“Listen up, Neil Brown. If you dare to marry another woman, I will make you suffer.” Mia Kyle clenched her teeth and warned him fiercely Tears welled up in her eyes for no reason. She raised her hand and wiped it hard, saying, “You’re the man I want. Whoever dares to steal you away from me, I’ll kill her. If you don’t believe me, you can give it a try.” Neil Brown knew Mia Kyle’s character very well. What she said was definitely not a joke. Her words carry weight. Otherwise, he would have pretended to marry someone and let her give up. In fact, what made Neil Brown worried was not Mia Kyle hurting him or other women, but Mia Kyle would hurt herself. She was a stubborn and determined person. If she had set her mind on marrying him, she would not consider anyone else. Looking at Mia Kyle’s eyes full of tears, he wanted to kiss her tears, but he spoke strongly, “I haven’t seen you cry for a long time. Cry out loud. It should go well with your swollen face.” Mia Kyle reacted quickly. She grabbed Neil Brown’s hand and bit it. But the man’s skin was too thick. A thick layer of calluses grew on his skin over the years. When she bit him, his hand didn’t hurt but instead, her mouth hurt. Now she was annoyed! She threw his hand away and glared at him angrily. “Bastard, why is your skin so thick?” Neil Brown smiled and said, “Your teeth are useless. Mia Kyle ignored him. She closed her eyes and said, “I’m a little sleepy. I need to sleep for a while. Please stay here to accompany me. Don’t leave. If you leave when I’m asleep, Ill blow up your lair.” She had such a weird temper. If she wanted someone to accompany her, she would not ask politely, but she would request rudely. Besides him, who could tolerate her horrible temper? “Go to sleep. It’s rare to see you so ugly. I want to look at you longer.” He pulled the blanket to cover her. Mia Kyle clenched her teeth and scolded, “Bastard, don’t think you can act as you wish just because I like you.” Yes, he could hurt her again and again just because she liked him. He hurt her deeply, but she’d still follow him everywhere. Neil Brown hoped he had not known about the secrets then, there would be infinite possibilities between him and her But not anymore. Their fate had been set in stone. Mia Kyle was short-tempered but also easy-going. Earlier, she was so angry that she gnashed her teeth, not long later she had already closed her eyes and fallen asleep. She even snored. Neil Brown looked at her swollen face and felt uncomfortable. He touched her face and said in his heart, “Mia, there are a lot of difficulties in life. I hope you can be as brave no matter the difficulties that you face. Don’t ever get knocked down!” When Neil Brown was staring at Mia Kyle, his cell phone rang suddenly. He picked it up and saw that it was from Kevin Kyle. He glanced at Mia Kyle a while more, then got up and went out of the ward to answer, “Matthew, what’s wrong?” Kevin Kyle’s low voice came from the phone. “There are some things I want to ask you. When you are free, set a time and I will meet you.” “Anytime is fine. You can arrange the time and place. Just ask someone to inform me.” They spoke briefly before ending the call Kevin Kyle made an appointment with Neil Brown in the military religion. That place was the safest place to talk about certain matters, Two equally outstanding men were sitting together. From a distance, they looked so majestic together. Both of them were really attractive. Fortunately, there were only male soldiers around them. Otherwise, no one would be able to function properly when they saw these two handsome men together. Neil Brown poured a cup of tea for Kevin Kyle, sat opposite him, and said, “Matthew, what can I do for you? Why did you choose to meet in the military camp?” “I want to know if there was any secret between Grandpa Kyle and you, that has fallen to Samuel Daly’s hands?” Kevin Kyle went straight to the point. Neil Brown’s hand, which was holding the teacup, was slightly stiff, but soon returned to normal. He smiled and said, “What are you talking about? What secret can there be between us?” “Does this secret have something to do with Mia Kyle?” Kevin Kyle ignored Neil Brown’s answer and asked the second question. His observation ability had always been sharp. The slight pause Neil Brown had did not escape his observation, and he also believed that Samuel Daly may have something to do with this. Knowing that he could not hide from Kevin Kyle’s eyes, Neil Brown no longer beat around the bush. He put down the cup and said seriously, “This matter has nothing to do with you. And the fewer people know, the better. You’d better not know.” “It has nothing to do with me?” Kevin Kyle snorted and said, “My wife is the victim of this matter. Do you think that this nothing to do with me?” If this matter had nothing to do with Karen Daly, no matter what kind of secret it was, he would not be interested at all. But it was very likely that it was because of this matter that Grandpa Kyle took Karen Daly away from him. How could he say that it had nothing to do with him? He must know the real reason and the method Grandpa Kyle used to make Karen Daly lose her memory. Only then Karen Daly can retrieve her memory as soon as possible, before Samuel Daly gets released. “Matthew, you have someone you want to protect, and so do L” Looking at Kevin Kyle, Neil Brown paused and said, “1 won’t tell you about this. I believe that Grandpa Kyle won’t tell you either. You’d better not know.” Neil Brown did not answer Kevin Kyle directly, but he now understood that this secret must have something to do with Mia Kyle. When Kevin’s most respected grandfather chose to protect Mia, he chose to sacrifice Kevin’s wife at the same time. He chose to forcefully remove the baby from Karen prematurely, even though their lives would be at risk. Karen Daly lost her memory and was controlled by Samuel Daly. Samuel Daly drugged her for three years. Last night when Karen Daly was suffering from the withdrawal symptoms, he noticed that she hit her head against the wall and bit her own hand. Karen Daly had never done anything wrong. Why must she pay the price of this secret? Every time he thought of these things, Kevin Kyle’s heart would ache as if it was being cut by a knife. He would never let Karen Daly suffer those tortures in vain. And what he needed to do now was to investigate everything clearly before Karen Daly’s memory was restored. When Karen Daly could regain her memory one day, he would give her a satisfactory explanation.

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