“Karen, was the man your friend?” When she returned to the ward, she saw her father asked with a worried face. Karen Daly nodded honestly and said, “He is the father of the little baby girl I told you before.” “Karen-” Samuel Daly looked at Karen and wanted to say something but stopped. It seemed that there were a lot of things that he wanted to say to her, but he couldn’t say it out loud. “Dad, if you have something to say, just say it,” Karen helped Samuel Daly stand up and said while walking, “I am your daughter. Is there anything that you can’t tell me?” Samuel Daly touched Karen’s head and let out a long sigh. “Your mother left early, leaving only us to rely on each other. If anything bad happens to you, I will definitely die.” Karen said, “Dad, why do you suddenly say such sad words? I’ll be fine. I’ll stay by your side and take care of you.” “I know that you are a good girl, but – Samuel Daly shook his head and sighed deeply. Then he said, “That man is the head of the Rovio Corporation Inc. We are not in the same world as him.” “Dad, I know. I know what I’m doing!” She nodded and felt sad in her heart but she couldn’t explain how she felt. She had promised Kevin so quickly that he could pursue her. In addition to her curiosity about his past, her most important consideration was Little Karen, she liked the little girl so much that she wished to accompany her more. Kevin had suddenly said that he wanted to pursue her. It happened so randomly that she didn’t have any mental preparation at all. Karen had only met him a few times. She knew very well why Kevin pursued her. When he realized that she was not his wife, he would eventually let her go. “Karen, you don’t understand my meaning.” Samuel Daly stood still, looked at Karen, and said earnestly, “My child, will leave you sooner or later. There must be a man who to take care of you in future. No matter who he is, I hope that you can see him clearly and see if he is really good to you.” Karen understood her father’s concern, so she agreed obediently and stopped talking. After dinner, Karen ran around the garden downstairs… Since she recovered from her serious illness, she had always maintained her habit of exercising. Every time she broke out in a sweat, she could always clear her mind, as if all her worries had been washed away. To be honest, Samuel Daly’s words further complicated the feelings of Karen’s heart. Now her mind was full of Kevin. The moment she closed her eyes, she would think of his eyes, full of sparks, and his gaze, landing on hers, filled with infatuation. But… this feeling wasn’t hers, was it? Karen felt a burst of frustration for no reason. She couldn’t explain why she was so frustrated in her heart and she even had no mood to run. In desperation, she had no choice but to return home and decided to cool down for a while by taking a bath. Standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom, looking at the centipede-like scar on her abdomen, she could not help but reach out and touch it with her fingers. She didn’t know how she had gotten the scar on her abdomen. She asked her father once, but he sighed and said nothing. After that, she never asked again. Suddenly, Karen thought of what Kevin had said to her today. He said that his wife was seriously injured in a car accident and asked the doctor to protect the child. That was to say, his wife had not given to Little Karen naturally, but via a Caesarean section. Then she and Little Karen… Karen quickly shook her head. Her imagination was too wild. How could Little Karen have anything to do with her? When she returned to her room, the mobile phone on the bedside table was ringing. Karen walked over and found that it was a call from Kevin. Looking at the phone number on the screen, she frowned slightly. After waiting for a while, she picked up the phone and answered, “What?” “Big Karen, are you unhappy to receive my call?” When Little Karen’s soft voice came into Karen Daly’s ear, she immediately laughed and her voice unconsciously became gentle. “I was thinking about you, and you called. I’m very happy.” The tone of her voice was initially not very friendly, and the sensitive little baby girl sensed it immediately. She thought that Big Karen was unhappy to answer her phone call, and she was a little sad. However, when she heard what Big Karen said, Little Karen immediately smiled happily and said, “Big Karen, I’ve eaten a lot of strawberries and I’m full.” “Little Karen, don’t just eat strawberries. You have to eat rice and vegetables. In this way only can you become more beautiful in the future!” Karen chided her gently. Hearing Little Karen’s voice, Karen seemed to be able to imagine how lovely she looked, lying on the bed, touching her belly and kicking her feet. If Little Karen was in her arms at this time, how good would it be! “But…” Little Karen pursed her pink and tender mouth. It was so complicated and saddening to her – eating strawberries only wouldn’t make her beautiful, but she liked strawberries very much Little Karen was so confused that she was about to cry Kevin held her in his arms and said, “Do you want to be beautiful or do you want to eat strawberries?” “I want to become beautiful but I also like to eat strawberries.” Little Karen hugged her father and said with great grievance “You may eat strawberries, but you have to eat rice and vegetables as well, which will make you even more beautiful!” Kevin replied. Hearing the interaction between them, Karen smiled deeply. “Okay, I’ll listen to Big Karen.” “Okay. Little Karen, you should go to bed!” Kevin took the phone from Little Karen’s hand and said, “Let Daddy speak to Big Karen.” Little Karen stared at Kevin angrily with her beautiful big eyes. Hiss… How could daddy do this? She still had a lot of things to say to Big Karen. How could he disturb her calling? The child thought Karen Daly did not speak anything. She only wanted to talk to Little Karen. She wished Kevin would return the mobile phone to Little Karen! Kevin did not notice the dissatisfaction emanating from Big Karen and Little Karen at all. He simply said, “Karen, let’s have lunch together at noon tomorrow.” “Will Little Karen be there ?” Karen Daly asked. As long as there was Little Karen, she would agree, or she would not consider it at all. Kevin looked at his daughter and said softly, “Little Karen, do you want to have lunch with Daddy at noon tomorrow?” “I don’t want to have lunch with daddy” Little Karen gave Kevin a proud look. Her father was not good at all. He grabbed her phone and she could not talk to Big Karen. Tomorrow, she would ask Aunt Lynn to take her to Big Karen and have lunch with her instead! Kevin was delighted when he heard Little Karen say that she was not willing to join them. This little third wheel was really sensible, but then he heard Karen saying, “If Little Karen is not coming, then forget it!”.

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