Today’s meal was arranged by Kevin Kyle with great care. There were several dishes on the table, which were exactly the same a few years ago. Steamed scallops, curry crab, tofu, shrimp with bitter gourd and so on… There were some dishes with heavy taste and some with mild taste. This time, it not only was in line with their appetite, but also took care of Little Karen’s preference, who was a new member of the family. Tofu was nutritious and healthy so it was most suitable for Little Karen, who did not have fully grown teeth yet. Kevin Kyle took a small bowl and filled the bowl for Little Karen. “Sweetie, can you eat it yourself?” Little Karen grabbed the spoon and tapped her little head. “I can,” she said softly, Big Karen was watching from the side. How could she not do that? Little Karen wanted to show off in front of Big Karen. Little Karen picked up a spoon and said like an adult. “Big Karen, I’ll feed you. “Thank you, Little Karen!” Karen Daly opened her mouth and drank the tofu soup. She nodded repeatedly. “What you fed me was yummy!” Karen Daly said. After receiving the praise, Little Karen felt proud. She scooped up another spoonful and blew it a few more times. “Dad, I’ll feed you.” Karen had drank the soup from that same spoon just now, and Little Karen was now feeding it to Kevin. She felt particularly embarrassed and wanted to stop her, but did not know how to say it. Kevin did not hesitate and opened his mouth to drink the soup that Little Karen fed him. “Little Karen, it’s yummy!” he said. Having lunch with Daddy and Big Karen, Little Karen was extremely delighted! Kevin peeled the shrimps slowly for Little Karen to eat. However, Little Karen then fed all the peeled shrimps to Karen instead! She remembered that her father had said that she must take good care of Big Karen, so she listened to her father and did a good job. Kevin Kyle looked at the mother and daughter with gentle eyes, as if he had owned the whole world at this moment. All the distress he had suffered in the past three years were now scattered along with the wind. As long as Karen was happy, as long as Karen lived a good life… Kevin didn’t care whether Karen Daly remembered that they spent countless lunch breaks here. They had eaten these five dishes together in this room, and she had even taught him how to peel shrimps. The past was not important. What was important was their future. It was not only his and Karen Daly’s future, but the future of the three of them. Karen suddenly looked up and happened to meet Kevin’s eyes. She blushed unconsciously and said, “Mr. Kyle, why don’t you eat?” “I’m not hungry,” Kevin said. It was rare to have the opportunity to watch the mother and daughter sit at a table for lunch. His mind was filled with both of them, hence he did not eat. Even if Karen still called him “Mr.Kyle”, he could interpret that she was not solely addressing a stranger, but there was now another connotation behind it. The summer came quickly. Although he had been very busy with work recently, and he had two international video conferences in the evening, Kevin Kyle still took an hour of his time to practice Taekwondo with Little Karen. Over the years, no matter how busy he was at work, he would not neglect Little Karen. She had practiced Taekwondo for some time. Although she was young, she was very smart and well-behaved. The teachers often praised that she was the smartest child they had ever taught Little Karen lay in Kevin Kyle’s arms, she looked tired, and she was gulping down big mouthfuls of water after the practice. Kevin took a towel and gently wiped her sweat away. “Little Karen, would you like to have Big Karen practice Taekwondo with you another day?” All the members of the Kyle Family had learned some self defense, just in case. Mia Kyle had practiced with Kevin Kyle when she was a child, but she was too naughty and never paid attention. She didn’t learn any practical skills at all but only learned the ability to run away! Kevin Kyle had always wanted Karen Daly to learn some self defense. Now that she was back. He wanted her to learn these, in case in future, when he was not with her, she could also protect herself. “Sir, Uncle Watson brought a boy here and said he wanted to see you.” Sarabelle, who was now the housekeeper of Secret Garden, reported to Kevin Kyle. “Invite him to the living room. I’ll be there right away” after Kevin Kyle gave his order, he picked Little Karen up again and said, “Little Karen, let Aunt Lynn take you for a bath first, okay? “No, I don’t want to take a bath. I want to follow you!” Little Karen hugged her father, so she would not be separated from her father. “Okay, let’s go.” Kevin Kyle picked up his daughter and walked to the main building. There were two people waiting in the living room. One was Uncle Watson, Kevin’s chauffeur for many years, and the other was a teenager, who looked like he was about fifteen years old. The boy stood with his head down, so his face could not be seen clearly. He seemed quite young, but he was tall and scrawny. “Young Master, little miss…” Seeing Kevin Kyle carrying Little Karen into the house, Uncle Watson quickly got up and greeted him. Kevin Kyle nodded and said, “Uncle Watson, please sit down. “Grandpa Watson, please sit down.” Little Karen also nodded like her father, and then looked at the teenager who had his head lowered. “Big brother, sit down too. Don’t be afraid, sit next to me.” Little Karen climbed up to the sofa from her father’s arms and sat down. She patted the seat beside her with her small hand and said in a soft voice, “Brother, come here.” Kevin Kyle looked at Uncle Watson and asked, “What’s this all about?” Uncle Watson quickly said, “This is the injured boy that the little miss asked us to save. After he heard that the little miss saved him, he wanted to show his gratitude. I told him it’s not necessary, but he kept his mouth shut, followed me wherever I went. Young Master, I took him here because I didn’t know what to do with him.” Kevin Kyle turned his eyes to the boy beside Mr. Watson and looked him up and down. Then he said, “Raise your head and let me see you.” The boy still kept his head down and didn’t move, as if he couldn’t hear his words at all. Little Karen rolled down from the sofa and walked to the boy with small steps. She reached out her little hand to grab the boy and said softly, “Brother, don’t be afraid.” Hearing Little Karen’s voice, the boy glanced at her and slowly raised his head to look at Kevin Kyle. Kevin Kyle stared at the boy, and the boy did the same to him. Being an important businessperson, Kevin had met all kinds of people, but he rarely met someone who could look him in the eye for such a long time. The boy’s eyes seemed to be glassy, but they were extremely sharp. There seemed to be many unknown things hidden in his eyes. Kevin asked, “What’s your name?” The boy looked at him, but kept his mouth shut. He did not intend to speak. Little Karen took his hand and asked, “Brother, what’s your name?” After a long time, an extremely hoarse voice range from his throat. It was absolutely inconsistent with the boy’s age, his throat seemed to have been burned. “Lionel”, the boy managed to utter.

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