Karen Daly did not know what had happened to herself. How could she be so sad? It was clear that she was offended by Kevin Kyle. He regarded her as a substitute. He deserved it. Why should she blame herself? Because she didn’t understand this emotion, her heart was in a mess. After hitting Kevin Kyle, she ran away in a panic. She didn’t know where she was going to run away to. She rushed forward at random until she was caught by a powerful palm “Karen “Karen-” Karen Daly looked up and met his deep eyes. His voice was low and hoarse, which made her feel guilty. A few days ago, Karen had also been treated this way by Kevin. That time, he also looked at her with such a look. Being looked at like this, she felt more like she had done something wrong. Karen understood that Kevin saw another person through her, the mother of Little Karen whom he deeply loved, his deceased wife. An inexplicable sense of sadness poured into Karen’s heart. She did not know when her eyes were filled with tears, and tears silently slipped down from the corners of her eyes. Suddenly seeing Karen Daly’s tears, Kevin Kyle’s heart was torn into pieces. Karen rarely cried. In Kevin’s memory, she only shed tears a few times, and every time he would be at a loss. Especially now, he had scared her to the point of crying, and he didn’t know how to fix it, so that she could stop crying. Kevin pressed her into his arms and wiped her tears with his finger. “Karen, I didn’t mean to scare you. I was just. just angry. You promised to have a meal with me, but canceled because of another man. I was jealous.” Kevin once said something similar. At that time, he said that he would be jealous because she was his wife, Now he was jealous because of her. Karen pursed her lips and held back the tears that were about to fall out of her eyes. She said, “I don’t want to eat with you, not because of others, but because of you.” The note he wrote was so disgusting and cheesy. How could he not know? “Why?” Kevin thought about it carefully. After the call last night, he received a text message from her today. He had never done anything to her. He really didn’t know what he had done wrong. Karen continued, “If you really want to pursue me, you should go step by step. Don’t send me any flowers and don’t write such vulgar notes!” “What flowers? What note?” Kevin was very sharp. Soon, he understood the meaning of Karen Daly’s words. It seemed that someone had sent Karen flowers and notes on his behalf. Except for Mia, Kevin couldn’t think of another person who would think that this would be amusing. “You don’t know?” Kevin didn’t seem to be lying. The most important thing was that Karen couldn’t believe that such a note would be written by Kevin. Kevin shook his head. Even if he already knew who did it, he couldn’t say it at this time. Mia was his sister. What she did was very likely under his instructions. In order not to let Karen misunderstand, he pretended that he knew nothing. Buzz… Kevin’s phone suddenly rang, and he said, “Sorry, I’ll answer the phone first.” Karen had already finished her sentence. After calming down, she heard Kevin Kyle’s extremely gentle voice, “Well, sweetie, wait for us. Don’t run around now. I’ll take Big Karen there right away.” Kevin hung up the phone and told Karen. “Little Karen is waiting for us at the Baiha Restaurant.” “Let’s go then,” Karen said, quickly walking forwards. Kevin followed closely and sighed in his heart. “Pursuing a girl is really a profound knowledge. It’s much more difficult than doing business!” Little Karen knew that she would have lunch with Big Karen today, so she came to room 1808 of the Baiha Restaurant with Momo very early, However, she had waited for a long time and did not see her father bringing Big Karen over, so she was in a hurry to call her father and urge him to come. When she heard that her father was coming with Big Karen, she ran to the door and kept looking at the elevator with her beautiful big eyes The elevator had opened several times, but none of them were the people she was waiting for. She was so disappointed Just then, the elevator door opened again with a sound of “Ding-dong”. She saw Daddy and Big Karen coming out of the elevator. “Big Karen-” Little Karen ran over, but because she was too small and ran too fast, she fell on the carpet. “Little Karen!” Karen rushed over in two steps and picked up Little Karen. “Are you OK?” “Don’t worry. It doesn’t hurt!” Little Karen held Karen Daly’s face and nibbled at it. “Don’t run so fast!” Looking at this little baby girl, Karen’s heart softened again. She held Little Karen in her arms and looked at her. No matter how hard she tried, she could not move her eyes away. “Little Karen, why do you attract so much attention?” She really wanted this little baby girl to be her own child, so that she could take care of her every day and never be separated from her again. “Well, I am always so beautiful and lovely!” Little Karen had always been very confident. This self-confidence might have been learned from Mia Kyle. She felt that she was the most beautiful child in the world. “Woof, woof, woof.” Beside her, Mom also made a sound, indicating that she was still here. Don’t neglect me! Momo seemed to be saying. “Momo, you’re so cute!” Karen Daly picked her up and rubbed her head. “Little girl, why do you also attract so much attention?” “Momo is my sister, if I am cute, she is also cute and lovely!” Little Karen replied. When Big Karen praised Momo, Little Karen felt like she was just praising her, which made Little Karen very happy As soon as the mother and daughter met, they always ignored him so thoroughly. Kevin shook his head and said, “Little Karen, take Big Karen back to the room, and don’t let her starve.” Little Karen said, “Big Karen, sit with me.” Karen Daly said, “Alright, I will it with you.” “Woof Woof Woof…. Momo joined in Kevin still had not found an opportunity to interrupt their conversation. It was still room 1808 of the Baiha restaurant, the room in which they shared beautiful memories. Kevin even clearly remembered Karen’s serious look when she taught him how to peel shrimps, and he remembered her blushing face when he kissed her in secret. The past was vivid in his mind, but things had long changed. But it didn’t matter. Karen had returned. He could hear her and touch her, even if there was only Little Karen in her eyes, he was still satisfied.

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