“Kevin Kyle, I..” Karen Daly was afraid. She was afraid that she would not be able to hold on, and she was afraid that she would be swallowed by this helpless feeling. The feeling of powerlessness, irritation, panic, and helplessness… Countless sensations were haunting Karen Daly. She was trying hard to restrain the impact of these feelings on her, but it didn’t work at all. She would soon lose control of herself. “Karen, it will be the weekend in two days. Let’s take Little Karen out.” Kevin Kyle took off the blanket around Karen Daly and held her in his arms, as he tried to distract her, and at the same time, reassure her “Okay.” Karen Daly nodded and replied weakly. Kevin Kyle kissed her forehead and said, “Then let’s think about places to bring Little Karen to.” Karen Daly did not answer. It was not that she was unwilling to answer, but that she had used all her strength to restrain herself. She had no more strength to answer Kevin Kyle’s question “Karen, do you think we should go to the amusement park? To a holiday villa? Or where?” Seeing Karen Daly’s pain, Kevin Kyle’s heart seemed to have ached further. It was so painful that he felt like he was torn apart. He was Karen Daly’s greatest source of strength, so he could not panic or mess up. He needed to calm Karen Daly down and let her understand that she will get get through this period. Kevin Kyle added, “Little Karen has always been lovely and sensible, and she is very considerate towards me. She will also be very considerate towards you in the future.” Hearing about Little Karen, Karen Daly’s heart ached. She pursed her lips and said, “Kevin Kyle, you must take good care of Little Karen. She doesn’t have a mother. As a father, you must love her more. Give her the love of her missing mother as well. Love her well and don’t let anyone bully her.” Kevin Kyle hugged Karen Daly tighter and said, “I will tell Little Karen that her mother will come back and she will love her more than her father, so no one can replace this special relationship. Karen, you must understand this.” “Karen, when you feel better, the three of us can do a lot of things together. You, Little Karen, and me, just by thinking about it, I feel so happy.” Kevin Kyle said too much in one breath, but Karen Daly couldn’t hear it clearly. Her mind was in a daze, and there were all kinds of voices ringing in her ears. These voices seemed to be right beside her, but also seemed to be so far away. She panicked, and felt restless and scared, but on the other hand, she didn’t seem to be as scared as before. Gradually, Karen Daly lost her consciousness and fell asleep in the midst of this painful struggle. When she woke up, it was already morning. Perhaps her withdrawal symptoms were bad last night, so she still felt a little pain in her head. She was dizzy and was a bit disoriented. She opened her eyes and the sun shone through the thick curtains, allowing her to see the situation in the room clearly. Kevin Kyle, who was wearing a white shirt, stood by the window. He stood straight and looked into the distance, like a statue. Karen Daly looked at his back and suddenly felt that he looked so lonely. He looked unapproachable. “Had Kevin always been like this since the days when Karen Daly was “dead”?” He knew that “Karen Daly” was no longer in this world, but he was waiting for her every day, hoping that “Karen Daly” could return to them. Karen Daly suddenly felt that she could empathise with Kevin Kyle greatly. She did not remember her past and was afraid. Kevin Kyle might have lost her, but he did not want to believe it. He was trying hard to find hope in despair, but he was constantly disappointed. At that moment, Karen Daly hoped that she could find the memories she shared with Kevin Kyle so badly, so that she could finally be with him and reassure him the same way he did to her. -Kevin Kyle, don’t be afraid. I will accompany you! She would return to the father-daughter duo and they would be stronger than ever. Kevin Kyle suddenly turned around and looked into her inquiring eyes. He said softly, “How long have you been awake? Karen Daly did not like this kind of depressing atmosphere. She smiled and said, “I’ve been awake for almost half an hour, but you didn’t notice me. You were day dreaming. What were you thinking about? Were you falling in love with other girls?” “You’re right. I was thinking about a girl just now.” Kevin Kyle walked to Karen Daly, “Thinking about the girl’s smile, her voice, and everything about that girl. When I was thinking about it, I saw the girl! So, girl of my dreams, are you going to reward me?” Kevin Kyle went up to Karen Daly, and she knew exactly what kind of reward he wanted. Karen Daly looked at Kevin Kyle handsome face. He was really good-looking. His facial features were so perfect and he had no flaws. He had the type of face that you would never forget once you look at him. After returning to Chatterton Town, when she saw Kevin Kyle for the first time, she vividly remembered his appearance and could not forget it. Karen Daly was so nervous that she gulped. She quietly clenched her fists and carefully leaned forward. She kissed him on the corner of his mouth and asked, “Mr. Kyle, are you satisfied?” “Can I say that I’m not satisfied?” He said. “Of course not.” She replied. “What an overbearing woman!” Kevin Kyle touched the tip of her nose and said, “Go wash up. I’ll wait for you for lunch.” “Lunch? Did I oversleep?” Karen Daly didn’t know what happened last night, and she didn’t know how she had slept for so long. Kevin Kyle said, “It’s still far away from dinnertime, so it’s not too late at all.” Karen Daly said, “Your joke is not funny at all.” He was completely different from his appearance. When he didn’t speak, she felt that he was a cold, tall, handsome man. When he spoke, she felt his warmth instead. Perhaps as what Mia Kyle had said, Kevin Kyle was extremely cold to everyone, and he was only nice to Big Karen and Little Karen. Karen Daly was so glad that he was that Karen Daly, not a substitute Dreamland City was where they used to live when they just got married, so Kevin Kyle decided to live here with Karen Daly for the time being. Being able to reminisce the past, it might help Karen Daly recall her memories. After lunch, Kevin Kyle answered a phone call. There was something that he needed to do personally. He thought it might be too boring for Karen Daly to stay here alone. He wanted to send Karen Daly back to Secret Garden, but after thinking about it carefully, he requested that Karen Daly wait here. He wouldn’t go out for long, and he would come back early to keep Karen Daly’s company.

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