After Kevin Kyle came back from the business trip, his wife was gone. How desperate would Kevin Kyle be at that time? Was it like what she saw in the past few days? He took care of Little Karen alone with a glimpse of hope. Day and night, he was praying for his wife to return to them. Kevin Kyle patted her head and said, “Sit down if you’re hungry. The dishes will be served right away.” The biggest problem between them was not that how Karen Daly couldn’t remember the past, but how should Karen Daly tell him her heartfelt thoughts. Kevin Kyle also understood that it was not easy for her to speak out about the things hidden in her heart. She didn’t have memories of the past. She had just learnt that her closest and most trusted father lied to her. She subconsciously locked her heart tightly and would not let anyone approach her easily. The dishes were quickly served. Kevin Kyle took off his apron and went to sit beside Karen Daly. “We’ll have some something light today. I’ll cook something different the next time.” “Mr. Kyle, did you cook for Mrs. Kyle before, or did Mrs. Kyle cook for you?” Karen asked. Karen Daly was very curious. A man with a high status like Kevin Kyle always lived a life without worrying about anything. How would he learn how to cook? Besides, he could cook so well too! “Mrs. Kyle always cooked when we got married. I was responsible for washing the dishes.” Kevin Kyle felt very embarrassed. The first time he washed the dishes, he broke a plate. He still remembered Karen Daly’s expression at that time. “You were in charge of washing the dishes?” Karen Daly repeated this sentence, and some images appeared in her mind. A clumsy man washing the dishes in the kitchen../ Bang She heard the sound of the plate breaking and it pulled Karen Daly out of the memory vortex, which scared her and made her tremble slightly. “What’s wrong?” Kevin Kyle saw Karen Daly’s stunned expression, so he put his hand on Karen Daly’s shoulder, trying to give her some assurance, Karen Daly looked at him and suddenly asked, “Did you break a plate? “Yes.” Kevin Kyle nodded and said excitedly, “Karen, did you remember something?” Karen Daly rubbed her temples and wanted to think of more, but she still couldn’t remember anything else. Even the scene she saw earlier disappeared. “Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter. Let’s have soup first.” Kevin Kyle always saw through Karen Daly’s mind easily. She was anxious, but he couldn’t be anxious like her. If he wanted to help her get her memories back, he must do it slowly. He could not give her too much pressure. George Ken had observed Karen Daly. Apart from the possibility that her head was seriously injured, Karen Daly’s memories may have been lost due to trauma. Other than these two possibilities, George Ken could not think of any other reason that could make Karen Daly lose her memory It might be because of the medications, but they didn’t know the kind of medication that were this powerful. They were still doing research on it, hoping to find out the reason as soon as possible. Kevin Kyle filled a bowl of soup for Karen Daly. Karen Daly picked it up and took a sip. She looked disgusted, “Mr. Kyle, it’s a little salty.” “It’s salty?” Kevin Kyle quickly took a sip and tasted it. “Puff-” Seeing Kevin Kyle’s nervous look, Karen Daly burst into laughter and said, “Mr. Kyle, i’m teasing you. Can’t you see that?” Once upon a time, Karen Daly used to tease him to make him happy. For a moment, Kevin Kyle was smitten by her and did not respond for some time. Karen Daly raised her hand and waved it in front of her. “Mr. Kyle, is there something on my face?” She was smiling. This smile was not a deliberate or forceful one. She was a little naughty and cute. That was the Karen Daly that he married. There was nothing on her face, but Kevin Kyle felt that he saw something on her face. He saw a little glimpse of the Karen Daly that he remembered. Kevin Kyle couldn’t help himself and he held her face close to him. He lowered his head and kissed her gently. He kissed her so slow and gently, like it was full of love. And Karen Daly didn’t dodge it. Their foreheads touched, the tip of their noses were against each other, and their lips and teeth entwined. They could feel each other’s breath and warmth. Karen Daly’s heart was jumping hard. She wanted to avoid him, but at the same time she didn’t want to. What a conflict! Their dinner lasted for nearly an hour. Kevin Kyle was responsible for washing dishes. Karen Daly sat in the living room and watched TV, but her attention was not on the TV. It was on the pouring rain outside. Her father and mother were not around. In a rainy weather like this, Little Karen was alone at home. Would she be afraid? Would she think that her father would not want her anymore? A three-year-old child should be sensitive. She couldn’t let little Karen have such an idea, or she would feel guilty for the rest of her life. Although Little Karen was cared for by a lot of people, they were not her favourite – her father. She would definitely not get used to it. “What should I do?” She really wanted to go back to Little Karen and take care of her. Thinking of this, she looked at the kitchen and saw Kevin Kyle walking out of the kitchen. He asked, “What’s wrong? What are you thinking about?” Karen Daly said, “I’m thinking about Little Karen. I wonder if she is missing you from home.” Kevin Kyle walked to her side and sat down. He held her in his arms and kissed her forehead. “Don’t worry, Mia Kyle will take care of Little Karen at home. Mia Kyle knows how to make Little Karen happy. Little Karen won’t be bored.” “But…” “There’s no ‘but. Today, we are reminiscing the time when we just got married. We haven’t had Little Karen yet, so don’t think too much about it.” “I’m still worried.” Why couldn’t she listen to him? Kevin Kyle didn’t say anything anymore. He hugged Karen Daly’s head and kissed her hard. Sometimes, actions spoke louder than words. Today belonged to them. He didn’t want anyone to disturb them, not even Little Karen. Karen Daly gave Kevin Kyle a push, but the man was very strong. He looked very thin in his clothes, but he was very strong, as if he had been exercising constantly Perhaps he did work out. There was a gym in Secret Garden, but she had never seen him exercise. Later, Kevin Kyle kissed her deeper and deeper, and Karen Daly did not resist any longer. Her head was in a daze, and she seemed to see another Kevin Kyle kissing another Karen Daly. It was the same passionate kiss. The same energy. The same feeling Unknowingly, Karen Daly reached out to hold Kevin Kyle’s waist, and tried to reciprocate. The more she kissed, the more familiar she felt, as if she had been kissed like this before. [PS: It’s over today. I accidentally disbanded the group today. I’m going to cry to death.).

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