Neil Brown, “…” Mia Kyle said, ” Neil Brown, you like me, don’t you?” Neil Brown responded, “Mia Kyle, why are you so persistent?” Mia Kyle said, “You are responding to me earlier!” Neil Brown,”…” He really wanted to just tear her apart. Mia Kyle continued, “Neil Brown, why are rejecting me? Is it because of our relationship?” She was not stupid, she knew that there was a reason why Neil Brown was hiding away from her. But she could not think of the reason. She knew Neil Brown well. He wouldn’t mind if they were “relatives” with each other. Mia Kyle couldn’t think of any other reason, so she had to ask Neil Brown. Maybe he would tell her the reason. Neil Brown answered, “If Jacky Ball likes you and pursues you, will you agree?” Mia Kyle replied immediately, “Of course not, because I don’t like him. The person I like is you.” Neil Brown said, “By the way, my answer is the same as yours. Mia Kyle refuted, “It’s not the same. You like me for sure, know.” Neil Brown said, “You know? You’re not me. How would you know?” Mia Kyle added, “You hide away from me, but when I was injured, you ran faster than anyone else. Every time I called your office, no one stopped me. Don’t you know that if you want me to stop calling you, you could do something about it? But you didn’t do that, it means that you want to hear my voice and see me messing around like this.” The reason why she was brave to do whatever she liked was because she had him by her side. And she always believed that Neil Brown had her in his heart. As for the reason why Neil Brown avoided her, that was not her focus. Her main focus was to show her persistence towards Neil Brown by coming up with numerous methods and ideas. Low energy, bad appetite, nausea, body aches, numbness and twitching of limbs, sweat, blurred vision… Karen Daly, who was waiting for the test results in the hospital, repeatedly thought of the symptoms of drug addiction and withdrawals seen on the Internet. These symptoms were not frightening, but she was scared because she was undergoing the symptoms as described on the Internet. She had never taken drugs before, why did she have these symptoms that were similar to drug addiction? Karen Daly couldn’t figure it out at all. When she found that her symptoms were similar to the withdrawal effects, she tried hard to search for more information, hoping to find out another possible explanation. She searched for a lot of information on the Internet. Other possible diagnoses didn’t mention most of the symptoms she was exhibiting. Although she didn’t want to believe that she was addicted to drugs, Karen Daly still took advantage of Kevin Kyle’s absence and went quietly to the hospital for an examination. She sat in the waiting area in the hospital, hands on her face, and prayed silently in her heart. She hoped that the results of the examination would not be too cruel to her, and she hoped that she was probably just overthinking… As she waited, Karen Daly became more and more nervous. She was so nervous that she had to watch her breathing. After waiting for a long time, Karen Daly finally heard the nurse call her name. She also got the test results. She had never taken any drugs before. How could she be addicted to it? How could… Karen Daly shook her head hard, and kept blinking as she saw her test results, but the results remained the same. Even if the truth was in front of her, Karen Daly was not willing to believe it. But what else could she do? Would the diagnosis fade away just because she didn’t believe it? Karen Daly laughed to herself. She thought a bit more about the diagnosis. She really was in disbelief! Her only relative and her most trusted father, who had been taking good care of her all these years. How could he secretly give her drugs without her consent? Karen Daly took out her mobile phone and found Samuel Daly’s phone number. Looking at this familiar phone number, she hesitated for a long time, then she decided to call. Soon, Samuel Daly’s caring voice came from the phone. “Karen, are you getting used to me not being around you?” “Dad, what are you doing in Beaford City? How long will it take for you to come back?” Karen Daly bit her lip and tried her best to control her emotions so that she would not lose control. Samuel Daly said, “It’s not really a big deal. I’ll go back in about half a month.” Karen Daly closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and said, “Dad, I accidentally threw away the medicine you left at home. I guess I have enough dosage for two or three days.” “What? Why are you so careless?” On the phone, Samuel Daly’s voice sounded agitated, but soon returned normal. “Karen, don’t be afraid. I will try to go back earlier. You are not in good health, so the medications can’t be stopped.” “The medications can’t be stopped?” Was she really not in good health? It was only after she stopped the medications did she realize that it wasn’t just a simple medication to treat illness, but rather, it was an addictive drug. Karen Daly wasn’t sure how she ended Samuel Daly’s call. She walked on the street with the mobile phone in her hand, aimlessly. She didn’t know who she was and where her home was. She didn’t know who she could trust and rely on, and she didn’t even know where she was going. She walked for a long time and reached a residential area called Dreamland City. There was a supermarket on the right side of the entrance of the residential area. As soon as she walked to the door, she heard a stall owner shout out, “Hey, I haven’t seen you for a long time. I thought you had already moved away. There’s a 10% discount for these fruits today, do you want any?” Karen Daly looked at the woman in front of her in a daze and checked if she was talking to her. Then she heard the woman say, “Hey i’m only giving you a discount because know you. Just you.” “Do, do you know me?” It took a long time for Karen Daly to regain her voice from the shock. “I don’t know you personally, but I remember that you used to buy fruits here all the time.” The reason why the woman remembered Karen Daly was because she was really beautiful, and she had a husband that most people would recognize The woman wanted to add more, but she saw the tall man walking quickly behind Karen Daly. She smiled and said, “Wow, I didn’t expect that after so many years, the relationship between you and your husband is still going strong.”.

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