All of a sudden, Kevin Kyle felt awkward. Little Karen was not willing to go, and so Karen Daly was not willing too. It was obvious that Karen only wanted to see Little Karen, not him. Kevin shook his head helplessly and said, “Little Karen, tomorrow, I will invite Big Karen to have lunch with us at noon.” “Daddy, if Big Karen goes I also want to go!” Hearing Big Karen would come, Little Karen immediately changed her mind. She held her father’s head with her small hands and kissed him on his face. Daddy was not that bad. He knew that she liked Big Karen, so he invited Big Karen to have lunch together. Daddy is awesome. The child thought to herself. “Mr.Kyle, in that case, please tell Little Karen that I will meet her at noon tomorrow!” Karen’s voice came from the other end of the phone, and then she hung up. Kevin was upset. There was no doubt that he had been ousted by Big Karen and Little Karen. The next day. When she arrived at the company early in the morning, Karen Daly received roses again. There was still a card on the bouquet, and a sentence was written on the card: [You are the wind, and I am the sand, I will be with you to the end of timed! – Kevin Kyle.] Karen was speechless. She really wanted someone to tell her that this was not Kevin Kyle, not the mature and steady man she knew. However, there was really no other man named Kevin Kyle around her. After seeing the card, even if Little Karen would show up. she no longer wanted to have lunch with Kevin Kyle at noon. How? I can send a message to Kevin Kyle saying that I have to work overtime at noon. Can’t have lunch with him! Karen Daly thought “Karen.” Hector Cheng’s voice came from the door. Karen Daly looked up and said, “Good morning, Director Cheng!” Hector Cheng glanced at the roses on her desk and said, “Karen, let’s have lunch together at noon.” “Okay, sure.” Karen replied. She was worried that she could not find a suitable reason to refuse Kevin, and this reason came to her spontaneously. Since her boss had invited her to lunch, there must be something important to discuss. She could not find any reason to refuse her boss! After Hector Cheng left, Karen immediately took out her mobile phone and sent a message to Kevin: Mr. Kyle, my boss has something to discuss with me at noon. I am sorry that I can’t have lunch with you. After sending the message, Karen Daly breathed a sigh of relief. Now she could focus on her work with a peace of mind. When Karen Daly’s text message arrived, Kevin Kyle was in a meeting in the conference room, listening to the final plan of a major project Seeing the two words “Karen Daly” displayed on the phone screen, the corners of Kevin Kyle ‘s mouth twitched slightly. Everyone could see that the big boss was in a good mood. However, just after their big boss finished reading the text message, everyone found that the atmosphere instantly became tense that it made everyone tremble. Kevin Kyle raised his eyebrows and said coldly, “Nick, how is the progress of the purchase plan of PM Corporation?” Nick hurried to report, “President Kevin, Rovio’s team is negotiating with the person in charge of PM Corporation. We should be able to hear good news the next weekend.” In fact, it was not so easy to buy a multinational company. It took a lot of time just to handle it. But for Rovio, these problems were not a problem. With their skilled team, no matter how difficult it was to solve these problems, it would be easy for them. However, the current meeting was regarding another important project. It was a big project that they have been preparing for or nearly a year and had invested a lot of money and manpower. It was also one of the biggest projects during the year. How could their boss mention something that was beyond his reach during such an important meeting? Many high-ranking executives in the conference room did not understand the situation, but Nick Black and Amelia Gray were clear about it. They were afraid that something had happened to Karen Daly. “Go on!” Kevin Kyle said with a gloomy face. The meeting that had been interrupted and could now be continued. This time, everyone seemed to be careful when speaking, afraid of being hit by their boss’s words. Karen was very busy in the morning, so time passed quickly. If it weren’t for Hector Cheng calling her, she wouldn’t even have realized it was time for lunch. Hector had booked a western restaurant. He said that he had something to do in the morning. Hence he had to go first and let Karen go there on her own. She knew that this western restaurant was new and it was near the office. A few days ago, she received a flyer from the restaurant, but she had not been there When she stepped into this restaurant, it seemed that the decoration was quite romantic. It should be more suitable for couples rather than to discuss work. The waiter took her to the private room that Hector Cheng booked -it was called the Water Cloud Room. The waiter knocked on the door and said politely, “Sir, the guest you’ve been waiting for is here.” When the door was opened, Karen smiled at the waiter politely and looked into the private room, only to find that something was wrong. The person who should have been waiting for her here was Hector Cheng, but now it was Kevin Kyle. Kevin was still wearing his usual white shirt and black trousers as well as a golden frame glasses. He stood still, quietly looking at her. Karen Daly couldn’t tell what kind of feeling was in her heart. Initially, she was shocked, then she felt a little excited for no reason, and then she was at a loss. After a long time, she finally found her voice. “Mr., Mr.Kyle, why are you here? Did Director Cheng also make an appointment with you?” Could it be that Hector Cheng had an appointment with her to have lunch and discuss official business? Was this business related to Kevin? Kevin Kyle did not respond to her. While looking at her, he walked to close the door behind her and locked it behind her. Karen was startled and took two steps back, trying to keep a distance from Kevin. “Well, why are you locking the door?” “Karen, what did you promise me last night? Hmm?” Kevin approached her step by step and fixed his deep eyes on her face, as if he wanted to make a hole in her face. “I… She promised to have lunch with him, but she also sent a text message in the morning and canceled it. Didn’t he see it? The next moment, Karen was pulled into his arms by the man in front of her. Her face hit his solid chest – it was so painful! He turned around and pressed her against the wall. A rainstorm of kisses fell on her forehead, between her eyebrows, bridge of her nose, and finally stopped on her red lips and lingered “Mmmm…” Karen wanted to push him away, but she failed. She knew that when he would be so out of control, he must be mistaking her as his dead wife. Karen simply raised her fist and punched him on the back. It was useless to stop him from continuing. Standing in front of her, he was as steady as a mountain, which made her unable to breathe. She could not move him at all. The kisses lasted a long time, and Kevin finally let go of Karen. Then Karen Daly slapped him with her hand. Slap He endured the hit which didn’t make her feel better at all. Instead, she felt a little sad. She glanced at him, bit her lip, opened the door and ran away.

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