Kevin Kyle walked to Little Karen’s side and sat down. He took Little Karen into his arms, patted her on the back, and asked softly, “Karen, tell Daddy, what’s wrong?” “I want Mommy-“Little Karen’s face was flushed with tears, and her little body was trembling. Hearing that Little Karen only wanted her mother and not anyone else, she withdrew her hand that wanted to reach out to hold her. She felt very bitter in her heart. After all, Little Karen was just a child. A child’s mind would change quickly. This was also what Karen Daly was worried about, but she didn’t expect it to come so soon. When Little Karen went to school in the morning, she was happy to say goodbye to her. When she came back in the evening, she cried and said she didn’t want her. Karen Daly understood that Little Karen wanted her mother. Only her mother could provide Little Karen with unconditional love, not Karen Daly who had no blood relations with Little Karen. Karen Daly didn’t want Little Karen to be sad. She turned around and wanted to leave quietly, but Kevin Kyle grabbed her and dragged her to sit beside him. “Stay here and don’t go anywhere.” His tone was somewhat stern, yet sounded a little desperate. She pursed her lips, nodded, and sat down beside him obediently. Kevin Kyle wiped Little Karen’s tears and asked patiently, “You do like Big Karen, and she likes you too. However, she will be sad if you speak like this, do you understand?” “Big Karen will be sad?” Little Karen cried even louder. Little Karen didn’t want Big Karen to be sad. She was so sad that she didn’t know what to do. Kevin Kyle stroked his daughter’s head and kissed her on her red face, and his voice became more gentle. “Yes, as long as you tell me the reason you’re crying, I can solve all the problems for you, then you don’t have to be sad anymore.” Little Karen sniffed her small nose and said sadly, “You’re gonna have a baby boy with Big Karen. You wouldn’t want me anymore, so I want my mother-” When she came home today, Auntie Lynn told her that if her father married Big Karen, they would have a new baby boy. In future, her father would only love Big Karen and her brother, and he would no longer love her. She would just be a poor child without a mother. Little Karen felt so sad. She liked Big Karen so much, but Big Karen would take away her father and have a baby with him. They would not love her in the future. Why did Big Karen have to have another baby with her father? Why would she stop loving her? She didn’t understand, so she kept crying sadly. The more Little Karen thought about it, the sadder she felt. Big Karen, whom she liked so much, would not like her anymore. Just thinking about it made her feel like she had been hurt. Little Karen didn’t make it clear, but Kevin Kyle knew that someone must have said something to little Karen. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have said something like that. He stroked Little Karen’s head and said, “Karen, you did something wrong. Do you know that?” Hearing that she did something wrong, Little Karen was stunned for a while and burst into tears. Did he not love her anymore? She doesn’t have a mother, and her dad doesn’t want her anymore. She was so pitiful! Kevin Kyle put Little Karen into Karen Daly’s arms and said, “Karen, listen to Dad. Big Karen and I will always love you. We will always love you. Do you understand?” Little Karen did not understand. She blinked her big watery eyes and looked at the Karen Daly who was holding her. “Will you still love me?” “Little Karen, L.” Karen Daly was not stupid, she certainly knew that Little Karen would not say these words. Someone behind her must have been influencing her. However, she was at a different position than Kevin Kyle. If she really had something with Kevin Kyle, then it was a normal concern for Little Karen to feel robbed away from her father’s love. She did not want to lie to Little Karen, so she did not know how to answer Little Karen. “Big Karen, don’t you love me?” Karen Daly did not answer. Little Karen felt like she was like a child who had been abandoned. How pitiful she was. Kevin Kyle added, “You pushed her away earlier. Now she must be mad at you. If you apologize to Big Karen, she will forgive you.” “Big Karen, I love you!” As long as her father and Big Karen loved her, she would not become a poor child like what Auntie Lynn said. She would not become a child without a mother or father. She would also love her father and Big Karen very much. “Karen-” Karen Daly held Little Karen tightly in her arms. She kept quiet and didn’t speak for a while. Seeing Little Karen crying, hearing her say that no one loved her, and hearing her say that that she was a poor child, Karen Daly felt as if her own child was being bullied, and she was so distressed. “Well, now Little Karen and Big Karen are friends again.” Kevin Kyle spread his long arms to hold the mother and daughter in his arms and hugged them hard. “You both have reconciled. Let’s have dinner first, and Little Karen will play with Big Karen after dinner, okay?” “Okay.” Little Karen nodded vigorously and felt a little embarrassed. She quickly kissed Karen Daly and said, “Big Karen, I love you.” “Well, I love you too.” Karen Daly picked Little Karen up. kissed her on the face, and went to the dining room with Kevin Kyle. After dinner, Kevin Kyle asked Little Karen and Karen Daly to step out for a walk, and he gathered all the domestic helpers together. Kevin Kyle was quiet. There were not more than a dozen servants in the house. All of them were gathered. No one knew what happened. Lynn Dane, who took care of Little Karen, was even more cautious. She was so afraid that the words she said to Little Karen would go back to her employer’s ears. Kevin Kyle’s eyes glanced at them one by one, and finally landed on Lynn Dane. He said in a low voice, “Sarabelle, pass her wages over to her, and then she may leave.” Kevin Kyle never liked people who talked behind his back, especially a the person who provoked his wife. This meant that Lynn Dane had stepped on his tail. No matter how loyal she had been, he could not tolerate this behavior. Lynn Dane trembled and said, “Sir, I, I.” Kevin Kyle did not give her any chance. He interrupted her and continued, “I will say this in front of everyone. Karen Daly is the only madame of this family. Her words are my words. If anyone dares to treat her lightly, then don’t blame me for being merciless.” Kevin Kyle didn’t like to talk to the helpers at home because he had such a cold personality, but he had never treated his helpers badly. Many of them worked for him for many years. He was not close to them, but he was polite and nice to them. He had never lost his temper with them. This was the first time, and also the only time. These helpers were brought over from the United States to Secret Garden after Karen Daly’s disappearance. They didn’t know the former Karen Daly, they didn’t know who was Little Karen’s mother. Now they understood how important Karen Daly was to him..

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