Karen Daly had to admit that Kevin Kyle was really good at flirting with girls. He made her blush and could speed up her heartbeat by just saying a few words. She quickly lowered her head and ate her breakfast seriously. She pretended like she didn’t ask for anything earlier, and pretended that she didn’t hear anything. However, Kevin Kyle did not want to give up so easily. He continued, “It has nothing to do with anyone else. I just want to pursue you.” Karen Daly, “..” This man He was always so straightforward that he’d catch her by surprise.. “Daddy likes both Karens now.” Little Karen also spoke for her father in time. Never assume that a child would not understand these things, because Little Karen seemed like she did. Just by looking at her father’s expression, Little Karen could tell that her father was very happy with Big Karen. She would also be very happy if her father was happy. Karen Daly, .” Not only did this man, Kevin Kyle, make her speechless, but he managed to recruit Little Karen on his team. Little Karen added, “Of course, I want Big Karen to be my mother.” It sounded strange that Little Karen would say this at such a young age. Karen Daly looked at Kevin Kyle with some dissatisfaction. Love was an adult’s business. How could he take advantage of the child? “Little Aunt said that my mother flew back from the sky, and now I will have a mother.” Little Karen had long forgotten that when her aunt had said this to her, she also specifically asked for Little Karen to keep this a secret. After listening to Little Karen’s words, Karen Daly felt bad in her heart. She could not disappoint this child at all, but she really had to Little Karen would grow up anyway. In future, she would understand that no matter how much she looked like her mother, Karen Daly would not be able to replace her biological mother Karen Daly stayed on in Secret Garden, and the reason was very simple. She devoted herself to design matching outfits for Kevin Kyle’s family. Kevin Kyle went to work and Little Karen went to kindergarten. Mia Kyle didn’t come back during this time. In the large compounds of Secret Garden, she was the only person in the house besides the domestic helpers. She didn’t even have a single person to talk with There was an art room beside their house. The art room was made from transparent glass, and there were all kinds of tools for painting. It’s obvious tthat hey were all prepared by Kevin Kyle. When Karen Daly went in the master bedroom for the first time previously, and there was also an art easel in the room. She understood that these things must have been prepared by Kevin Kyle for his wife. They had the same name, same face, and now even their hobby was the same. The images from Karen Daly’s missing memories and the scar on her abdomen appeared in Karen Daly’s mind from time to time these days “No matter how I look at it, this is definitely not a coincidence. Does Kevin Kyle think I am the “Karen Daly” that passed away?” Karen wondered. Thinking of this, Karen Daly suddenly felt that it was difficult to breathe, and she clenched her fists. She told herself that she could not hide in her shell as she did in the past and pretended that nothing happened. She must find a way to get her own memories back. Even if the memories of the past were not good for her, it was still a part of her past. She had to get her memories back, then only she would she feel at ease. But how should she do it? At least, she had to find some clues. Who would give her any clues? Karen Daly closed her eyes and thought about it seriously. Her father was the one who knew her past, but he didn’t want to mention them to her so that’s of no use. Then she could ask the others. Not Kevin Kyle, Little Karen wouldn’t know, and Mia Kyle wouldn’t be suitable too. After thinking for a while, she thought of Faye Reed. Although they had not known each other for a long time, Karen Daly could feel the deep friendship between Faye Reed and that “Karen Daly” from the past. It was possible that Faye Reed was the best way to help her get her memories back. Karen Daly tried hard to recall what Faye Reed had said to her. She said that they were good friends, and they came to the Chatterton Town together from the Beaford City They came to Chatterton Town from the Beaford City together, and her father said that he had something to do in Beaford City. So does it have something to do with her past? Today, Karen Daly didn’t do much, as her mind was occupied thinking about her past. Kevin Kyle did not go to work at the company, but had a meeting with some medical professionals to find a solution to reduce Karen Daly’s pain when weaning off morphine. Later, he met a few well-known psychiatrists with George Ken, hoping to think of a way to restore Karen Daly’s memory After he was done with these matters, it was getting late. He did not go anywhere else and went home, because Karen Daly was waiting for him at home. The domestic helper notified that Karen Daly was in the art room, so Kevin Kyle went over there. He saw Karen Daly sitting quietly in the art room daydreaming. No one knew what she was thinking about. He did not disturb her, but he stood at the door and looked at her quietly. Every day after work, he was very satisfied to be able to look quietly at her like this. Perhaps his intense and concentrated gaze at her made Karen Daly realize his presence. She turned around and smiled gently at him. “You’re back.” “Yes, I’m back.” What a simple and short conversation, but Kevin Kyle had been waiting to say these words to her for three long years. In the past, he always got off work later than her. When he reached home, she would say, “You’re back.” Just as Kevin Kyle was about to say something, the servants at home rushed over and said, “Young master, the little Miss has been crying. We can’t comfort her no matter how hard we try. Please come over and have a look.” “What’s wrong with Little Karen?” The person who asked was not Kevin Kyle, but Karen Daly. She looked more anxious than Kevin Kyle did. Kevin Kyle grabbed her hand and said, “Don’t worry. Let’s go and have a look.” “Okay.” Karen Daly nodded and let Kevin Kyle lead the away As they were walking towards the main living room, Little Karen’s crying voice could be heard. Kevin Kyle held her hand and said, “It’s very common for children to cry. Don’t worry too much.” “How could I not..” Realizing that she had overreacted, Karen Daly swallowed her words and tried to calm herself down “Wawawa…” Little Karen was sitting on the sofa and crying loudly. No one could get close to her. Lynn, who took care of her, also couldn’t get near, neither could Brother Lionel. She had been crying for a long time. Her eyes were swollen. Karen Daly shook off Kevin Kyle’s hand and rushed over. She wanted to hold Little Karen in her arms, but Little Karen struggled hard and said, “I don’t want you.” She cried and wiped her tears. She cried so hard like her heart and lungs were torn apart. It seemed that the whole world was bullying her. “Little Karen.” Karen Daly’s heart almost broke when she saw that Little Karen was crying so sadly. But Little Karen pushed her away, so she didn’t know what to do.

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