“Karen Daly-” Karen Daly was confused and didn’t understand what the woman was talking about at all. She was brought back to present by the voice behind her. When she turned around, she saw Kevin Kyle walking towards her. His pace was quick, yet elegant. He looked at her with concern and care in his eyes. Did he feel sorry for her? Was he feeling sorry for her? But.. how did he know she was here? She had just arrived here, but why was Kevin Kyle here? Did he put a tracker on her? Karen Daly did not understand. She felt that there were so many things she couldn’t understand in this world- she was like a lonely soul floating in the boundless sea. Without the past, everything she saw was like a mirage; vague and unbelievable. Could she trust Kevin Kyle? She didn’t know either. Who else could she trust in this world? Even her only relative, her kind father, was just pretending to treat her well. He said that taking the medicine was good for her, but he gave her some addictive drug instead. She was her only relative, the only person she could trust in this world, and the only person she could rely on. Even he would deceive and hurt her. Who else in this world should she trust? If she had known that the truth was so cruel, she would rather not know the truth and live her life as a fool. Kevin Kyle walked up to Karen Daly and looked at her with concern. There were tears in her eyes, but the tears had not flowed out. She looked at him with despair and suspicion. He felt a sharp pain in his heart. He knew that Karen Daly had already known the truth of her addiction to drugs… An observant person like her would definitely be questioning about that addiction, and then she would be curious to learn more truths. Kevin Kyle wanted to hug Karen Daly. He wanted to tell her that she’s going to be fine, since he’ll be here for her. But at this time, Karen Daly’s expression was deep in despair. He wanted to hug her, but he hesitated. Then Karen Daly rested her head on his chest. Karen Daly obediently responded to his cue, but Kevin Kyle could feel that she was trembling. She was in panic and in fear, like a newborn baby who just came to the world. “Karen Daly,” he called her with his soft voice. “I’m here.” He didn’t know how to comfort her, he could only tell her that she could rely on him. She trembled in his arms. After a long while, Karen Daly spoke lightly, “Can I trust you?” Her voice was so weak, as if she would break at the slightest touch Kevin Kyle felt his heart ached. He put his chin on the top of Karen Daly’s head and answered in a low voice, “Yes.” “Haha.” Karen Daly laughed, “But, I don’t dare to trust anymore.” Kevin Kyle was stunned. “Even my father lied to me and hurt me. Who else can 1 trust?” Karen Daly spoke fast, and her voice seemed to be trembling. “I don’t have any memory of the past, I admit it. But you all can’t control me as you like. What does my father think of me? A pawn? A tool? And what do you think I am?” Karen Daly was venting out her pain. Every word she said was true Kevin Kyle hugged her tighter and said, “You are you. I never thought of treating you as anyone else.” “Then who am 1?” Karen Daly broke free from Kevin Kyle’s arms and looked at him with a stern look. Kevin Kyle was caught by surprise by her reaction. Who was she? She was his wife and his lover in this life. But the evil plot three years ago ruined everything. Kevin Kyle did not answer, Karen Daly sneered and shook her head. “Look, you can’t even answer. You treat me as your wife, but I can’t remember any of it.” “It doesn’t matter.” Kevin Kyle once again forcefully pulled Karen Daly into his arms and hugged her tightly, regardless of Karen Daly’s struggle. “If you don’t want to go back to the past, then let’s start over. Nothing else matters.” As long as we are still there, it doesn’t matter. Kevin Kyle didn’t let go. Karen Daly, caught in his arms, couldn’t struggle further, so she kicked and stomped at him. She grabbed and hit his arms, venting all her anger onto Kevin Kyle. No matter how hard she tried to hit him, Kevin Kyle did let loose of his grip of holding her. He stood straight, like a strong and tall mountain that could shelter her from the wind and rain. She was so tired but she kept hitting until she was exhausted. After a long time, Karen Daly, who was in his arms, said in a muffled voice, “You’ve already known the truth, haven’t you?” Her voice sounded sad and tired. “You knew that I’m addicted to drugs and knew that the mastermind behind this was my father?” Although Karen Daly didn’t say it out loud, Kevin Kyle was very clear about what Karen Daly was talking about. He thought for a moment and replied, “Yes.” Karen Daly bit her lips and forcefully held her tears back. “Then why didn’t you tell me? Do you want to see me make fun of myself? Do you want to see how stupid I am?” Kevin Kyle put her head on his chest and have her face close to his heart. He said, “I didn’t want to make fun of you. I just want to protect you and not let you get hurt again.” “Ha,” Karen Daly suddenly laughed. She didn’t know why she did that. After a while, she asked again, “So actually, I’m your Karen Daly? When you came back from the business trip, you only saw a box of ashes?” Kevin Kyle’s body stiffened, and he felt a huge surge of emotions. After a long time, he finally answered, “Yes.” A simple response, and Karen Daly burst into tears. It turned out that her hypotheses were right. She was really the “Karen Daly” who should have died… She was Faye Reed’s best friend, the sister-in-law of Mia Kyle, Little Karen’s biological mother, and his… wife. They didn’t treat her as an alternative for the dead “Karen Daly”. She was Karen Daly. It was just that she forgot everything… she couldn’t remember anything “Then why didn’t you tell me earlier? Why did you lie to me about your dead wife?” Karen Daly didn’t want to cry, but she couldn’t hide her tears any longer. She continued while wiping her tears, “Kevin Kyle, you know that I can’t remember anything, and you are still playing tricks with me. Do you know how scared I am?”.

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