As long as Karen Daly promised to date Kevin Kyle, he would never give her the chance to say “no”, so it was not unfair for him. Kevin looked at Karen, and his eyes became more gentle, and his voice became more seductive. “Karen, let’s give each other a chance, okay?” Kevin looked at Karen. She once again saw a sea of stars in his eyes, which deeply attracted her, as if there was an endless force pulling her, wanting to take her into the sea of stars to see what was going on. Perhaps it was not bad to fall in love with a man like Kevin Kyle. It could satisfy her curiosity and she could get closer to Little Karen more openly. “Then, let’s have a try?” Karen was also shocked by her own words. She just thought of it but why did she say it out loud? He had said that she was not a substitute, but who knew if he was only saying this in front of her? Even when Kevin called her by her name, she did not know whether he was calling her or his deceased wife. As soon as Karen finished her sentence, she was pulled into Kevin’s arms and he hugged her tightly. It seemed that he used all his strength, and he was so strong that it seemed that Karen was going to be crushed by his bones. “Karen, Karen.” Kevin called out this name again and again. Karen did not know if he was calling her name or calling his deceased wife. She tried to struggle, but compared to Kevin, her strength was like an ant trying to take down an elephant. The difference was too much, so she didn’t do anything at all. “Karen” Karen didn’t say anything. “Karen, answer me!” He hooked her chin and looked at her with burning eyes. “Just tell me what you want to say.” Karen whispered, she did not look at him in the eyes. His masculine aura was so strong that when she looked at him, her heart would beat faster, her head would heat up, and her thinking would be slowed down by more than half a beat. “I don’t want to say anything. I just want to call your name, want to hear your voice!” Kevin smiled and put her head against him again. He gently raised her head and said, “Let me hear some more words.” He told her to let him listen to her voice. He hugged her close so that he could believe that she had really returned to his side. “Mr. Kyle, we are not that close yet. Can you let me go first?” She had agreed to let him to pursue her, not to be his girlfriend. Was it too much for him to do so? “I won’t let go!” Kevin said childishly. How could he let her go again? He would never let go of her for the rest of his life. Karen was speechless. “Is this person still the one she first met? Kevin stretched out his hand and pushed her hair behind her ears. Then he held her head and leaned over to kiss her. Karen immediately turned her head away when she saw that something was wrong. She had promised him that he could pursue her but did not promise to be his girlfriend. But now, he hugged her and wanted to kiss her again. It was going too fast! Kevin also realized that he was too anxious. The woman beside him was a completely new Karen Daly. He thought it was normal to kiss her, but he was actually not that close to the brand new Karen Daly. It was the same for her, and she was wary of him. He was too eager, and it was not good for him to rush their relationship. He still needed to take his time according to her pace. However, Kevin was already very happy to have such a result today. He had another chance to pursue Karen and had the opportunity to have her again. In future, as long as he worked harder, he could bring Karen back to his side and protect her under his wings. On the way back, Kevin’s mood was completely different from when he was going over. His sword-shaped eyebrows were slightly raised, and his sexy thin lips were slightly hooked. It could be seen that he was happy no matter how she looked at it. Karen’s mood was also different from when she came here. She felt like she was floating, and she couldn’t believe that what she had experienced today was true. also had an attractive identity – he was the head of Corporation Inc! Only then did she realize that Kevin was not only Little Karen’s father or a sad husband who had lost his wife. He Rovio Not to mention his cool demeanor, his position as the leader of Rovio Corporation Inc was enough for many women to throw themselves into his arms. The reason why he chose her was not because of how good she was, but because she had the same name as his deceased wife, and her appearance was somewhat similar. After that, she really regretted agreeing to Kevin Kyle ‘s request But how? Could she tell him that she would renege on her words? Karen quietly glanced at Kevin, who was driving, and saw that his eyes were smiling. If she said she regretted it now, would he suddenly change his expression and throw her out of the window? Noticing Karen’s gaze, Kevin slowed down and reached out one of his hands to grab Karen’s. He asked softly, “What’s wrong? Suddenly her hand was caught, her body was slightly stiff, and she instantly forgot what she wanted to say to Kevin. All her attention was focused on his palm. His palm was very hot and his fingers were very strong. Her hand was held in his palm. For some reason, he didn’t want to pull back his hand. “Who is taking care of Little Karen today?” Karen didn’t want to say that she was regretting, but she had to answer Kevin’s question. Thinking about it, she thought of Little Karen. “Today, there are only two of us here. Don’t mention Little Karen!” Karen had promised to give him an opportunity. Little Karen would only create a lot of trouble on the side, so he didn’t want to mention the little one. Hearing Kevin’s words, Karen was very unhappy. “Little Karen is your child. Your wife was been thinking about saving her little life even at such a dangerous moment. You can’t ignore Little Karen after having a new lover.” If Kevin neglected Little Karen because of her, Karen would never accept it. Little Karen was so cute. Karen always hoped that Little Karen should grow up healthily and happily. No one could hurt Little Karen, including her own father. Kevin was stunned and said, “Do you want to take Little Karen with us on every date in future?” A little third wheel? Kevin thought “There’s nothing wrong with having Little Karen around,” Karen replied. It was better to have Little Karen around. In Karen’s heart, she hoped to see Little Karen, not Little Karen’s father. She would agree to Kevin’s request, mostly because of Little Karen. She did not want Kevin Kyle to marry another woman. She was worried that other women would treat Little Karen badly as her stepmother. Kevin just felt that it was hard for him to be alone with Karen, so he wanted to enjoy their two-person world. However, he forgot that Karen cared more about Little Karen than about him. It seemed that Little Karen, this little third wheel, could still be put into use to help with his relationship with Karen! Kevin thought..

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