“Wait for me.” Kevin Kyle smiled and left. Watching him leave, Karen Daly was feeling a little scared. She was so worried that he would not come back once he left again. “Again? Why did she use the word “again”? She didn’t know what had happened to her recently. She always feel restless and had some strange images popping up in her mind. She felt very familiar when meeting Faye Reed, Mia Kyle, George Ken, and the others, as if she had really known them. Before Karen Daly could come up with an answer, the door was opened. Kevin Kyle carried Little Karen in, who was sleeping like a pig in his arms. “Let Little Karen accompany you first.” How could Kevin Kyle not sense her needs? She was afraid that she would be alone, so he went back to his room and brought Little Karen over to accompany her “Okay.” Karen Daly took Little Karen over. All her attention was on the little fellow, and she was no longer in the mood to find out what Kevin Kyle was doing. He was ignored instantly, and Kevin Kyle felt a little sad in his heart. However, when he saw Karen Daly’s reassuring smile on her face, the bitterness in his heart dissipated. He shook his head and left. He asked someone to prepare food for them and he cleaned himself up. He couldn’t scare off others looking so unkempt. Little Karen fell asleep and did not notice that she had been carried to another place by her father when she was asleep. Looking at Little Karen’s flushed face, Karen Daly’s heart was softened as she caressed her gently. As Little Karen’s sleep was interrupted, she instinctively stretched out her little arms and wanted to scratch her eyes. However she did not even open her eyes. She pursed her lips and continued to sleep. Karen Daly only felt that Little Karen was extremely cute. She bowed her head and kissed her on her face, and all the insecurities in her heart quietly disappeared. Karen Daly held Little Karen in her arms and placed her face next to hers. It didn’t take long for her to fall asleep too. There were no nightmares like before, no one was going after her, Kevin Kyle was in her dream tonight, there was Little Karen and herself to… Kevin Kyle, who had already changed into clean clothes, entered the room with some broth. He saw the mother and daughter duo sleeping together while facing each other. Kevin Kyle put the broth aside, and he sat by the bedside and quietly looked at them. He did not bother to wake Karen Daly up. He pulled the blanket to cover the mother and daughter pair He sat at the side and looked at them quietly, hoping to see them like this for the rest of his life. For the rest of the night, Karen Daly slept soundly. She didn’t know how long she was asleep for. When she woke up and opened her eyes, she saw a cute baby face. “Sister.” Little Karen, who woke up a long time ago, was already waiting by the Karen’s side. As soon as Karen Daly woke up, Little Karen went up to hug her and gave her a big, sloppy kiss. “Little Karen.” Karen Daly also kissed her back with Little Karen in her arms. “You’re awake.” As soon as she kissed Little Karen, Kevin Kyle’s low and sexy voice came to Karen Daly’s ears. She looked up and saw Kevin Kyle, who was neatly dressed, reading the newspaper by the window. “Yes.” Karen Daly nodded. Kevin Kyle, who was wearing a white shirt, became a man wearing a silver-gray suit in her mind. The image was so familiar, but Karen Daly just couldn’t remember she had seen this image before. Was she possessed by Little Karen’s mother’s soul? Was that why she saw these images all of a sudden? Karen Daly quickly shook her head and drove away the absurd ideas in her mind. It was really enough for her. How could she think about all these useless things? “Are you still sleepy?” Kevin Kyle asked again. “I’m not sleepy anymore.” Karen Kyle shook her head and blushed unconsciously. “Little Karen, show Big Karen around, take her for a good shower and a change of clothes. I will wait for you for breakfast.” Kevin Kyle said. “Okay, Dad.” Little Karen liked performing tasks for her father, and she would carry these tasks out responsibly. Little Karen rolled her little body and tried to get off the bed, but because she was too small, she accidentally fell off the bed without holding on firmly. Karen Daly wanted to catch her, but she was too late. She didn’t grasp her and watched Little Karen fall to the ground. Little Karen fell to the ground and struggled to get up. She rubbed her little butt and pouted her little mouth. “Dad…” “Karen, are you going to cry for in front of Big Karen and daddy?” Kevin Kyle looked at her, feeling both distressed and amused at the same time. “I won’t cry.” Since Big Karen was still here, so she would not cry. She would not want to leave a bad impression Karen Daly glanced at Kevin Kyle with dissatisfaction, got out of bed, picked Little Karen up, and said, “Little Karen, you can tell me, where did you get injured? Did it hurt?” Little Karen rubbed her head on Karen Daly’s shoulder twice and said softly, “I’m not hurt, let me show you around so you can take a shower. “Okay, but you’ll have to come with me.” Karen Daly stopped looking at Kevin Kyle after he did not comfort Little Karen. Watching the mother-daughter duo entering the bathroom, Kevin Kyle shook his head helplessly. It seemed that his status at home would plummet in the future. At the breakfast table, Kevin Kyle prepared breakfast according to Karen Daly’s preference. It was also the food they used to eat when they were together in the past. He wanted Karen Daly to recall some memories through subtle details However, Kevin Kyle’s well-prepared food did not attract Karen Daly’s attention at all. Her attention was on Little Karen. In the past few days, it was rare that Little Karen didn’t look for Brother Lionel at the breakfast table. It seemed that she only had Big Karen in her eyes. “Was this a special mother-daughter connection?” It was obvious that they did not know each other’s actual identities, but their love for each other was so strong that no one could intervene. Being neglected by the mother-daughter duo, Kevin Kyle tried his best to make himself conspicuous. He placed some food on Karen Daly’s plate. “Little Karen, you can eat by yourself. Karen, you should eat too instead of just entertaining Little Karen.” “Okay.” Karen Daly replied, then turned back and smiled at him. “Karen Daly, I’ve already told the managers at your office that you won’t be going to work these days, just work at home and help us design something.” Hearing Kevin Kyle’s words, Karen Daly was stunned for a moment and asked, “Kevin, do I look very much like your wife?” “Exactly the same, there’s no difference at all. Even your smile is the same. The same smile upi used to deceive me countless times.” Kevin Kyle really wanted to be honest to Karen Daly, but he couldn’t, how could he scare her? Therefore, Kevin Kyle changed his answers. “You are you. No one can replace you.”.

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