Buzz… Karen Daly’s mobile phone in her bag suddenly rang, and she immediately pulled back her hand. She opened the bag and took out her mobile phone. When she saw that it was her father’s call, she unconsciously smiled and said, “Dad.” “I’m not at the company today. I came out with a friend.” “It’s nothing. It’s just a friend whom I’ve just met. Do a little sightseeing,” Karen added. “What? Did you get into a car accident when you went out?” Karen suddenly asked. “Which hospital are you in? I’ll go and find you right away.” Seeing Karen’s expression and listening to her tone, Kevin could roughly judge Samuel Daly’s position in Karen’s heart. Samuel Daly’s image of a loving father, which had been carefully crafted in front of Karen in the past three years, was very successful. It could make Karen trust him so much and rely on him. Samuel Daly could see through people’s minds very well and knew what kind of image should be created in front of Karen so she could be within his control easily. Threats could only work temporarily, and no one could be controlled by force for a lifetime. On the contrary, his fatherly image gave Karen a sense of security. In this way, he could have Karen firmly in his grasp. Under such circumstances, if Kevin told Karen that this father was not her biological father, she would never believe him. Karen not only would not believe it, but she might even think that Kevin was a madman and would avoid him. Kevin knew Samuel Daly’s real intention. Of course, he couldn’t be stupid enough to provoke Samuel Daly. He could only think of a way to let Karen slowly recall the past. Kevin was just going on a date with Karen Daly today, and Samuel Daly had a car accident. He didn’t know whether it was really a car accident or Samuel Daly’s trick! After Karen hung up the phone, Kevin immediately said, “Did something happen to uncle?” Karen nodded and said in a hurry, “Mr. Kyle, if it’s convenient, could you please send me to the Chatterton First People Hospital?” Kevin had only just felt that he would be able to get Karen back again. But as soon as she addressed him “Mr. Kyle”, it sent Kevin back to crucial reality. It turned out that in Karen’s mind, he was still a stranger. She would not be able to pay attention or care for him that way. Kevin did not respond and Karen simply thought that it was inconvenient for him. She added, “If it’s not convenient for you, please find a place to stop, I can take a taxi to the hospital on my own.” “Karen, I will send you there!” Kevin said suddenly. “As long as it’s something you want, I’m willing to do it.” And not just sending you to the hospital to see Samuel Daly, even if you asked me to go to Samuel Daly and let him stab me twice, I would have no complaints. Kevin thought. However, he could only hide his thoughts in his heart. Karen would not understand. All of her thoughts were on Samuel Daly. They had no other relatives in the Chatterton Town. When her father got into this car accident, he would not have anyone to take care of him. As his father’s only relative, Karen had to rush over to take care of her father as soon as possible. Kevin had intended to bring Karen out for dinner, and then take her to the places they often visited together, hoping that she could recall some memories. He did not expect that Samuel Daly would interrupt the plan with just a phone call. Samuel Daly was really unforgivable! Samuel Daly’s injury was not serious, it was almost not even an injury. He had just been frightened while crossing the road. He fell to the ground for a long time and did not get up. The driver was worried that something would happen, so he sent him to the hospital. The doctor also did a check-up, and there was not even a scratch on his skin Seeing that Samuel Daly was fine, Karen also breathed a sigh of relief. In the past three years, Karen Daly only knew how to work. She was an idiot when it came to life skills. Without her father by her side, she didn’t even know if she could live like a normal person. Through the transparent glass window, Kevin’s sharp eyes fell on Samuel Daly. Samuel Daly also raised his head and looked at him with an arrogant look in his eyes. He seemed to say to Kevin Kyle,” hold the person you care most in my hand. No matter what you do, you should think about the consequences.” Kevin looked at him and his thin lips curved into a faint smile. Just as he was about to say something, Karen followed Samuel Daly’s gaze and then nodded and smiled at Kevin. Kevin Kyle’s face almost changed immediately, and he nodded back at Karen Daly with a smile. He had to admit that Samuel Daly had targeted his most fatal weakness. As long as Karen did not restore her memory, he could not do anything to Samuel Daly. He took another look at Samuel Daly and Karen, who were talking and laughing in the ward. Kevin Kyle stepped aside and dialed a phone number. “I asked you to keep an eye on Samuel Daly. What happened now?” Nick Black’s voice came from the phone, “President Kevin, because I didn’t know you were with your wife earlier. Samuel Daly wasn’t doing anything to create trouble, so we just left him alone.” “The next time when I am with Karen, keep an eye on Samuel Daly!” Kevin ordered coldly and hung up the phone. Their date had been interrupted by that beast. How could he feel alright about it? “Mr. Kyle” Suddenly, Karen’s polite voice came from behind. Kevin looked back at her and emphasized, “Kevin! Call me Kevin!” “Kevin, thank you for sending me to the hospital!” Karen smiled politely and said, “My dad is fine. You can go back first. I’ll settle the procedures for him later.” Kevin said, “I’ve already asked someone to help you settle the procedures. You don’t have to worry about it anymore.” Karen said, “Thank you very much, for today.” “Karen, don’t be so polite to me.” Kevin looked at her and said seriously. “You are my future girlfriend. I should do everything for you.” Karen, “..” Kevin added, “If you are satisfied with what I have done today, remember to give me a star. “Ah?” She did not understand what he meant. Kevin grabbed Karen Daly’s hand, rolled up her fingers one by one, and made her hold a fist. “As long as I get five stars, you will promise to be my girlfriend.” In a panic, Karen pulled back her hand, “Don’t rush it then. Take your time,” she said. As soon as Karen finished her words, Kevin pulled her into his arms and said, “I still have something to do, so I have to go first. I’ll ask someone to send both you home.” Karen shook her head and said, “It’s OK that we take a taxi back. You don’t have to worry about it.” Kevin said, “You have to give me the chance to perform, or I’ll be worried that I won’t be able to get through this probation!” Karen Daly, “.” Why did she feel that this man suddenly seemed to have changed into a different person? He was still very serious with a hint of light-heartedness, and he was also frivolous at times! Could it be that she had misjudged him?

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