“Karen Daly, I never thought about lying to you.” He just wanted to try helping her retrieve her memories, to protect her, and to stop her from being so scared. “You didn’t think about lying to me, but you have been lying to me.” Karen Daly raised her head and hit Kevin Kyle’s chest hard. “Bastard! Why did you lie to me?” Everyone, including her father, would pretend to care about her. No one cared much about what they were doing, and maybe they were even thinking about hurting her. A person without a past was like a tree without roots. It could be taken away by a gust of wind at any time and drift away to an unknown and horrible future. Only those who were like her could understand the sense of fear and insecurity Her father couldn’t understand it, neither could Kevin Kyle. She could only bear the loneliness and fear alone, and no one could help her. Karen Daly had always thought that even if she lost her memories, she still had a relative by her side. Her father, who loved her so much, who had been giving her power and giving her support… In the end, she learnt the cold, hard truth. “I’m sorry!” Kevin Kyle held her in his arms and held her tightly. “Karen Daly, if you are willing, I’ll help you retrieve those memories, okay?” “Can you really?” Karen cried in despair. After such a long time, she still knew nothing about her past. Can she really get them back? “Trust me, we can!” Kevin Kyle held Karen Daly’s hand and kissed her gently. His eyes were firm, yet loving. “Just follow me. Don’t think too much about other things.” “Okay.” Karen Daly nodded heavily. She tried hard to hold back her tears. Kevin Kyle took Karen Daly’s hand and smiled. Then they held each other’s hands while walking. No matter where he went, she just needed to follow him. Kevin Kyle patted her head. When he turned around and saw the stall owner staring at them, Kevin Kyle was speechless. The stall owner did not hear what the two of them were talking about. She only saw Karen Daly crying, and her intuition told her that they were quarrelling. Now that Kevin Kyle suddenly turned around, the old lady felt a little embarrassed. She cleared her throat and said, “Young man, it’s a blessing to have such a good wife. How can you make her sad? You’ll regret once she leaves.” The stall owner kept talking. Kevin Kyle did not speak, but he still nodded his head humbly. His wife, of course, would not be taken away by others. No one was allowed to do that. The woman saw Kevin Kyle’s response and snorted proudly. Then she quickly packed a small bag of fruits and handed it to Karen Daly The woman smiled and said, “Miss, take it and stop crying. I think this young man is very good. As long as you have each other in your hearts, you can overcome anything. Be open to one another.” Karen Daly’s eyes were red. Looking at the bag of fruits, she was touched. She smiled at the woman and said softly, “Thank you.” The atmosphere between the two seemed to be less tense. Kevin Kyle held Karen Daly’s hand again and walked away slowly. It was evening, and the sun was setting. They held each other’s hands and walked along the street. The sunlight shone on them and they looked particularly sweet The two of them didn’t speak. They just walked quietly. They walked towards the entrance of the supermarket, and Kevin Kyle suddenly stopped. He looked back at Karen Daly and said softly, “When we first got married, you used to get our groceries in this supermarket.” “I often buy groceries in this supermarket?” Karen Daly looked around. The supermarket was not very big, but there were a lot of people. At this moment, a young couple walked out holding hands. The husband was gentle and handsome while holding some bags. His wife smiled sweetly and snuggled up to him. That scene was very familiar. She seemed to see herself and Kevin Kyle in a trance. After a while, her imagination disappeared. The memories of the past often came and went quick. They were like flashes of light. Karen Daly felt disappointed. “Karen Daly, don’t worry, let’s take it slow.” Kevin Kyle saw Karen Daly anxiety and quickly massaged Karen Daly’s hand. He was willing to wait for her and be by her side while she regained their memories bit by bit. It seemed that Karen Daly was still deep in her thoughts and felt dejected. In desperation, she sighed and nodded silently to Kevin Kyle. In order to help retrieve some simple memories, Kevin Kyle took Karen Daly to shopping in the supermarket. Three years had passed, the supermarket had changed a lot. Fortunately, the person who accompanied her was still there. After buying some groceries, Kevin Kyle took Karen Daly back to the place where they lived when they first got married. The furniture and arrangement of the place had not changed Kevin Kyle had some of his helpers clean the place regularly. Karen Daly stood at the door, and some vague images appeared in her mind. There was Kevin Kyle, and there was also her own smiling face. The scene was not clear, and it disappeared very quickly. Karen Daly tried to catch them, but in the end, it still slipped away. “Karen Daly, eat some fruits, and I’ll cook us something.” “Okay.” Karen Daly nodded. She had already experienced his delicious cooking, so she just let him be and did not trouble him further Kevin Kyle moved the groceries into the kitchen and put on the apron. He was so skilled, like he had been practicing. He was so tall and strong. Fortunately, the kitchen was spacious enough, or it would be difficult for him to walk around. Karen Daly picked up a grape and ate it. When she was about to eat it, she thought of Kevin Kyle, who was busy in the kitchen. She took a couple of grapes and went to the kitchen. “Do you eat them?” “Yes.” Kevin Kyle didn’t really fancy grapes, but since she asked, he would comply. “Here.” Karen Daly handed some to him. Kevin Kyle was holding some vegetables with one hand and the kitchen knife in another, “My hands are full. You feed me.” Feed him? Karen Daly’s face instantly turned red. Although they used to be husband and wife, she didn’t remember him. Would it be too weird to feed him? But when she thought about it again, she had promised to be his girlfriend, hadn’t she? “I don’t think it’s a big deal to feed him.” She thought. Karen Daly quietly suppressed the nervousness in her heart and raised her hand to feed Kevin Kyle. Kevin Kyle playfully bit Karen Daly’s finger instead. Karen Daly felt a slight pain, but also felt a surge of emotions running through her mind and her heart. She didn’t move her hand at all and she just looked at Kevin Kyle.

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