But it didn’t work at all. Karen Daly was very weak as if she would fall down any time, just like the last time she fell sick. Maybe she was sick, and she was more sick than usual. One dose of medicine had no effect on her anymore. Karen Daly went to the living room, poured a glass of water, and took another dose of medicine. After taking the medicine, Karen Daly went back to her room and lied down on the bed. She closed her eyes and hoped that the effect of the medicine would be effective as soon as possible, so that she would not be so uncomfortable. Karen Daly waited for a long time, but she didn’t feel better. Instead, she broke out in a cold sweat. Two years ago, when she was discharged from the hospital, she’d feel better after taking the medications. Why was it different today? Karen Daly felt frustrated. She was so sick. She wanted to call her father, but she didn’t want him to worry, so she put down her phone. Suddenly, a call came in. She took it back and saw Kevin Kyle’s name. Her heart softened for some reason. When she answered the phone, she heard Kevin Kyle’s low voice, “What are you doing? “I.” Karen Daly sniffed and suddenly felt sad that she wanted to cry, but she suppressed her pain and tried to speak in a calm tone. “I think I am sick.” “Don’t hang up the phone. Wait for me.” Then, Karen Daly vaguely heard the sound of door closing. She held the mobile phone and buried her head in the pillow, feeling uncomfortable as if thousands of ants were devouring her heart Not long later, Kevin Kyle’s voice came from the phone again, “Open the door.” “Open the door?” Karen Daly did not understand. She had already lost her senses, so she did not expect Kevin Kyle to appear in front of her door. “Open your house door.” Kevin Kyle’s voice came from the phone again, his voice was a little anxious. “Ah?” Karen Daly let out a silly sound and felt so confused. Then, she realized that Kevin Kyle was asking her to open her door. She got up and staggered out of the door with her weak body. When she walked to the door, she reached out to hold the doorknob. She felt like she had caught it, but she failed to grab it “Karen-” Kevin Kle’s voice came from outside. “I’m opening the door. Wait for awhile.” Karen Daly looked for the knob for a long time before opening the door. After opening the door, she couldn’t even see Kevin Kyle’s appearance clearly. “Are you Kevin Kyle?” “It’s me. I’m Kevin Kyle, your Kevin Kyle.” Kevin Kyle grabbed her by her waist and carried her away. “Kevin, what are you doing?” Karen Daly pushed him, but her body was really weak. She laid lazily in his arms. “I am bringing you home.” Back to their home, he would never let her stay outside alone and never let her bear the pain and loneliness alone. “Home? Whose home?” Karen Daly muttered to herself, “Where my father is, is my home. He’s not here, and I don’t know where my home is.” She was sick, helpless, and afraid. It must be because her father was not by her side. It must be it. In the past three years, her father had never left her. Today, her father’s sudden departure made her so helpless. Hearing Karen Daly’s words, Kevin Kyle tightened the strength of his arm and held her tightly in his arms. He said in a low voice, “Karen, stop talking nonsense.” If there was someone to blame, it would be Kevin Kyle. He didn’t protect Karen Daly well, that’s why she encountered those painful things, and let her lose herself in the past. “Kevin Kyle? You are Kevin Kyle, aren’t you? Who is Kevin Kyle?” Karen Daly was caught in a daze and said vaguely, “I don’t seem to know you anymore but I seem to have known you for a long time. This feeling is really strange.” “Karen Daly..” Except for calling her name, Kevin Kyle did not know what else he can do. Karen Daly continued, “Besides not knowing you, I don’t know who I am too. My father told me my name. But I can’t remember who I am. I don’t know what happened to me in the past. Most of the time, I feel like I’m going to disappear at any time, as if I don’t belong in this world.” “I’m afraid in my heart, but I don’t dare to tell my father that I don’t want him to worry about me. He is not young, he is the only relative of mine. He was not willing to tell me what happened in the past, it must be for my own good. But I understood that things in the past must not be good.” “I have always refrained myself from thinking about the past, but I still can’t help it. What kind of horrible things have I encountered that I don’t remember my past?” “Why do I say so much to a stranger like you? As I said, you won’t understand how sad my heart is. You don’t understand how scared I am.” Karen continued in her daze. She always pretended like she didn’t care about everything, as if she was someone who has high apathy and ignorance She didn’t have much friends throughout the few years. It was not because she didn’t want to make friends, but she was more worried about losing them. Whenever someone asked her about her education, her employment history, her… Whenever others asked her the simplest and most basic questions How should she answer? “If I answer honestly and tell others, I can’t remember what happened in the past, will those people treat me like an alien?” Karen asked pitifully. “Karen Daly, I understand. I understand everything you said.” Kevin Kyle kept telling her that, his heart was broken and it was hard for him to breathe. This was his Karen Daly. No matter what happened, she was always smiling, using her unique smile to cover up the worries and fear in her heart. She pretended to be strong as if no one could hurt her. He really hated himself for losing her for such a long time. How did she live in the past three years? “Haha..” Karen Daly sneered and shook her head, pulling out a smile that was uglier than crying. “Even my father doesn’t understand, how would you understand?” Perhaps her defences were down from being sick, or maybe she’s too weak. Karen Daly had never expressed her deep thoughts to others before, but she did so to him, right now. Perhaps she was really lonely for too long. She had no friends for a long time, so she jumped into Kevin Kyle’s trick so easily and let herself be vulnerable. She knew that he saw the shadow of his dead wife through her, but she still threw herself at him without hesitation, like a moth darting into a flame. Most of the time, Karen Daly was jealous and envious of Kevin Kyle “Karen Daly”. Although that Karen Daly was no longer by Kevin Kyle’s side, they shared beautiful memories. There was a person who loved that Karen Daly deeply, cared about her, and they had such a lovely daughter. What about her? She only had her father. Other than that, she had nothing else. She did not even have memories that everyone has.

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