When it was time for lunch, Karen Daly received a call from Kevin Kyle again, saying that he was waiting for her downstairs. He was already downstairs! Even if she didn’t want to go, she couldn’t refuse. What’s more, she actually did want to have lunch with him. During lunch break, there were a lot of people coming and going downstairs at the office, but Karen Daly still saw Kevin Kyle at the first glance in the crowd. He was like a peacock amongst common birds. His appearance alone, was extremely outstanding. No matter how simple he dressed, as long it was him wearing it, the clothes would seem to be of a different taste. A few female colleagues around her, were stunned when they saw Kevin Kyle in the building. They looked at him with eager eyes, as if ready to pounce on him. Suddenly, Karen Daly was a little unhappy, as if her belongings were being coveted by others! She quickened her pace and walked up to Kevin Kyle. Smiling, she said, “Mr. Kyle, you’ve been waiting for a long time, haven’t you?” “I have just arrived.” He looked at her tenderly. He stretched out his long arms and pulled her into his embrace. He didn’t care at all that countless eyes were staring at them. Kevin Kyle thought of the pain Karen Daly had suffered in the past three years, the fact that she not only had been robbed of her memories, her husband and her child. He thought of how she was being controlled by her mother’s murderer – Samuel Daly, drugged with medication, and living like someone’s plaything, and his heart began to ache, his blood boiling. “Kevin, don’t do this!” Karen Daly gave him a push, but he held her even tighter. He was so strong that she was almost out of breath Kevin Kyle held her in his arms and buried his head in her ear, calling her name in a low voice, “Karen Daly, Karen Daly… Over and over again, his voice was low and hoarse, as if he felt sorry for her, or as if there were many complicated emotions he could not express. For some reason, a pang of heartache welled up in Karen Daly’s chest. She stopped refusing him and raised her arm around his waist She wanted to tell him, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.” However, she did not say anything. Because she didn’t understand what he was afraid of. Was she afraid of losing “Karen Daly” again? “Karen Daly-” He called her name again. “Mr. Kyle, if you call me in such a tone, I may get angry!” Karen Daly smiled, pretending to not notice his pain. Perhaps she didn’t know what she liked about Kevin Kyle. Was it because he was so kind to her, or because she was envious of his love for her wife? “Karen Daly, you may get angry at me, beat me, scold me, you can do whatever you want.” As long as you don’t leave me, I can protect you. Even if you wanted to get to heaven, am willing to build a ladder for you. Kevin thought. “Ah… I just want you to let go of me. There are so many people watching!” Karen said indignantly. This man was really flirtatious. He was so handsome, and his voice was so pleasant, and he was so rich! The key was that he was also so considerate and gentle. As long as he was willing, would all the girls in the world be fascinated by him? It was really stressful to be with such a perfect man whom many people coveted. Was Mrs. Kyle very insecure when she was with him in the past? Or did she have to watch out for him every day?” Otherwise, he would probably have been taken away by another woman. “Let’s go for lunch!” Kevin Kyle also felt that he was overdoing it. He quietly calmed down and led her away. “Okay.” Karen Daly nodded. They were going to the same place for lunch, room 1808 at Baiha Restaurant Karen felt it was particularly wasteful to book out such a good private room for just a casual meal. But when she thought of Kevin Kyle’s status, she concluded he must not want to squeeze in the large dining halls with the lunch-time crowd. When they arrived at the room, Karen Daly realized that it would not be only the two of them today. There was another person there Karen Daly had met this man before. He was little Karen’s uncle. She could almost recall his name. It seemed to be George Ken or something. if Little Karen’s mother was also named “Karen Daly”, why would her brother be called “George Ken”? Karen Daly was a little confused. “Miss Daly, we meet again.” George Ken always looked casual. “You’re more beautiful than the last time we met.” “Mr. Ken, you are ever more handsome,” Karen Daly said. Karen Daly did not dislike this person, though he always spoke in such a frivolous manner. George Ken smiled and said, “Comparing myself to Mr. Kyle, who do you think is more good-looking?” “Of course, it’s Mr. Kyle!” Karen Daly really wanted to answer this, but she wouldn’t hurt George’s self-esteem too much, so she cleverly answered, “Well, what do you think, Mr. Ken? George Ken gave a look of surprise said, “Of course it’s me. Is there any dispute?” Karen Daly was rendered speechless Well, confident people are indeed, the most handsome. Mr. Kyle glanced at them and felt a little jealous. When Karen Daly first met Kevin Kyle, she was polite and courteous to him, but she was so open when it came to George Ken. The blood ties between them was quite remarkable! Although Kevin had no blood relationship with Karen Daly, they were the closest to each other. Who could compare to him? The present Karen Daly was the only one who was not close to him “Oh, it seems that Mr. Kyle is jealous. Miss Daly, I’d better stay away from you. If you fall in love with me, I will be killed by Mr. Kyle” George Ken said. Now, George had been thinking of ways to help Karen Daly restore her memory every day. Kevin Kyle did not dare to do anything to him, so taking such a good opportunity to tease Mr. Kyle, who was always so cold and aloof, could also add some fun to his boring life. “Pfft..” Seeing George Ken’s exaggerated words, Karen Daly couldn’t help but burst out laughing. Her smile was brilliant and captivating “Brother-in-law, you see, Karen Daly is smiling. I’m better.” The word “brother-in-law” suddenly hit Karen Daly’s brain waves, as if she had heard these words before. Her head was numb, and an image flashed in front of her… a brother-in-law, a brother, a pregnant woman with a big belly.. Such a clear picture flushed away again. When she wanted to clear her mind, her mind was suddenly blank again. There was nothing left. These days, she had some strange images appear in her mind, but when she wanted to grasp at them, she couldn’t recall anything. George Ken added, “Miss Daly, I’m telling you, Mr. Kyle only knows how to put on an act and pretend to be cold in front of others. In fact, he is a man who cares about his wife. When you have more contact with him, you will know how good he is.” Karen Daly asked, “Is he cold?” In terms of Kevin Kyle’s character, Karen Daly had never had such a impression of him being cold. He was a good man who was considerate of his wife, and there was no doubt. The problem was was she able to fantasize about him?

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