How could this be? How could she see herself getting so close to Kevin Kyle? Karen Daly didn’t understand, but her heart suddenly ached, It hurt so much that she broke out in cold sweat, as if she had missed something very important, but she couldn’t recall what it was What was very important to her? Karen Daly didn’t even know, and her mind suddenly went blank. “Sister-in-law, what’s wrong with you?” “B*tch, don’t scare us!” Looking at Karen Daly, who was stunned, and breaking out in a cold sweat, Mia Kyle and Faye Reed reached out to hold her almost at the same time. Mia Kyle and Faye Reed were speaking to her anxiously, but Karen Daly couldn’t hear anything, as if she had suddenly stepped into another dimension. Everything around turned white, and her surroundings were empty. There was no one around, and she seemed to be floating in the air. She could not move up nor down. She was like a bird a without legs. She could only fly around but never land. She didn’t know how much time has passed. When she felt that she was about to forget this world entirely, there was finally a voice coming into her ears. The white around her also disappeared, and the present scarf store reappeared before her. She was surrounded by Faye Reed and Mia Kyle. “Karen, what’s wrong with you?” “Sister-in-law… I’d better call my brother.” Faye Reed’s and Mia Kyle’s caring eyes were so warm that it made Karen Daly want to shed tears, but she restrained herself. She quietly took a deep breath and stopped Mia Kyle from taking out her mobile phone. “I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.” “You really scared me just now.” Karen Daly did not cry, but Faye Reed, who had always been so strong and crude, suddenly started crying and hugging Karen Daly, “B*tch. don’t scare us like that anymore.” This feeling of retrieving something lost, getti it back but always feeling like it could disappear at any time – was not a good feeling. Faye Reed was so upset that she couldn’t keep up her strong facade anymore, and she too began to cry in desperation. “Faye.” Karen Daly patted her on the back. Although her heart was tightly clenched by Faye Reed’s tears, she still smiled gently. “If you continue to cry, all the people in the mall will stare at you.” Faye Reed let go of Karen Daly and wiped her tears, “Let them surround and watch, it’s not like they haven’t seen a woman cry.” Then, she cried and laughed at the same time, “B*tch, don’t you know how worried I am?” Karen Daly said, “in future, I won’t let you worry about me anymore.” Regardless of whether they regarded her as “Karen Daly’s” substitute, Karen Daly would treat them as her friends and care for them sincerely. Because of this episode, the three of them were no longer in the mood to go shopping anymore. They went to the hotpot restaurant recommended by Faye Reed for an early dinner. After dinner, Mia Kyle and Faye Reed sent Karen Daly home together and ensured that she was safe before they left. Mia Kyle also called her brother in time to report the situation. She also to Kevin Kyle about Karen Daly’s abnormal behaviour earlier that day. Hanging up the phone, Mia Kyle then dialled Neil Brown’s number. She had been so busy these days that she didn’t have time to harass him. She had to pester him today. But when she called him, he didn’t even get someone to deal with her. Instead, he hung up the phone immediately. Looking at the blank mobile phone screen. Mia Kyle jumped up in anger. For a moment, she forgot that she was still sitting in the car. She hit the roof of the car, which made her scream in pain. Jacky Ball, who was driving, looked at her from the rearview mirror and asked worriedly, “Polaris, did you hit anything?” “My head is going to explode. Do you think I hit anything? How do you drive?” Because of the pain in her head, Mia Kyle roared angrily and blamed Jacky Ball’s driving instead. It wasn’t the first time, and Jacky Ball had gotten used to her temper. Her mouth was vicious. In fact, she treated these people who followed her closely like how she treated her own family members. Mia Kyle rubbed her head, wincing in pain, and the more she thought about it, the angrier she became. The b*stard, Neil Brown, she had not been looking for him for a few days. He dared to hang up her phone. Damn it! After thinking for a while, Mia Kyle asked, “Where can we buy explosives in Chatterton Town?” Hanging up her phone, wasn’t he? Mia thought furiously. He ignored her, didn’t he? Today, she was going to blow up his old nest and see how arrogant he was. She wanted to see if he could still be so aloof. “Explosives are against the law. It’s not easy to buy them.” Jacky Ball explained honestly. “If I can’t buy the explosives. I’ll buy two barrels of gasoline!” Mia exclaimed. Since she couldn’t blow up Neil Brown’s old nest, she will burn it up instead. It would have the same effect Jacky Ball said, “Polaris, Captain Brown didn’t pick up your call, did he?” Hearing this and seeing Jacky Ball’s sympathetic eyes from the rearview mirror, Mia Kyle was in a worse mood. She was going to explode with anger. “Jacky Ball, do you know how to speak in human language? What do you mean? Does he dare not answer my call?” Although it was indeed a fact that Neil Brown didn’t answer her phone call, everyone already knew the truth. Was it necessary to say it to her face? Jacky Ball kept his mouth shut and no longer dared to say a word to provoke her. If he continued to provoke her, her fury would be unfathomable. After being silent for a while, Mia Kyle said, “Head to the Military Base!” Jacky Ball had no choice but to turn around and head for the direction of the Chatterton Town Military Base. After all, this young lady was so sure she wanted that man! Karen Daly’s test results came out soon. There was no trauma sustained by her brain. Kevin Kyle and George Ken ruled out the possibility that Karen Daly’s brain suffered from memory loss due to brain injury. They would now focus their investigation on medication and mental stimulation, and let the experts that they had hired to figure out a cure. As for Karen Daly, after Kevin Kyle had kidnapped Samuel Daly, he had instructed his men to replace the medication that Samuel Daly was giving to Karen Daly with with common vitamins. Vitamins tablets would not cause any harm to the body, but it would be a torture for Karen Daly, who had long been addicted to the previous drug. Her father said that he would go to the Beaford City to do run some errands. It might take a few days for him before he would be back, leaving her alone at home. She stayed at home alone and didn’t even have a person to talk to. The house, with two bedrooms, was hauntingly empty, it made her feel very uncomfortable. She sat in a daze for a while, and then began to design clothes for little Karen again. After she was finished the designs, she would choose some fabric, so that the clothes could be completed quickly. That way, she could make it in time for Children’s Day to send these gifts to Little Karen. But only a while after she started drawing, Karen Daly yawned. She had no strength and felt extremely demotivated. She was also very anxious, as if she wanted to pick a fight with someone. She threw aside the pen in her hand, got up and washed her face in the bathroom, hoping to refresh herself.

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