The more she thought about these problems, the more confused she became. The more she thought about them, the more her head hurt. Karen Daly hit her head a few times. If she could not figure it out, she should not think about it. She needed to find some clues and investigate some matters, then she would know whether she was Kevin Kyle’s “Karen Daly”. Karen Daly broke free from Kevin Kyle’s warm hug and said, “Mr. Kyle, it’s getting late. I’m going to rest.” “Then I will accompany you to rest.” Kevin Kyle followed her and would never let her stay alone. “Mr. Kyle, I have just agreed to be your girlfriend.” She had just agreed to be his girlfriend, then he said that he would accompany her to rest. The development between them was too fast, and she was not ready yet. Seeing Karen Daly’s delicate blushing face, Kevin Kyle knew that she was thinking about something else. He chuckled, “Silly girl!” He had been waiting for this for more than three years, so he didn’t mind to wait for awhile more. He was waiting for her to remember their past and really accept him. Looking at Kevin Kyle’s smile, Karen Daly’s face turned redder. Perhaps Kevin Kyle just wanted to accompany her without any ill intentions? Was she overthinking? “Ah! Ah! Ah!” Thinking ill of Kevin Kyle, Karen Daly really wanted to hit something. She really wanted to punch Kevin Kyle too. Karen Daly just wanted to punch Kevin Kyle out of frustration, while Mia Kyle was being properly beaten up elsewhere. Her face was so swollen that it was unrecognizable. “Please!” She was an actress, an actress with both beauty and good acting skills. She relied on her beauty to earn a living! Those bastards dared to beat up a beautiful girl like her, and even slapped her in the face. Did they ask for her permission? She felt hateful and annoyed. The reason why she was beaten up was because of the bastard, Neil Brown. That day, when Neil Brown did not answer her phone, she asked Jacky Ball to drive to the military camp to look for him. After asking around, she heard that Neil Brown was not in the military region at all. He had gone to the combat training field. Someone said that he was personally training a group of special forces and it would take a long time before he can come back She was going to join the new shooting crew in a few days and she would be busy for two or three months as soon as she joined the crew. Therefore, she had to meet Neil Brown before leaving. So she sneaked into the combat training field and looked around. It was a long time before she finally found the actual location. Perhaps she was unlucky. When she sneaked in, she happened to run into some soldiers who were practicing long-range shooting If it weren’t for her good luck, quick response, and quick skills, she would have been shot into a hornet’s nest. She was almost injured, but the b*stard, Neil Brown, didn’t feel sorry for her, yet he also accused her of being wrong. She was very angry at that time, and she couldn’t remember what Neil Brown had accused her for She only knew that she was very angry at that time. She rushed to fight with Neil Brown. However, before she could approach him, she was caught by his men. She remembered that Neil Brown asked her in an indifferent tone, “Do you want to fight?” She was definitely unhappy, so she puffed out her chest and shouted, “Yes, I just want to fight. If you have the ability, ask these people to get out of my way. Let’s fight one-on-one. “If she wants to fight, you can fight with her. You can do whatever you want. If anyone shows mercy, he would be punished.” After saying that, Neil Brown left. “Neil Brown, you bastard, how dare you!” Mia Kyle shouted and jumped. She really wanted to rush up and kill him, but she was stopped and couldn’t rush out. His soldiers looked at each other and hesitated.. No one dared to disobey their commanding officer, so Mia Kyle was beaten up. Hence, she was lying on the hospital bed. The more she thought about it, the angrier Mia Kyle became. She wanted to remove her drips and throw it at him. “Neil Brown, you bastard! You’d better hide, or you won’t see the end of this!” As soon as Mia Kyle spoke, a tall figure wearing military uniform and military boots appeared in front of Mia Kyle. He looked at her with his majestic vibe, and said, “Do you want to die?” “I’ve lost all my respect. Do you think I still want my life?” Mia Kyle grabbed a cup to throw at Neil Brown without thinking Neil Brown could dodge her attack with just a casual move, but he did not move today, The cup hit his body. It was filled with hot water so it was very painful, but he did not even flinch. “Neil Brown, you bastard, why don’t you dodge?” Mia Kyle was angrier and was about to explode. If she couldn’t hit Neil Brown, she would be angry, if she hit Neil Brown, she would feel distressed. This bastard wouldn’t know that she would feel sorry for him. He must want to make her angry Mia Kyle was so angry that she jumped down from her hospital bed. She grabbed all the things around her and threw them all at Neil Brown If he didn’t hide, then she would smash things at him until he dies. When Mia Kyle got tired, Neil Brown took two steps towards her, picked her up and threw her on the bed. Then he raised his hand and slapped her on her ass. His strength was strong, and he used a lot of strength when hitting Mia Kyle. Instantly, Mia Kyle felt pain.. She was so angry that she gnashed her teeth and kicked again and again. “Neil Brown, you bastard! Beat a woman! How dare you beat a woman!” Neil Brown said coldly, “Mia, your life belongs to you. If you die, no one will feel sorry for you.” “If you die, no one will feel sorry for you except me.” Mia Kyle stared at him angrily and shouted, “If I die, my grandpa, my parents, and my brother and Little Karen will feel sorry for me. I won’t be lonely like you.” Neil Brown said, “I thought you didn’t know. It turned out that you knew that so many people will worry about you.” Yesterday, he led a group of people to practice long-range shooting. When everyone was practicing, Mia Kyle suddenly appeared behind the target. At that time, he was so scared that his heart skipped a beat. If he didn’t find her in time and didn’t ask the team to stop shooting, the person lying here now would not be Mia Kyle, but just Mia Kyle’s dead body. She was such a fearless girl. He had to teach her a lesson. She never understood consequences, and did not know how dangerous this world could be, nor did she know how evil people could be. “Neil Brown, if I die, will you be sad?” Suddenly, Mia Kyle just wanted to know if Neil Brown would worry about her. “No.” He would not let her die. He would protect her well, and he would let her grow up well, so she could build her own future. (PS: These two days the book circle has been out of control, and I can’t see the latest messages of my friends. My heart is filled with questions. Please continue to write.].

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