In the daytime, the temperature in the urban area of the Chatterton Town was very high. Samuel Daly just had a phone call with Karen Daly, saying that he would cook her some herbal soup and put it in the refrigerator at noon. Karen Daly could drink it when she got off work at night, so as to soothe her body In order to better control Karen Daly, Samuel Daly had performed this act of being a loving father very well in the past three years. Hanging up the phone, looking at the herbs he had just bought, Samuel Daly’s face couldn’t help but look a little proud and confident. The old head of the Kyle Family, and Kevin Kyle were both big shots. But so what? In the end, they were still controlled by Samuel Daly’s hands. Just as Samuel Daly was proud of himself, two men blocked his way and dragged him away without saying anything. The men did not care that they were in a vegetable market. As people were coming and going, everyone was watching them. The herbs in Samuel Daly’s hands fell and scattered on the ground, but no one dared to stand up to speak. Everyone hid far away as it was none of their business. “Who are you?” Samuel Daly demanded, but no one answered him. Soon he was dragged into a car, and the car started and drove away. Everything happened too fast. Before Samuel Daly could react, he was dragged into a boarded-up house by the two men The two burly men pushed him hard and he fell to the ground. Samuel Daly got up and patted away the dust on his body. He looked at the two men and said angrily, “Whose men are you? Who sent you here?” The two men gave Samuel Daly a cold look, closed the door, turned around and left. They did not say a word to Samuel Daly all the time. The door of the room cut off all relations with the outside world as soon as it was closed. The fluorescent light on the ceiling was the only thing in the room. Samuel Daly was also a person who had experienced a lot and knew that it was useless to just make trouble. At present, the most important thing was to find out who kidnapped him and why he was here. He thought about it carefully. Only the old guys of the Kyle Family and Kevin Kyle were enemies with him in Chatterton Town, and they were able to make a big fuss. Karen Daly was now under his control. Kevin Kyle would not dare to act rashly, the most likely mastermind behind this could be the old man of the Kyle Family Years ago, the old man had wanted to put Samuel Daly to death. But because Samuel knew the secrets of the old man, the old man did not dare to touch him so quickly. Who else could it be other than these two people? Samuel Daly thought about it for a long time, he still expected that the person who was most likely to kidnap him was the old man of the Kyle Family. The old man of the Kyle Family was angered that Samuel Daly had secretly brought Karen Daly back to Chatterton Town, and that Samuel wanted to threaten Kevin Kyle with Karen Daly. The old man had warned Samuel because of this matter. If it weren’t for the fact that Samuel Daly would broadcast the old man’s secrets if he were to die, the old man of Kyle family would have already sent men to assassinate Samuel Daly in secret. After guessing who was the one who kidnapped him, Samuel Daly’s uneasiness disappeared with the wind. He looked around again. As he expected, there was a small surveillance camera mounted on a corner of the ceiling. Because the camera was too small to be noticed, he didn’t notice that he was being watched when first came in. Looking at the camera, Samuel Daly smiled coldly and said, “Old Mr. Kyle, don’t forget that if something bad happens to me, the secret you want to hide will be exposed to the world immediately. At that time, you will know clearly, who will be hurt. In the surveillance room, when Kevin Kyle heard Samuel Daly’s words, his eyes narrowed, and there was a chill in his eyes. Now, it all made sense. How did Karen Daly fall into Samuel Daly’s hands three years ago? It was all a play directed by Kevin Kyle’s own grandfather! In the end, Grandpa Kyle had handed Karen Daly over to the beast, Samuel Daly. Previously, when Samuel Daly first brought Karen Daly back to Chatterton Town, Kevin Kyle had guessed that there was something between his grandfather and Samuel Daly Now he could be 100% sure, but what kind of secret was it, that Samuel Daly mentioned? What kind of secret could make his powerful grandfather be threatened by Samuel Daly? “Director Kevin..” Nick Black was about to speak but was stopped by Kevin Kyle. Kevin Kyle motioned for him to continue listening and see if he could find out more secrets from Samuel Daly. But Samuel Daly was a very cunning person. Although he suspected that the person who kidnapped him here was the old master of the Kyle Family, he had not actually seen him around. He wanted to leave a way out for himself. Only if he was alive, could he achieve his goals, so he always guarded his life carefully. If the old master of the Kyle Family and Kevin Kyle wanted to confront Samuel Daly head-on, he was definitely no match for them, so he must make good use of the chess pieces in his hands. “Director Kevin, it seems that Samuel Daly will not expose himself.” After Kevin Kyle’s observation for a long time, Nick Black took the initiative to break the silence. Kevin Kyle stared at the screen, and his sharp eyes seemed to be able to kill Samuel Daly through the screen. He took a deep breath and walked out, followed by Nick Black When they arrived at Samuel Daly’s small room, Kevin Kyle stood still. Nick Black immediately asked the guards to open the door. Hearing the sound of opening the door, Samuel Daly glanced behind immediately. When he saw clearly that the person standing outside the door was Kevin Kyle, Samuel Daly smiled and said, “My dear son-in-law, is this how you invite your father-in-law over? If my good daughter Karen Daly sees this, she will feel sorry for me.” Kevin Kyle snorted and looked at Samuel Daly’s smug face with a faint smile. If it weren’t for the fact that Karen Daly hadn’t recovered her memory, there was no way Samuel Daly could stand here and talk to Kevin Kyle so smugly. Samuel Daly looked around and said, “But after all, you haven’t done anything to me, and I won’t argue with you. If you let me go, I will pretend that nothing has happened today.” Kevin Kyle still did not speak. He just stared at Samuel Daly with a pair of malicious eyes like an eagle, which made Samuel Daly feel a chill on his back. However, Samuel Daly was holding Karen Daly, his most useful chess piece, in his hand. Kevin Kyle could not wait to tear him into pieces. It was just a thought, but he did not dare to really do anything to him. Kevin Kyle did not speak, but he was emanating a deadly vibe. Samuel Daly had to use his words to gain some ground. Samuel Daly provoked again, “Not saying anything. Are you dumb? Or are you unable to think of how to speak to your father-in-law?” “A villain like you, Director Kevin may choose not to speak to you” Nick Black stood up and said on Kevin’s behalf. “If you say I am a villain, then I am a villain. But what can you do to me?” Samuel Daly was sure that Kevin Kyle did not dare to do anything to him, so he dared to say this.

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