Looking at Samuel Daly’s disgusting face, Kevin Kyle said in a deep voice, “Nick Black.” Hearing Kevin Kyle’s words, Nick Black immediately understood what Kevin Kyle wanted to do. He stepped forward and grabbed Samuel Daly and punched him twice. These two punches, Nick Black almost used his most strength, hitting Samuel Daly’s abdomen, which made Samuel Daly feel as if his ribs were broken. “Since you claim to be a villain, then I will come and serve you right.” Nick Black said. He grabbed Samuel Daly with one hand and punched his abdomen with the other hand. “Kevin Kyle-” Before Samuel Daly could say what he wanted to say, Nick Black kicked Samuel Daly again. Samuel Daly’s legs went limp and he fell to the ground with a bang. Nick Black said, “If I can’t beat you to death, then I’ll cripple you, okay? Or I’ll force poisons down your throat!.” “Kevin Kyle, it seems that I really overestimated your feelings for Karen Daly.” Samuel Daly pressed his belly with his hand and sneered, “As long as Karen Daly knows what you have done to me today, she will never forgive you in her life. Do you still want her to come back to you?” Nick Black said again, “Then we can only let you have no chance to speak, then our Mrs. Kyle will never know what happened today.” Samuel Daly spoke for a long time, but Kevin Kyle did not say a word to him, which made him even angrier. Samuel roared at Nick Black, “I am talking to your master! You’re just a dog! When is it your turn to talk here ?” Nick Black raised his foot and stepped on Samuel Daly’s body. “Since you called me a dog, should I bite you a few more times?” Nick Black waved his hand to get the other two subordinates to hold Samuel Daly down. He kicked Samuel Daly several times, and Samuel Daly could have lost several teeth. After a fierce beating, Samuel Daly almost lost half of his life. He was lying on the ground like a dog that was about to die. Samuel Daly was beaten up, but he didn’t admit defeat. He looked up at Kevin Kyle and sneered, “I ended a call with Karen Daly before you caught me. I told her that I would wait for her to come back for some herbal soup tonight. If she doesn’t see the soup I was going to cook when she comes back at night, do you think she would be suspicious?” Kevin Kyle walked up to Samuel Daly and looked down at him, saying, “Samuel Daly, what do you want?” “Hahaha.” Samuel Daly laughed out loud and burst into tears. “Kevin Kyle, just beat me to death here if you dare. Otherwise, you can’t let go of this matter today.” Samuel Daly took advantage of Karen Daly’s kindness. Kevin Kyle knew it better than anyone else in his heart. Samuel Daly was Karen Daly’s only family member after she lost her memory. Karen Daly would be so worried that she would not even sit if Samuel Daly had just a scratch on his skin If something bad happened to Samuel Daly, Karen Daly, who had no memory at all, would feel like her world had ended. Kevin Kyle certainly did not want Karen Daly to suffer any more harm. How could he bear for her to go through the pain of losing her loved ones again? Samuel Daly was sure that Kevin Kyle felt sorry for Karen Daly, so he was so unscrupulous when he did things. “Do you want to die?” Kevin Kyle suddenly smiled. He was laughing, but his eyes were fierce. “Nick Black, since Mr.Samuel is so ungrateful, you don’t have to give him any mercy. You can do whatever you want.” Samuel Daly endured the great pain in his body, gritted his teeth and shouted, “Kevin Kyle, how dare you touch me again?” “What is it that I don’t dare to do? Hmm?” Leaving behind this cold sentence, Kevin Kyle turned around and strode away. He didn’t do some things, not because he didn’t dare to do it. but because he thought they were too lowly for him. From the age of ten, he had been following his father in the business world, which was as cruel as the battlefield. Underneath the glamorous surface, the darkness was beyond what people could imagine. Since he had been able to take up this position for many years in this ruthless world, how could Kevin Kyle not have some tricks up his sleeve? It was just that he only used those means to deal with his enemies. In front of his family and friends, he was just like an ordinary person. He was just a son, a husband, a brother, and a father. He also had his loved ones, his loving daughter, and his wife, whom he cared the most for – Karen Daly. Behind him, Samuel Daly’s screams rang in Kevin Kyle’s ears, but he ignored it. Some people were just in need of clean up. Let Nick Black clean up that beast, and then Samuel Daly would come clean. Therefore, when Samuel Daly saw Kevin Kyle again, he was already close to death. He didn’t even have the strength to say a word and was no longer brimming with arrogance. Nick Black said, “Samuel Daly, if you have anything to say to Director Kevin, just say it now. He has no time to waste on you here.” Samuel Daly tried hard to open his eyes and mouth. It took him a long time to make a sound, “Kevin Kyle, you’re rather fierce, I admit it today.” Kevin Kyle stood by Samuel Daly’s side, he was like a divine being, sacred and inviolable. Samuel Daly, who was lying on the ground, could only see his leather shoes. His shoes were polished bright, and there was no trace of dust on them. It was the image that Kevin Kyle had always given people, clean and refreshing. Kevin Kyle squatted down beside Samuel Daly, narrowed his eyes and said coldly, “Cut the crap. I just want to know three things. First, how did Karen Daly lose her memory? Second, what was the secret you were mentioning? Third, what do you want?” “Haha..” Samuel Daly sneered and spat out a mouthful of blood. He stared at Kevin Kyle, who was high up in the air, and said, “If you want to know why Karen Daly forgot everything, you should go ask your good grandfather. That was planned by him, and no one knows better than he does.” Kevin Kyle already knew that Karen Daly’s matter had something to do with Grandpa Kyle, and that Grandpa Kyle was behind it. However, when he heard Samuel Daly’s words, Kevin Kyle’s heart still couldn’t help but twitch in agony. His grandfather was a person whom he respected very much since he was a child. He regarded him as a hero when he was young Although he knew that it was Grandpa who took Karen Daly away from his hand, he still held on to a shred of fantasy, hoping that these words were not true. He could only fantasize that someone else was deliberately leading the clues to Grandpa Kyle, who did not know anything at all. It wasn’t the first time Kevin Kyle had to think of excuses for his grandfather, but the truth was always so cruel. Beneath the bright and beautiful coat his grandfather wore, what Kevin saw inside was so dirty and inhumane. Kevin lost all hope. Although he had been thinking about it for a long time, there was no emotion on Kevin Kyle’s face. He continued in a low voice, “So what’s the secret you mentioned?”

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