Kevin Kyle had seen many people and things before, but when he heard the hoarse voice, he was a little surprised and he looked at the boy doubtfully. There seemed to be much hidden in the boy’s eyes. He tried his best to hide them from others, but he was still too young. Coming up against him, Kevin Kyle could see through his eyes immediately Kevin got up, picked up Little Karen while saying, “Uncle Watson, take him away.” “I-don’t-want-to-go!” The boy tried his best to say these words, his voice was still hoarse. His scarlet eyes stared at Little Karen, who was in Kevin’s arms, and he said again, “I want to stay, I want to stay by her side.” “What.. you want to stay with my daughter?” Kevin snorted. “My daughter does not lack people who can take care of her.” “My life.” The teenaged boy swallowed, and it took him a lot of effort to say, “I can spare my life to protect her.” The boy’s every word was sincere. Kevin could see that what he said was from the bottom of his heart, but as this was related to Little Karen’s well-being, Kevin wouldn’t make the decision so quickly He stared at him for a long time and said, “Why should I believe you?” “She saved my life.” In that stormy night, he was wounded all over and was almost unconscious. After being rescued, he only heard a voice – “Save that big brother”. His answer was very touching to Kevin Kyle, but he knew that there was a lot more to this boy than he showed. The boy would be like a time bomb if he stayed by Little Karen’s side, it would do more harm than good. Kevin Kyle would not want to mess around with Little Karen’s safety. “Daddy, I want him him to stay.” Little Karen, who had not spoken a word in Kevin Kyle’s arms, suddenly said softly. “Why?” Kevin looked at Little Karen and his tone instantly softened. “He can play with me,” Little Karen said. Little Karen’s reasoning was very simple, but Kevin understood there was more meaning to it. Little Karen would only get close to people she liked or those that would not harm her, she would not be willing to get close to just any stranger. Children often perceive people more accurately than adults. Kevin had never been willing to refuse any of Little Karen’s requests, especially when he saw his little baby girl’s big bright eyes. He could not refuse. Kevin looked at the boy again. After thinking for a long time, he said, “OK. She will be your master from now on. You will accompany her and be by her side to protect her.” The boy did not speak, but turned his eyes to Little Karen in Kevin Kyle’s arms. She looked at him with a sweet smile and said, “Brother, I will protect you in the future!” Kevin Kyle put Little Karen down and said, “Little Karen, take your brother to ask Aunt Sarabelle to prepare some lodgings for him.” “Yes!” Little Karen nodded happily and took the boy’s hand. “Brother, let’s go.” The boy did not hesitate, he had accepted Little Karen as his master. He just wanted to follow her no matter what in future. Looking at the pair leave, Mr. Watson said worriedly, “Young Master, is it too risky to let an unknown person follow our little miss around? Kevin looked at boy walking away. He looked away and said, “He won’t hurt Little Karen.” Kevin was very confident when it came to identifying a person’s character. Little Karen was his most precious daughter. If he didn’t have full confidence, why would he do such a risky thing? Mr. Watson added, “Do we need to send someone to find out his background?” “No need for that,” Kevin Kyle got up and left. At the same time, he ordered, “Sarabelle, please ask Mia to come to my study, if she is at home.” When Sarabelle went to see Mia Kyle, she was reading a new script in her room. Hearing that Kevin wanted to see her, and thinking of how the three of them had lunch together earlier, Mia thought that it was her efforts which had helped him get his wife back! She threw the script aside and ran to Kevin’s study as fast as she could. She was thinking about the new sports car she liked while running and it seemed that it could become hers soon “Brother,” Mia pushed the door open without knocking on the door. She said happily, “If you want to thank me, give me a big reward!” “Thank you?” Kevin was sitting at his desk. He said without raising his head, “Do I have to thank you for giving me more trouble?” At first, Kevin had just guessed that Mia was the one who sent the flowers. But now, before he could ask, she had revealed her antics on her own. “You are my brother. Even if the things I have done did not go as planned, you have to understand that I did everything for your own good!” Mia had been always very clever. When she heard Kevin’s words, she knew something must have gone wrong with her plan. It was an accident that no one expected and no one wanted to happen. So Kevin should not blame her. “Tomorrow, you will go back to the United States and repent for a month. When you figure out your mistakes, you have to write me a report with no less than 3000 words. You’re grounded out until you pass the test,” Kevin Kyle’s tone was serious and stern, as if he didn’t intend to give Mia Kyle any room to turn the situation around. “Brother, are you sure? I’m a grown-up, and you can’t punish me this way.” Mia pursed her lips and said indignantly. She was already in her twenties! When her sister-in-law was at her age, she had already married Kevin and was already busy trying to have a baby. If it weren’t because of Neil Brown who was always so cold to her, she might have already flown away with Neil Brown, instead of living with her parents. Mia Kyle also her own place outside, but she lived there alone. She would stay at Secret Garden during her spare time and spend time with Little Karen as well. Kevin Kyle raised his eyebrows and said in a low voice, “Since you’re all grown up, am I no longer your brother?” “If you have time to lecture me, you’d better spend it by thinking about how to get my sister-in-law back!” Mia thought quickly. Before Kevin was able to speak, she said, “I have just made an appointment with Faye to go shopping with sister-in-law tomorrow. Perhaps I can help her recall something..” Mia had thrown a bait at the right time, which made Kevin tempted. It might be easier for Faye and Mia to get close to Karen since she was not being very open to him yet. It was more difficult for him to help her recall the past. Why didn’t he think of such a simple solution before?

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