“What? Neil Brown, say it again?” Mia Kyle shouted. If he did not repeat, Mia Kyle decided that she would bash him up. Mia Kyle seemed to have forgotten that she had just been beaten by Neil Brown. If she wanted to fight him, she was no match for him at all, but since she still dared to speak in such a provocative tone, this proved that she had not suffered enough “Even if I repeat 10 times, I will still give you the same answer.” Neil Brown pressed Mia Kyle on the bed and said, “If you don’t want to get better and want to look worse than you do now, you can do whatever you want. Pull out the needle from the drips and smash the medicine. There are plenty of supplies here in the military hospital. If you smash them, I will ask someone to send more over.” Mia Kyle raised her hand and rubbed her eyes hard. She felt that there must be something wrong with her eyes Otherwise, she would never fall in love with Neil Brown, this hooligan. Yes, he was a hooligan, a bastard.. He didn’t look like the leader of the military of Chatterton Town at all. Usually, he looked unkempt, but it was true that he was more handsome in his military uniform, but this same person was so rude to her. It was also because of her kindness and mercy, that she could care for someone for cold and lonely. Who knew that this bastard still didn’t appreciate her? Did he think that he could find such a woman who was so beautiful, so smart, so considerate and so brave as he wished? “Who wants to look like this? I don’t want to.” Mia Kyle glared at him and said, “Call the nurse to apply more medicine for me. If my face can’t recover, I can’t act anymore, you will be responsible for taking care of me for the rest of my life.” Neil Brown waved to the nurse who had been waiting at the door of the ward and said, “Give Miss Kyle a new drip. She likes to make trouble, so she might need two more needles. If she knows the pain, she won’t pull out the needle stupidly.” Mia Kyle, “..” “To endure it! I’ll endure it! I’ll endure it!” If she endured for a few more days, she would let Neil Brown know how powerful she was. She wanted to let Neil Brown know that no matter how hard he resisted, it was impossible for him to escape from her. However, what kind of way could she think of to make Neil Brown surrender and make him marry her? She tried forcing, but it was useless. Her boyd was not as strong as his was, and in the end, she was the one who got hurt. Then maybe she could appeal to his superiors. Let them see how he was still single in his thirties, hence he should marry her. However, this method was obviously not possible. Neil Brown, the bastard, never played by the rules. It was impossible for him to listen to his superior’s orders to marry her. Mia Kyle rolled her eyes. An evil idea flashed through her mind. “If she can’t force him, she can give herself to him. First, she had to find a way to knock out Neil Brown so that he would have no strength to resist. Then, she will force herself upon him. Neil Brown was standing at the side. Looking at Mia Kyle’s sly eyes, he knew that she must be thinking about bad ideas again. She had been living in the Kyle Family since she was a child. When she was young, she had listened to her cold brother. Kevin Kyle’s words. The first time he saw Mia Kyle, she was only about five years old, not much older than Little Karen now. When Mia Kyle was about five years old, she looked cute and invincible, but she was well-behaved. She was not as lively as her peers at all. She listened to whatever her cold brother said. Perhaps it was because Neil Brown didn’t like how Kevin Kyle was always so cold and arrogant with Mia Kyle, so he took Mia Kyle away from Kevin Kyle. He brought Mia Kyle to fish in the sea, up the mountain to hunt for the wild, and fight with others. You would say that Mia Kyle grew fearless because he trained her to be. He didn’t know when did he began to develop feelings for this little girl. He was no longer just her uncle anymore, but he felt romantically inclined towards her. When he discovered this feeling, he did not care too much. Anyway, Mia Kyle was only his sister’s adopted daughter and he had no blood relationship with her. As long as she was willing, he would marry her. Just as soon as he developed feelings, he found out a secret. A secret that would die with him Because that secret had made him realize that the both of them could never be together. But he could not tell her about it, because if she knew, she would definitely ask a lot about it. So he began to stay away from her, ignored her, and did not want to talk to her. He hoped that she could stay away from him and look for her own happiness. However, this girl was more persistent than he had imagined. His indifference did not make her give him up. Instead, she became braver and stronger. She was so persistent that he couldn’t reject her anymore, but every time he wanted to approach her, there was always a voice reminding him. Neil Brown, anyone could be with Mia Kyle, but not you! Thinking of this, Neil Brown clenched his fists and tried his best to control his true feelings so that the smart Mia Kyle would not find any clues to hold onto him. “Neil Brown, I’ll tell you something. Anyway, I’m still young I’m just in my early twenties. But you’re different. You’re already over 30 years old.” Mia Kyle decided to have a good talk with Neil Brown and give him a lecture. Maybe she would not have to use her evil ideas. She looked at him, cleared her throat, and continued to say, “Although men may not get old as fast as women, but you have lived up to your best age, so don’t hold back anymore. Just embrace me.” “After we get married, ‘ll give birth to a few more children for you when I’m still young. I won’t let your family lineage come to an end.” “Think about it. Only I am willing to do this. If you find other women, they will certainly dislike you as you are old and not manly enough. Maybe they will not be able to stand loneliness and betray you. You can cry and be sad that time.” “Don’t come to me when you cry. Although I like you, I don’t accept second-hand goods that others don’t want. So your only choice is to take advantage of my interest in you. You should marry me quick and not hesitate anymore.” Mia Kyle’s words were very emotional. It was almost true that Neil Brown was really an “old man that no one wanted. She was the only one who could help him. Neil Brown said, “Mia Kyle, you don’t have to worry about my personal matters. You’d better take care of yourself. But ll tell you the truth. I will marry anyone but you.”.

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