In the past two or three years, Karen Daly had not had a good night’s sleep. Most of the time, she would be surprised by nightmares, so she slept late, hoping to sleep deeper as soon as she fell asleep. However, it didn’t work at all. As long as she closed her eyes, she would have all kinds of nightmares to pester her. Today, she dreamed again. She dreamed of a lot of people in white coats holding needles and injecting unknown liquids into her body She struggled and resisted, but it was useless. It was as if there was an invisible net covering her. She could only allow those people to harm her. “Karen Daly-” In the darkness, a low voice was calling her name. It was a very familiar but far-away male voice. As the voice sounded, a black figure came to her. The black figure was getting closer and closer. She wanted to reach out to grab him. Just as she was about to catch the black figure, a doctor-like man dragged her away and stabbed her with a big cylinder. Karen Daly struggled and shouted, “No, don’t…” Just when she was at her most helpless, the cell phone next to her rang, like a bell ringing in heaven, pulling her out of her nightmare. Karen was panting and was still in a state of shock. She wiped the sweat from her forehead and touched her mobile phone to answer the phone. “Hello?” Her voice was still trembling and uncontrollable. She didn’t see clearly who was calling. She just felt that the call was too timely and pulled her out of the nightmare. “Karen, it’s Kevin.” The other party’s deep voice came from the receiver, with a kind of reassuring calmness. .It was Kevin Kyle again. Karen vaguely remembered that when she had a nightmare a few days ago, it was Kevin who called her in time to pull her out of the nightmare, as if he had always known her situation Why did he always appear when she needed him? She clearly knew that in that man’s eyes, she was just a substitute for his previous wife… However, when she heard his deep and cello-like voice, she could not help but feel reassured, as if there was a light in the dark night, as if there was a warm embrace in the cold winter. She took a deep breath and tried to talk to him in a calm tone. She didn’t know why she didn’t want the man to see through her thoughts. “It’s so late. What’s the matter?” She asked. “I just wanted to hear your voice, so I called you!” The man said. His voice was so gentle. “Did I disturb you?” “No..” Karen answered softly. It was after two o’clock in the morning. The world was dark and quiet, and all the sounds became very clear in the night, such as the calm breathing of the man on the other end of the phone. Karen Daly suddenly wanted to laugh. It was the middle of the night, and yet he did not sleep, but just called her on the phone… Was it a coincidence? Or did he really know that she was having a nightmare? “Kevin,” she couldn’t help calling his name. “I’m here.” The other side answered with calming certainty. Karen Daly sat on the bed, raised her head slightly, looked at the darkness before her eyes, and couldn’t help but smile. “Are you monitoring me? Why do you always appear in such a timely manner?” Her tone was brisk, a little delicate, but mostly playful. However, she did not know that her words made Kevin Kyle’s heart thumped. He was indeed monitoring her. Just a few days ago, he realized that she would have nightmares. Although he knew that it would be suspicious if he kept calling her at the right time, he still couldn’t help but call her. Even if I can’t hold you in my arms and drive away the darkness for you, I hope that you can can always find peace. Kevin thought However, I hope that I can come back to you as soon as possible. Thinking of this, Kevin couldn’t help frowning in the darkness with a little helplessness. He whispered, “Yes, I have been watching you, from the past to the future. Miss Daly, do you want to arrest me?” “Do you want to arrest me?” Now it was Karen’s turn to be stunned. The man’s words were half true and half false. She didn’t know whether he was really watching… or did he mean something else? And to arrest him? That also carried some ulterior meaning! In the dark, Karen couldn’t help but hold the pillow tightly in her arms. She bit her lip and gritted her teeth after a while, saying, “Sure!” She was now angry! However, she was very clear that in the dark, her cheeks were as red as the rosy clouds. The other party did not respond. Somehow, she suddenly felt a little nervous. She couldn’t help but bury her face in the soft pillow, and her heart was beating erratically. “Okay After a long time, that word came from the other end of the phone. Karen Daly was stunned. “Wait for me, he said firmly. Then, he hung up. Karen felt relieved and suddenly let go of the phone in her hand. Then she buried her face deep in the pillow, and gently said, “Yes” She would wait for him, but the sound of her ‘Yes’ disappeared into the pillow and disappeared in the darkness. There was no sound of Kevin’s voice in her ear, and loneliness seemed to wander around her again. It seemed that as long as she closed her eyes, she would be swallowed up by the darkness. Worried that she would be haunted by nightmares if she fell asleep again, she simply grabbed the pillow and looked at the dark night sky with her eyes wide open. She tried not to sleep. She tried hard to recall the dream she had just had, but her mind was blank, as if the dream had never existed. She didn’t know how long it had been. It seemed long but not really. The cell phone on the bed rang again. This time, Karen Daly saw it clearly, and the two words “Kevin Kyle” were displayed on her mobile phone. “What’s wrong with him?” Doubtfully, Karen Daly’s fingertips slid to answer the phone, “Mr. Kyle?” “Have you slept?” The man’s gentle voice came to her ears. She shook her head instinctively and then heard him say, “I am downstairs at your house.” Karen Daly was slightly stunned. She immediately got out of bed and walked to the balcony. Looking around, she saw Kevin Kyle, who was wearing a white shirt, standing straight under the street lamp at the complex. He raised his head and raised his lips. He waved at her and said, “Miss Daly, are you willing to come down and walk with me?” Going out with a man she didn’t know that well in the middle of the night was something that Karen Daly had never thought of before. But at this moment, she didn’t hesitate at all. “Okay, wait for me for a while.” Hanging up the phone, Karen Daly returned to her room, turned on the light walked to the wardrobe, and didn’t know which clothes to wear. She only had some home clothes, work clothes, and she did not own a single dress. She flipped through everything, but could not find anything she was satisfied with. In the end, she dressed in a white shirt and jeans. She quietly walked out of the door, hoping that she would not be discovered by her father, but she did not know that Samuel Daly had already taken in her every move.

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