laughter was low and his eyes under his golden glasses were slightly narrowed, as if there was a flash of tears. Karen looked at his smile, but felt that it was more uncomfortable than looking at a person crying. “Our child was saved and is growing up well. She is very cute and sensible. She is almost all the fun in my life.” Kevin Kyle turned his head to look at Karen Daly and continued, “When her mother is pregnant, she told me that when the child is one year old, we will take a family photo. In future, whenever the child grows a year older, we will take a family photo…” But there would never be a chance to complete such a dream! Karen couldn’t help but pity Kevin, it was heartbreaking. Kevin’s low and magnetic voice knocked on Karen’s heart again and again. She even wanted to go up and hold his clenched fist to give him some strength and comfort. But she didn’t do that, and she didn’t have a right to do that either She didn’t even know what was in Kevin’s mind to take her to see his deceased wife. Just as she was unsure, she heard Kevin say in a deep voice, “She has been away from us for three years. Three years have passed. Should we forget her?” He was asking Karen, but Karen believed that Kevin already had his own answer in his heart. He didn’t want her answer, so Karen didn’t answer. Karen did not speak, but she was thinking for Kevin. People had to move forward if they were alive, instead of continuing to live in the past If Kevin’s wife could see this, she must not have wanted to see him suffer so much. She certainly hoped that he would forget the past as soon as possible and start a new life with his lovely child. “Karen-” Kevin Kyle suddenly shouted “Karen”, but Karen Daly didn’t know if he was calling his wife or her, so she didn’t answer. “Give me a chance to pursue you.” Kevin’s law and seductive voice range in Karen’s ears. She was so shocked by his words that her head was buzzing. Was there any problem with him? He first told her a lot of stories about him and his deceased wife. Before she could digest that sad story, he said that he wanted to pursue her in front of her! Although his wife had passed away for three years, it was still unbelievable for him to say that he wanted to pursue another woman at her grave. However, after thinking about it carefully, Karen could understand it. It was because she was somewhat similar to Kevin’s deceased wife leading him to these incredulous things. He said that he wanted to pursue her, but she was afraid that he didn’t really want to pursue her, but regarded her as his deceased wife. He wanted to start over with his deceased wife. Kevin’s eyes followed Karen closely, wanting to get her positive answer. While he waited, his nervous heart was in a cold sweat. Karen smiled apologetically and said, “Mr. Kyle, although my name is also Karen Daly, I am me. I have nothing to do with your wife. I don’t want to be someone else’s substitute.” Karen’s answer made Kevin feel as if his heart had been torn apart. He held his breath and came to his senses after a long time. He stared at Karen with burning eyes and asked solemnly again, “Karen, you are not a substitute, but you are yourself. Are you willing to try this?” Karen was back. She had forgotten everything in the past, so she was a new Karen. Whether it was the past Karen or the present Karen, for Kevin, they were both Karen Daly He could let the previous Karen Daly go, and pursue a brand new Karen Daly, so that they could start over again. Because he knew that Karen had many pursuers around her, Kevin felt a heavy sense of crisis. He had no time to wait, so he had to let her accept him as soon as possible. Even if she couldn’t accept him, he hoped that she could stay by his side and protect her from other people who wanted to get close to her. Karen wanted to refuse at once, but when she looked at Kevin’s eyes, she could not say so. Even she herself didn’t know why she didn’t want to see Kevin so sad. If she refused him, she would feel guilty. However, rationality eventually defeated emotions. Karen shook her head and said very calmly, “Mr. Kyle, did I do something to make you misunderstand? In fact, I really don’t have any improper thoughts about you.” “Karen, it’s I who want to pursue you!” Kevin grabbed Karen’s shoulder and said, “I don’t want you to say that you have nothing to do with me. I just want you to give me a chance, a chance for me to pursue you.” Karen said, “Mr. Kyle, I really..” Kevin interrupted her and said, “Let’s stay in touch with each other and go out together. If you think I’m not a good person and it’s not what you want, you can break up the relationship at any time.” Karen shook her head and said, “Mr.Kyle, it’s not fair to you.”.

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