Samuel Daly took a few deep breaths to reduce the pain in his body. After a while, he looked at Kevin Kyle again. He stared at Kevin Kyle’s calm face for a long time. Kevin Kyle’s was too strong, so strong that he did not show any emotions on his face. Samuel Daly surreptitiously studied Kevin Kyle for a long time. The only person who could make Kevin Kyle’s face reveal any emotion was Karen Daly, she was Kevin Kyle’s only weakness. Samuel Daly held Kevin Kyle’s soft spot tightly in his hand. He would not be satisfied if he did not make use of his weakness! After a long while, Samuel Daly said, “As for that secret, it doesn’t matter to me whether I say it or not. But after you know it, it will be dangerous for others to know. Then, Old Master Kyle will try his best to protect the person he wants to protect for so many years, and I’m afraid that he can’t keep it that way any longer.” Kevin Kyle said in a deep voice, “Nick Black.” Once again, when he heard Kevin Kyle calling for him, Nick Balck, who had been guarding behind Kevin Kyle, immediately stepped forward, rubbing his hands together. His intentions were obvious. “Don’t, don’t, don’t..” Samuel Daly raised his hand and surrendered. “I really can’t tell you this secret. If you really want to know, you should ask your own grandfather… Maybe you should ask Neil Brown, who is now in charge of the military in Chatterton Town. The answer they give you must be much more detailed than what I can say.” Kevin Kyle didn’t expect to hear the name “Neil Brown” at this time. After a slight pause, he made a decision on how he should proceed. Since this was a big secret, even if Samuel Daly told it to him, it might not be true. It seemed that Kevin had to think of another way. Kevin Kyle asked again, “So, what is it that you want, Samuel Daly?” “What I want is very simple. I want money and power. I also want status… Speaking of this, Samuel Daly smiled again “Kevin Kyle, you have all these things. As for whether you agree to give them to me or not, it depends on how important Karen Daly is in your mind.” “Before the afternoon comes, make a phone call to Karen Daly and tell her you’re going to Beaford City to sort out some affairs,” Kevin Kyle did not continue to question Samuel Daly, but gave him a task instead. “What the hell do you want to do?” Although he knew that Kevin Kyle did not dare to kill him, Samuel Daly’s arrogance had weakened a lot after being treated like this. This kind of violent torture, was worse than death. He was not a fool. He knew that he would suffer a lot, but he had to endure it when he had to. When he got everything he wanted, the Daly family would regain its former glory. At that time, no one would treat him like what they did today. “Don’t you want money, power and status?” Kevin Kyle looked at Samuel Daly as if he was looking at a clown. “Ill give you what you want, as long as you follow my instructions obediently.” Money and power were not that important to Kevin Kyle, and they were not worth mentioning compared to Karen Daly If Samuel Daly wanted these things, Kevin Kyle could give it to him. As for whether Samuel Daly could keep it, it depended on Samuel Daly’s own ability. After Karen Daly had “disappeared for a day, she went back to work. She received a large bouquet of roses. In the envious eyes of her colleagues, she returned to her office with roses in her arms. She knew that the flowers before were not sent by Kevin Kyle, and she knew that those nauseating words were not written by him, so she was not as repulsed as before. On the contrary, she wanted to see who was teasing her and what kind of terrible words this man could write. So, she simply opened it and looked at it. There was still a poem on the card, but the handwriting was more sonorous and forceful than before, more like the handwriting of a man. Before you The world was silent, and there was no loneliness. After you The world was in a mess, and it was desolate There was no signature. After reading this poem, Karen Daly’s heart thumped in her chest, as if it might burst out of her body. Her delicate face grew redder, like the sunset glowing in the west, it made people feel intoxicated. This flower should not be sent by the person who had been teasing her. She could not think of anyone else. Could it be that these were really sent by Kevin Kyle? Kevin Kyle! How could this man touch her calm heart so easily? She had never had this kind of feeling in the past three years, but when she heard him talking, her heart seemed to no longer belong to her. “Karen Daly-” At the door of the office, Hector Cheng’s voice suddenly came. Karen Daly hid the card behind her and smiled awkwardly, “Good morning, Director Cheng!” Hector Cheng looked at her and said with concern, “Are you alright? If you still feel uncomfortable, go home and rest for a few more days. Come back to work when you feel better.” “Director Cheng, I’m fine.” Karen Daly was a little confused. Since when was she not feeling well? Even if it was bad, it was still the old problems, and she didn’t need any extra rest. Hector Cheng said, “Yesterday, you didn’t come to work and I couldn’t get through to your phone, so I called your father and asked him. He said you were sick and forgot to call in because you were in a hurry.” “Oh, I’m fine now!” Karen replied. Her father had lied on her behalf, and her boss cared about her so much. She felt too embarrassed to show her face. “That’s good.” Hector Cheng smiled and kept looking at the flowers on Karen Daly’s desk. He wanted to say something else, but in the end, he didn’t say anything. He simply nodded to Karen Daly and left. Karen Daly’s mind was simple, and she didn’t catch anything in Hector Cheng’s eyes. After putting away the flowers, she began to work on her projects. Recently, she had been in charge of Kevin Kyle’s projects. In fact, she also knew that Kevin Kyle did not really want the clothes designed by her. It was just that she looked like his deceased wife, so he found an excuse to get close to her. Since Kevin Kyle’s order was not urgent, Karen Daly took the opportunity to design several sets of children’s clothes. Little Karen had given her an amulet, and so Karen Daly also wanted to gift something to the little child. However, Little Karen did not lack anything, so Karen Daly thought of designing and sewing a few sets of clothes personally for Little Karen. Although it wasn’t much, it was just a token of her care for Little Karen. She was very busy at it, so much that she did not even take a sip of water during the process. Just as she was busy sketching with her head down, the mobile phone on the table suddenly rang. Seeing the phone number on the screen, Karen Daly raised her eyebrows unconsciously and smiled gently, “Hello?” “What are you doing?” Kevin Kyle’s low and sexy voice came into her ears. “I’m working!” Karen replied. “What do you want to eat at noon? I’ll get someone to prepare it in advance.” His question was so frank that it could not be refused. However, she had not agreed to have lunch with him!.

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