After a long time, Kevin Kyle ended the sweet deep kiss. It felt like time stood still for a while. With a blushing face, Karen Daly laid in his arms and her little heart was beating very fast. She lowered her head and did not dare to look at him. How could this man stop her from talking using that method? Did he treat her the same way in the past? Kevin Kyle saw the cute and shy look on Karen Daly, and he smiled. He lowered his head and kissed her on the lips. Then he held her tightly in his arms and called her name, “Karen Daly-” “Huh?” Karen Daly gave a soft moan and rested on top of Kevin Kyle’s chest. She still did not have the courage to look at him Kevin Kyle rested his head against her head and rubbed it gently. He said, “No matter your memories, or the past, you just have to remember that I am your husband and Little Karen is your child. We are your biggest support.” Karen Daly raised her head from his arms and looked into his eyes. She said softly, “Kevin, if I can’t remember the past, I won’t be able to fully trust you. Do you understand?” Before she found out about being drugged, she also looked at her father in the same way every time she saw him. He was so kind and gentle, and care about her a lot. She was so scared. She was afraid that Kevin Kyle would be same like her father. He looked like he treated her well, but behind her back… she could only afford to be betrayed once. She don’t know what would happen to her if she was betrayed again. If she couldn’t get her memory back, and she was betrayed again, she would go crazy. “It doesn’t matter. No matter how long that’ll take, I will wait for you.” There was no need for Karen Daly to trust him completely. As long as he can protect her well and never let her get hurt again, that was enough. He always said that it didn’t matter. He always said that he would wait for her. He always said that he wanted her to believe him. He had been protecting her silently since he saw her for the first time when she returned to Chatterton Town. When she had a nightmare, he would pull her out of it. When she didn’t even know that she was going through drug withdrawal symptoms, he accompanied her for drug rehabilitation. When she was hesitating and helpless, he would always appear next to her instantly and tell her – Karen Daly, I am here! Karen Daly, I am here! Simple words, but they made her feel secure. Karen Daly took a deep breath and nodded. “Well, I’ll try my best.” She would try her best to retrieve her memories of the past and strive to return to the father-daughter duo as soon as possible. She would go back as Kevin Kyle’s wife and Little Karen’s mother, not as the Karen Daly who did not remember her past. The heavy rain was still pouring and there was thunder from time to time. The weather was bad, but it couldn’t affect Kevin Kyle’s good mood at all. It seemed that they were back to the time when he and Karen Daly just got married. After getting off work and having dinner, Karen Daly would sit in the hall and watch TV for a while, while he was busy working in the study. Although the two of them rarely talked, but they knew that they had each other by their side. As long as they needed each other, that other person would definitely appear. In the study, Kevin Kyle was not busy with his work. He was reading an e-mail, which was sent by George Ken. George Ken wrote that some people found out that there was a form of injected drug that could make people lose their memory This was used by the military of a country A to deal with military spies. After injecting a few doses, their bodies would be greatly affected. They might die or lose their memories After this, if the memories do not recover within three years, the probability of the memory recovering would be less than 5% after three years. The military of Country A had conducted experiments with some captured spies. There were sixteen people who had been tested, eight people died, and eight people lost their memories This meant that the probabilities were equal. After being injected with this drug, there was a 50% chance that he or she would die. Among these eight people who lost their memories, they were divided into two groups to conduct an experiment separately. The four people of Group A were tasked to get their memories back within three years. Two of them got their memories back, and two of them lost their memories forever. The four people of Group B were provided with another kind of memory in three years, and then were tasked with retrieving their real memories three years later. However, none of them got back their memories. Kevin Kyle’s good mood collapsed instantly after reading this email. Looking at the computer screen, his eyes were sharp. He almost crushed the mouse. It was evident that Grandpa Kyle may have used this kind of drug on Karen Daly. This meant that he was willing to gamble on her life with this drug. Kevin Kyle still remembered that Karen Daly said that she had a serious illness three years ago and had been lying in the hospital for a whole year. That meant that she lived a life worst than death, lying on bed for a year because she was injected with this drug. Just as Kevin Kyle was immersed in his thoughts, his phone on the desk vibrated a few times. He picked up the phone and answered, “What else do you want to say?” George Ken’s voice came from the phone, “Matthew, no one can be sure if Karen Daly was injected with this drug. If you want to be sure, I think you’ll have to ask your grandfather.” “It doesn’t matter if she was injected with this drug or not, you first have to think of a way to restore her memory. I will find out if she was injected with the drug.” Kevin Kyle hung up the phone He held his mobile phone, dialled another number, and said coldly, “Nick Black, please arrange for Grandpa Kyle to come to Chatterton Town immediately.” After settling his matters, Kevin Kyle left the study and went to Karen Daly. As Karen Daly had already taken a shower and wanted to sleep, she couldn’t fall asleep at all because her withdrawal symptoms. She turned on the air conditioner, and then covered herself under the blanket. The temperature in the room was very low, but she still broke out in cold sweats, and the thin pajamas on her body were wet. She was really suffering, but she tried her best to control herself. She didn’t want Kevin Kyle to worry about her anymore. It had been a few days since she was weaned off the drugs. These days, being accompanied by Kevin Kyle, she could go through it. She also believed that if she persevered for a while more, she would definitely get rid of her drug addiction. When Kevin Kyle returned to the room, he saw Karen Daly. who was shivering on the bed, wrapped in the blanket. He felt a sharp pain in his heart. “Karen-” “Kevin don’t come over. Get out of here.” She didn’t want him to see her like that, nor leave a bad impression in front of him. Kevin Kyle walked to her side and held her close. He said softly, “Karen, don’t be afraid, I’ll be with you.”.

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