Faye Reed said, “With your appearance and knowledge, there must be a bunch of girls who want to pursue you! There would be all kinds of girls. It’s just that you are too picky!” “It’s not truel George Ken wiped away his fake tears and sighed. “I shouldn’t have gotten to know Matthew! Wherever he is no woman would see me.” Mia Kyle nodded hard to show her agreement. “Master Ken, you’ve finally spoken the truth. With my brother around, there would be nothing left for other men.” Upon hearing Mia Kyle’s words, George Ken was about to cry. “Please think about my feelings, okay?” No matter how he wailed, no one comforted him. “I am done. Have you all done it already?” Karen Daly came out of the examination room and saw so many people around. She was surprised and said, “Hey, Miss Kyle, Miss Reed, you all are here.” Mia Kyle said, “Yeah, what a coincidence. Have you got anything to do this afternoon? How about going shopping with us, Miss Daly?” “What is up with these ‘Miss Daly, Miss Reed, Miss Kyle?” Faye Reed shouted discontentedly, “My name is Faye, and her name is Mia. If you continue to call us ‘Miss, I’ll beat you up.” Karen Daly was nervous. These people were all so hospitable to her. They must be the previous “Karen Daly’s” friends. So when they saw her, they felt as if they had seen an old friend from many years ago. They were so kind and concerned about her, which warmed her heart. Kevin Kyle, who had been silent for a long time and had been looking at Karen Daly, walked up to her and pushed the wisps of hair that fell over her forehead behind her ear. He said softly, “Go shopping with them. I’ll tell you when I get the results.” “Okay.” Karen Daly nodded and smiled gently. “You have your work too. But don’t get too tired.” After saying these words, Karen Daly turned around and saw that everyone was staring at her. In an instant, her face was flushed with embarrassment. “Ah! Ah! Ah!” They were not that close to Kevin Kyle, were they? Why did he do such an intimate thing to her in front of so many people? She had almost forgotten that there were other people around her. “Karen Daly, let’s go!” Faye Reed helped Karen Daly out of the predicament in time, she grabbed her and turned to leave the place. Mia Kyle followed them closely. She turned back and said to the two big men who were watching them leave, “You two go play on your own. Don’t worry about us. I will take good care of my future sister-in-law.” Watching them walk away, Kevin Kyle then turned away and walked with George Ken to retrieve the physical examination report for Karen Both Mia Kyle and Faye Reed were fun people. Karen Daly’s mood was uplifted by their mere presence. When she listened to them talking on their way out, her smile was ever present The two of them seemed as if they were guarding a toy that could break at any time. One of them walked on Karen Daly’s left while the other walked her right. If the passers-by got anywhere closer to her, the two ladies flanking Karen would make sure that they were chased away. Karen Daly found it funny. “People who don’t know us, would think you’re going to kidnap me somewhere!” she joked. Mia Kyle said, “We are here to protect you. If we meet someone who harms you, my brother would kill me when we return.” Karen Daly couldn’t remember, but when she was pregnant with little Karen she had been kidnapped before. Mia Kyle and Faye Reed remembered this clearly, especially when she disappeared three years ago. It was hard for her have returned. Everyone wanted to protect her this time! Karen Daly shook her head helplessly. On the contrary, a trace of happiness rose in her heart. In the past three years, she didn’t have a single friend, but suddenly she had so many friends who cared about her. It felt very good. Apart from feeling good, Karen Daly also felt inexplicably a little disappointed. “They are good to me, just like Kevin Kyle likes me, she thought. Because all of them regarded her as the “Karen Daly” who had passed away “Karen, Mia, let’s go have hotpot after shopping!” Faye Reed suggested. In the past, she and Karen Daly would eat hotpot together frequently. On a hot day, drinking the steaming hot soup, it could be quite exhilarating Mia Kyle said, “I’ve been preparing for a new movie recently. I can’t have too many high calorie meals, but I can just sit with you.” Karen Daly hadn’t had hotpot for a long time. Because her father always said that eating hotpot was not good for her health, so she could only abstain from doing so. As Faye Reed spoke of hotpot, Karen felt her tummy grumble! So, she agreed without hesitation, “Okay, when we’re done shopping, we can have hotpot together.” The place they went shopping was the largest shopping mall in Chatterton Town, the mall where Kevin Kyle and Karen Daly went shopping for the first time. Karen Daly didn’t want to buy anything at first, but when she walked into the mall and saw clothing for little girls, she was deeply tempted! She couldn’t help thinking of Little Karen. When she saw the dresses, she would think of how good Little Karen would look in them. When she saw some toys, she wondered if little Karen would like these toys. In short, everything was suitable for a child of little Karen’s age. Karen Daly wanted to buy them and give them to her! However, she understood too well that little Karen did not need these things at all, so she had to suppress her impulse to shop. Mia Kyle looked at Karen Daly, it was as if it was the Karen from a few years ago. Back then, she and Karen Daly had gone shopping together, and Karen still had her big pregnant belly. She shopped at the baby supplies store fervently. Even though her family had already prepared all these baby supplies for her, she still bought a lot of them. Faye Reed was a fashion designer. Every time she went shopping and looked at clothes, she couldn’t help but having some professional opinion on them. There were not many clothes that she liked. She would not buy anything even if she shopped around “B*tch, the clothes of the two brands you like are on the fifth floor. Why don’t we go up and have a look?” Faye Reed called Karen Daly that way, it was just like how she used to call her. “Okay!” Karen Daly answered instinctively. She didn’t even notice that Faye Reed was supposed to be a stranger to her. How could she know what brand of clothes she liked? Just as the three of them were about to go upstairs, a branded scarf shop attracted Karen Daly’s attention. She stood still and looked at the scarf shop quietly. In a trance, she saw young and handsome man and a beautiful woman appearing in the empty store. The man was wearing a silver-gray suit and a pair of glasses with golden frames. He looked at the woman tenderly. Under his gentle gaze, the woman blushed and helped the man put on the scarf. Then she plucked up the courage to kiss the man surreptitiously on the corner of his mouth. “Do you like it?” “Yes.” There seemed to be two familiar voices ringing in Karen Daly’s ears, and she even saw the man’s face clearly. — it was Kevin Kyle!.

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