A few days later, Mia Kyle’s injury was almost healed. The medicine used was the best, and her immune system was also very good. She looked the same as before. Mia Kyle claimed that she was an injured person and wanted to eat a good meal in a restaurant in the East of Chatterton Town. Neil Brown drove far to bring it back for her. Neil Brown walked to the ward with the food. The door was closed, but there were loud voices coming from the room. There were noises of a man’s heavy breathing and some moans. It definitely did not seem right. Quickly, Neil Brown rushed into the room However, what was in the room was not what he imagined at all. There was no one else inside, but only Mia Kyle. She leaned against the bed, holding a tablet in her hand. Her eyes were fixed on the tablet, and she looked at it with great interest. Those embarrassing sounds were coming from her tablet. Neil Brown slammed the door. Mia Kyle did not look at him. Her attention was on the tablet, like she was shut off from the world. “Mia Kyle, what are you looking at?” Neil Brown stepped to the bedside and grabbed the tablet in Mia Kyle’s hand. When he saw what was playing on her tablet, he felt angry. He was so angry that he wanted to bash Mia Kyle up. “Neil Brown, I’m watching a love movie.” Mia Kyle looked at Neil Brown and smiled happily. “Since I don’t have any actual experience, I’ll learn from these movies first, so it’ll come in handy in the future.” Neil Brown glanced at the tablet again. The man and woman in the video were very passionate. He raised his eyebrows and asked, “What the hell?” Mia Kyle rolled her eyes and said, “Don’t pretend. I don’t believe that you haven’t seen it before. Look at the man, he has a great body. “This figure is great? Is there something wrong with your eyes?” Neil Brown glanced at the video very disdainfully. The figure of the actor in the video was far worse than his figure! “Don’t you think it’s great?” Mia Kyle waved her hand and said, “Well let’s watch it together and analyze him then.” Neil Brown really sat down beside her and gave her the tablet. The two of them watched the video together and made remarks. “And this woman, she’s quite beautiful. She looks so attractive.” Mia Kyle said as she looked at her closely. Neil Brown said, “She’s just mediocre, with an average body, and bad complexion. Far away from a man’s beauty standards.” Mia Kyle said proudly, “That’s because you see beautiful women like me every day. Other women can’t get into your eyes at all.” Neil Brown said, “You’re the world’s first narcissist. “Am I wrong?” Mia Kyle knew that she was beautiful, and she always liked to flaunt that. Neil Brown, “…” Mia Kyle pointed to the two people in the video and said excitedly, “Neil Brown, this position is good. You should learn it. We can use this position in the future.” Neil Brown shook his head, showing his disagreement. “This position is difficult, he won’t last long. Endurance is more important.” Mia Kyle glared at him and said, “I like this position. You can just listen to me. Did I ask for your opinion?” Neil Brown said, “Mia Kyle, your partner is me. Why can’t I can express my opinion?” Mia Kyle raised her elbow and hit him. She winked at him and said, “Hey, Neil Brown, why don’t we try it now and see if you’re okay with this position?” Neil Brown said, “I only have two words for you.” Mia Kyle asked, “Which two words?” Neil Brown laughed and said, “Hehe…” Mia Kyle hit him with her fist and said, “You think you’re so funny… I can beat you up anytime okay.” Neil Brown said, “Don’t forget that the wound on your face has not healed yet.” Mia Kyle clenched her teeth and scolded, “Bastard! I don’t think you can do it. If you can, you won’t be making any remarks?” Neil Brown said, “Don’t provoke me. I won’t fall for your trick.” After being defeated in every move, Mia Kyle was also very angry. After thinking for a while, she asked, “Have you ever done it before?” Neil Brown raised his eyebrows. “What do you think?” “You must have done it at least once before. Anyway, I don’t expect you to be a virgin. But you are not allowed to touch other women in future, otherwise…” Mia Kyle made a cutting gesture. “You understand.” Neil Brown grabbed the tablet and deleted the video. “Don’t look at this kind of thing again in the future. It’s not good for your health if you watch it too much.” Mia Kyle nodded vigorously and said, “I know it’s not good for my health if I watch it often. I’m just curious. Is the real experience as crazy as we see in the movies?” Neil Brown said, “Mia Kyle, there must be a lot of people chasing after you. Just pick one and you’ll know how it is. “But you are the one I want.” Mia Kyle quickly grabbed Neil Brown, held his head, and kissed him hard. Mia Kyle had no experience in kissing. She didn’t know how to kiss. She just kissed him impulsively. Neil Brown’s conscience asked him to push her away, but his heart asked him to keep going. His conscience and feelings were arguing in his mind, and made him confused, In a split second, Neil Brown’s feelings defeated his conscience. He continued to kiss Mia Kyle. He grabbed Mia Kyle’s head and kissed her so hard that she could not resist. After kissing for a long time, Neil Brown was still reluctant to let go of Mia Kyle. Mia Kyle gasped for air and looked at Neil Brown with a red face. He almost kissed her to death earlier, but she was not angry. She was happy because she liked his assertiveness After she calmed down, Mia Kyle said again, “Neil Brown, it felt really good. Let’s do it again.” Neil Brown said, “The lesson is over!” Mia Kyle said, “Why don’t you teach me something else, such as what we saw earlier. After all, watching a video is not the same. I still prefer the actual experience.” Neil Brown: “Mia Kyle, do you know what shame is?” Mia Kyle said, “What’s shame? Is it edible? Can it make me rich?” She might look innocent, but she was vengeful. She remembered every word Neil Brown said that to her, and she was waiting to teach him a lesson in the future.

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