Kevin Kyle glared at George Ken coldly, warning him to stop talking nonsense. The reason why he asked George Ken to come here for lunch was to let him say something that could help Karen Daly restore her memory. What he was saying now, was all a mess! Under Kevin Kyle’s gaze of warning, George Ken dared not act recklessly again. He coughed lightly and said, “Brother-in law, I heard that there are some new high-tech equipment installed at your Rovio Hospital recently. Can I do a body check-up for free?” Kevin Kyle scooped a bowl of soup for Karen Daly, so she could have some soup first. Then he looked at George Ken and said, “Go if you want.” “Miss Daly, you can come with me. Anyway, it’s free! You should take advantage of it!” Their actual purpose of the lunch, was to trick Karen Daly into getting a full-body physical examination. They needed to check if her memory loss was caused by any brain injury. Karen Daly was about to shake her head in refusal, but Kevin Kyle, who was sitting beside her, spoke before she could, “Sure, I too want to get a check-up. Let’s go together.” Karen Daly,… George Ken said, “Since we’re all already together, shall we just go today? Matthew, get someone to prepare it in advance. We’ll go after lunch.” Kevin Kyle nodded. Karen Daly smiled apologetically and said, “Sorry, I still have work to do in the afternoon.” George said, “Call your office and ask for a sick leave. I’ll get the doctor to issue you a note later, it’ll be fine.” Karen Daly said in surprise, “Will that be okay?” “With Matthew here, nothing is impossible!’ George Ken said, and he looked at Kevin Kyle. “Matthew, don’t you think so?” As a result, Karen Daly was indeed tricked into going to the hospital by the two men. The truth was, she didn’t like going to hospitals. When she had been ill, she lay in the hospital for nearly a year, smelling the scent of medication every day. It was terrible! It was a dark time. Fortunately, her father was with her during that period of time. If she had been alone, she didn’t know if she could have survived Looking at Karen Daly being taken into the MRI room by the doctor, Kevin Kyle and George Ken looked at each other. George Ken said, “Don’t worry too much.” Till now, Kevin Kyle still did not know why Karen Daly had forgotten all the memories of the past. How could he not be worried? However, his worries were hidden in his heart and he never told anyone. He kept everything to himself. If it weren’t for Samuel Daly, Kevin Kyle would rather Karen Doly lose all her past memories completely. That way, she would not remember the terrible things that had happened three years ago and would not be hurt again. “Matthew, what are you going to do if the check up confirms that Karen did not sustain any brain injuries?” George asked. “I will hunt that person down!” Kevin Kyle spat these words, after long pause. That person was none other than Kevin’s grandfather, and he was also the evil mastermind who “killed” his wife. He really did not want to call that person ‘Grandpa’ now. And he had to find out the root cause of Karen Daly’s memory loss as soon as possible and let her return to his side. George Ken added, “What if he doesn’t admit it and doesn’t tell you anything? What can you do?” What should he do? For a moment, Kevin Kyle really couldn’t think of what he could do to Grandpa Kyle. If that person was not his grandfather, Kevin would have taken action a long time ago. But there was no if! That person was, indeed, his grandfather, a person who shared such close blood ties with him. Grandpa Kyle had attacked Karen Daly, so the secret mentioned by Samuel Daly must be the reason for all of this. But what on earth was that secret? Once the secret was revealed, who would be involved, and who would be hurt? Was it Kevin? Was it Mia? Or was it their parents? Kevin Kyle could only guess. Or was there something to be gained by someone else? Thinking of this, Kevin Kyle thought of Neil Brown. It seemed that it was time to talk to him. George Ken was a psychology expert. Usually, he couldn’t see through what Kevin Kyle was thinking, but he could always pry into Karen Daly’s mind. The person behind everything was Kevin Kyle’s grandfather. He was indeed not so simple to deal with. It was understandable that Kevin Kyle couldn’t give George Ken a good answer. He immediately changed the topic. “Didn’t we ask Mia and Faye to come over? Why haven’t they arrived yet? Where have they been slacking off?” “Who is speaking ill of us?” Mia’s crisp voice interrupted their conversation. They looked back and saw Mia Kyle, who was wearing a cap and sunglasses, and Faye Reed, who was walking behind her. George Ken said quickly, “Well, speak of the devil! My two beautiful women, I have miss you too much, that’s why I was talking about you.” Mia Kyle said, “Never speak ill of people behind their backs. Otherwise, there will be ghosts knocking on your door at night.” “Mia is right. Mr. Ken, be careful! A female ghost will knock on your door at night,” Faye Reed chipped in playfully. Although she had sustained burns all over her body, and her face was almost disfigured by the fire, her outgoing and brisk personality had not changed. After many years, it was still the same Faye Reed. “I don’t mind a female ghost. I happen to be short of a female companion. That way, I can save a lot of trouble!” George Ken was also always so frivolous. They were making a ruckus, only Kevin Kyle remained silent. It seemed as if they didn’t exist at all. He kept his eyes on the MRI room, and his mind was all on Karen Daly. He had instructed his men to change the drugs that Samuel Daly was giving Karen Daly into vitamins. Karen Daly was now off the drugs. Whether she could move away from the drug addiction was what he was most worried about at present Mia Kyle yawned and asked, “Where’s my sister-in-law?” Last night, Mia Kyle had attended a movie premiere. After that, she went to socialize at a dinner party. She was busy till midnight, and only went back to her apartment to rest late at night. Mia would not normally be awake at this hour, given her late night the night before. She was yawning and tearing out of sleepiness. If it weren’t for the fact that she was supposed to go shopping with Karen Daly, she wouldn’t get out of bed even under the threat of getting beaten up. George Ken said, “There are two super- handsome men in front of you, but you turn a blind eye to them. It’s very heart rending.” Faye Reed said, “We are all taken! No matter how handsome you are, you are just another man. There is only one purpose for us here, that is to take Karen Daly shopping with us.” Mia Kyle nodded in agreement with Faye Reed. “I only like my Neil Brown. Other men, except my brother, are not even attractive, in my eyes.” George Ken made a very exaggerated expression of injury “If you two beautiful women don’t want me, then I have to go to our most precious little Karen for love.” Mia Kyle said, “Little Karen has her new big brother recently. She doesn’t want her dad anymore. She wouldn’t have the time to talk you, uncle!” George Ken shrugged his shoulders helplessly and pretended to be sad. “Well, just give me a hard beating. After all, I’m still single with nobody to love.”

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