Although a child’s temper would come and go quickly, some words would still have a great impact. Especially when she was going to the kindergarten these days, she saw that other children were brought to school by their mothers, but her mother was not around. Little Karen was also very confused. Little Aunt said that when she grows up, her mother would fly back. She felt that she had already grown up. She was already over three years old and could pass as a big child now. But why wasn’t her mother back yet? Little Karen blinked her big eyes, looked at Karen Daly, and asked innocently, “Do you know where my mother flew to?” She didn’t expect Little Karen to ask such a question all of a sudden, so she was slightly stunned and didn’t know how to answer it. She thought for a while, sat beside Little Karen, held her face up, and said seriously, “She flew to heaven, maybe she will never come back. But she will definitely watch Little Karen grow up healthy and happily in heaven.” “She will watch over me!” Little Karen exclaimed excitedly. In Little Karen’s memory, she didn’t know what her mother looked like, nor did she know who her mother was. She only knew that children will definitely have mothers, so she should have a mother. “Yes.” Karen Daly nodded and picked up Little Karen “Besides your mom, you would still have your dad, aunt, uncle, and a lot of people who loves you.” “I also have my little sister Momo and Brother Lionel..” Little Karen looked back and saw Brother Lionel who had been following her. Brother Lionel told her that he would protect her and help her to chase away all the bad guys, so she was not afraid of anything “Do you want to play with Brother Lionel?” Karen Daly read through Little Karen thoughts, and asked kindly. Little Karen nodded her little head hard and said softly, “Of course, I want to play with Brother Lionel.” Karen Daly let go of Little Karen, rubbed her head, and said softly, “Then go. “Okay.” Little Karen turned around and ran towards Brother Lionel. She had short little legs, but she was very fast. Brother Lionel opened his arms to catch Little Karen. He picked her up and gently rubbed her head. Then he turned around and left with Little Karen in his arms. Looking at their retreating figures, Karen Daly was mesmerized. “What are you thinking about?” Suddenly, she heard Kevin Kyle’s low and sexy voice, which pulled her back from her thoughts. She turned around and smiled at him. “Where did you find such a guy? I think he is really good with Little Karen.” After Karen Daly lived in Secret Garden, she saw Brother Lionel several times. She had never heard the guy say a word or seen him smile. He always put out a cold front. However, he was smiling at Little Karen earlier. Although his smile was not obvious, Karen Daly still saw it. It was a good thing to have such a person to watch over Little Karen. Kevin Kyle said, “I didn’t find him. Little Karen found him on her own.” In the beginning, Kevin Kyle was not was not keen with the idea of allowing an unknown person take care of Little Karen. He always had someone observe Lionel secretly. After observing for a period of time, he was assured that Lionel did not have other intentions. He was willing to accompany Little Karen, just to repay Little Karen’s life saving grace. He felt that his daughter was quite good at picking people. Since she had found a loyal guardian so soon, he could worry less in the future. “Little Karen found him on her own? She’s still so young, where did she find him?” Karen Daly continued to ask. She didn’t notice that she was asking too much. “Let’s not talk about Little Karen.” Kevin Kyle held Karen Daly’s hand and said softly, “How about going for a walk with me?” Karen Daly shook her head. “I’m tired. I want to rest early.” She didn’t understand why she was so tired as she napped for 2 hours in the afternoon. Besides feeling sleepy, she also felt weak. The restless thoughts and insecurities from the night before were coming back too. However, it was fortunate that she had Little Karen and Kevin Kyle by her side so that she could be distracted. “It’s still early. Let’s rest later” Kevin Kyle said. Karen Daly didn’t know why was she feeling like that, but Kevin Kyle knew, so he wanted to bring her out for a walk to distract her. He didn’t want her to suffer from the pain of withdrawals alone. But he was very clear that it was not easy to get rid of withdrawal symptoms. Karen still had to suffer for some time. “Karen-” Kevin Kyle pulled Karen Daly’s arm, who was about to leave, and held her in his arms. “Stay with me.” “Kevin, we haven’t officially dated yet.” She always felt that she shouldn’t be involved romantically so fast, but she couldn’t control herself. Before even getting into a relationship, she was already at his house, already met his daughter, and even gotten physically close to him. She shouldn’t be this casual. Kevin Kyle pushed her out of his arms and held her shoulder. He looked at her and said seriously, “Karen Daly, will you be my girlfriend?” “Uh,” How could this man be like this? She said that they hadn’t officially dated yet, then he immediately asked her to be his girlfriend Should she say yes or no? Once again, her body betrayed her. Her thoughts were still in a mess, but she nodded quickly at Kevin Kyle. As soon as Karen Daly nodded, Kevin Kyle bent over and kissed her hard. Their lips and teeth collided, and he led her into their beautiful private world. Karen Daly wanted to hide, but when she remembered that she had already agreed to be his girlfriend, it seemed a little weird to hide from him, so she reciprocated his affection. The kiss lasted for some time. When Kevin Kyle let go of her, he saw Karen Daly’s blushing cheeks and felt happy instantly. He lowered his head and kissed her hard on her face. Then he pulled Karen Daly into his arms and said, “Karen Daly, you are mine again.” “Again?” Kevin Kyle used the word “again”. A lot of coincidences were happening around her Not long ago, she heard about Kevin Kyle’s deceased wife. His Karen Daly had already gone when he came back from a business trip. What he saw was a box of ashes. Could there be a possibility? Kevin Kyle’s Karen Daly did not actually die. Instead, she forgot all her previous memories and was taken to another place by her father. She changed her name and identity, so Kevin Kyle couldn’t find her? Her memories were only present from the moment Kevin Kyle lost his wife, and the cut on her abdomen also looked like a cut from a C-section. Was she really the “Karen Daly”? Was she Kevin Kyle’s deceased wife? If she was really Karen Daly, then why did she leave Kevin Kyle? Or was there someone who asked her to leave him? Karen Daly was thinking frantically.

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