How sad would it be for someone who lost all her memories of the past? But as she spoke, Karen Daly smiled again, which was still her usual gentle smile. Her eyebrows were slightly raised, her lips curled upwards a little. Her faint smile was very beautiful. In the past, Kevin Kyle had always thought that her smile was beautiful. It was not until today that he understood that this was a smile that only existed if she was true to herself. Looking at her smile, Kevin Kyle felt his heart shatter, but it was no longer a new feeling to him. “Karen Daly, your father doesn’t know you, but I know you. I know how insecure and afraid you are,” he said. Because he was also afraid just like her. He was afraid that he would never be able to find her again in his life. For countless nights, he had to rely on medicine to fall asleep. “You know me?” Karen Daly shook her head, revealing a bitter smile. The person he knew was his “Karen Daly”, not her “Karen Daly, trust me.” It seemed that she had returned to the past. At that time, she did not believe that he could deal with Charlie Gook, and now she also did not believe that he could understand the pain she was going through. “Can I really trust you?” She was still asking, but in Karen Daly’s heart, she told herself to believe in him. He was worthy of her trust. Suddenly, Karen Daly thought of the image that suddenly appeared in her mind when she went shopping today. She thought of that image of Kevin Kyle in her mind. The Kevin Kyle in her mind was wearing the same glasses as this Kevin Kyle, and his height and figure looked almost the same. The only difference was that the Kevin Kyle in her mind was wearing a silver-gray suit while the one that was holding her was wearing a white shirt. Kevin Kyle? Why did that image pop up? Karen Daly still wanted to think deeper, but her body was getting more and more uncomfortable, and she was getting more and more afraid, anxious, and weak. Many invasive thoughts were attacking her, making her feel afraid and insecure. She wanted to just hug Kevin Kyle tightly and playfully bite him – With this idea in mind, she acted faster than her thoughts. She opened her mouth and playfully bit Kevin Kyle’s shoulder instead. She bit him through his thin white shirt. She was like a little wild beast. Not long later, the bright red blood stained Kevin Kyle’s white shirt, and at the same time, Karen Daly may have tasted his blood. However, she did not stop. She was still biting him, like she was venting her loneliness and fear to him. As the bright red blood flowed more and more, it slowly stained his white shirt more. It was very painful, but Kevin Kyle didn’t even flinch and willingly let her bit him. Compared to the fact that she had her child removed forcefully, and that she had lost her past memories, or the tough life she had lived in the past three years, his pain when she bit him was nothing. He got in the car with Karen Daly in his arms. After gesturing for the driver to drive off, he looked down at her in his arms, and his eyes were as gentle as the moonlight shining above her head. Not only did he endure through the pain, he even reached out and gently stroked her head, as if he was comforting a wounded little beast. “Karen -I won’t let you be afraid anymore. I won’t let you bear the loneliness in the night alone. Never again. Kevin spoke in his mind. After a long time, they were almost home. Karen Daly had let go of Kevin Kyle, but she also fell asleep in Kevin Kyle’s arms because she was too tired. Kevin Kyle held her tightly in one hand and gently stroked her brows with the other hand. He called her name in his heart. Before he met Karen Daly, or to be more precise, before Karen Daly disappeared, he did not believe that love existed. In his opinion, when the two of them got married, they were just companions. As long as he could get along with his wife, and she looked presentable, he would accept this person as his wife. It was not until Karen Daly suddenly disappeared from his world three years ago that he felt the heart-wrenching pain of losing her. Only at that time did he realize that he wasn’t too busy to love someone in the past, rather, he just had not met the right person yet He understood that the reason why he chose to marry Karen Daly was not only because they matched each other well, but also because he didn’t want her to go home with another man. If that was not the case, why would he purposely chase away her blind date and sat down with her instead, that fateful night so many years ago? His emotional intelligence was low back then. When he finally figured things out, she was no longer by his side. He had been looking for her all over the world for three years, but he couldn’t find her. Now, he finally understood himself. Besides Karen Daly, he did not want anyone else in this lifetime. Karen Daly’s dependence on morphine was much higher than Kevin Kyle had estimated. Karen Daly was lying on the bed with cold sweats all over her body, and her mind was still very unclear. Occasionally she would mutter some words. Today, Karen Daly underwent a general physical examination and also did a blood test. The doctor advised Kevin Kyle to have her wean off the morphine dependence gradually. “Natural Drug Rehabilitation” was a kind of drug rehabilitation method that required cutting off the drug intake completely, provided the patient keeps a healthy lifestyle and gets enough care and support, so that the withdrawal symptoms would naturally fade away and achieve the a complete drug rehabilitation. The patient would need to go “cold turkey”, and this would bring much suffering to the user. Kevin Kyle also researched on several other methods of drug rehabilitation. After careful consideration, he decided to take the doctor’s advice. Although the process will be painful, as long as she persisted, she would not be addicted to the drugs anymore after treatment, and it would be more helpful for her recovery He held the towel and kept wiping away the cold sweat on Karen Daly forehead. He held Karen Daly’s hand tightly with one hand, as if he was trying to give her strength. Watching her suffering, Kevin Kyle hoped that he could bear all of this, instead of the thin and delicate Karen Daly. Some time later, Karen Daly’s situation was getting better. She lazily opened her eyes and gradually regained consciousness. She also saw Kevin Kyle was beside her. When she saw the bloodstains on his shirt, Karen Daly’s eyes widened and her heart ached. “Are you hurt? Are you badly injured? How did you get hurt?” “I’m not injured. This is from some colouring.” He smiled at her and reached out his hand to touch her head. “Are you still feeling uncomfortable?” Karen Daly shook her head lightly and said, “No, I’m not. I just feel like all my strength has been drained.” Kevin Kyle pulled back his hand and said, “Close your eyes and lie down for a while. I’ll get someone to get you something to eat.” Karen Daly smiled weakly and said, “Okay.” “Okay.” Kevin Kyle pulled up the blanket and covered her. Then he got up and left. “Kevin-” “Hmm?” “Nothing.” Karen Daly shook her head quickly.

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