Kevin Kyle had something to do and Karen Daly was really bored at home alone. She watched TV for a while, but she couldn’t really find a nice TV show. Maybe she didn’t pay attention to the TV at all, so she didn’t enjoy any of the shows. After she turned off the TV, she wanted to do something else, but she didn’t know what else she could do. As soon as she stopped doing anything, Karen Daly thought of her father, Samuel Daly, and started to wonder why he drugged her. She was wondering why Samuel Daly didn’t want to tell her that she was actually Kevin Kyle’s wife when he saw him? The more Karen Daly thought about it, the more she felt that these things were very strange. All the things were like a net that caught her tightly, making her unable to breathe. If she wanted to get these answers, she could not just ask her father Samuel Daly directly, she didn’t know whether she could trust his answers. He knew that she had no memory of the past, so it was possible for her to believe the false stories that was told to her. Therefore, Karen Daly felt that there was only one way out. She had to think of a way to remember her past. This is the only way to clear all the doubts in her heart. After having the strong idea of retrieving the past memories, Karen Daly would not wait stupidly and do nothing. She already had an idea in her mind. She wanted to know of her past from more people, so that she would be able to remember her past memories easily. Among the few people who she was familiar with the first person Karen Daly chose was Faye Reed. Faye Reed was a good friend of “Karen Daly” for many years, so she should be clear about Karen Daly’s past. The last time when they went shopping together, Faye Reed left Karen Daly a phone number and also told her the address of her studio, so it was not difficult for Karen Daly to find Faye Reed. Karen Daly went out and took a taxi to Faye Reed’s studio. When Karen Daly appeared at the door of the studio, Faye Reed did not believe her eyes. She rubbed her eyes hard and confirmed that Karen Daly was really standing in front of her after a while She gave Karen Daly a hug and said excitedly, “Bitch, why did you come to see me all of a sudden? Did you remember me already?” She didn’t remember any memories about Faye Reed at all, but when she saw Faye Reed, she felt so close to her, as if she was a friend she had known for many years, the kind of familiarity that was unexplainable. She didn’t remember anything, but Karen Daly nodded and said, “Faye, do you really think I’m your best friend, that Karen Daly?” “What do you think? Faye Reed dragged Karen Daly into her office and shouted, “You are my best friend. We were classmates in high school and college. After graduation, we came to Chatterton Town from Beaford City together. We opened a studio together and went through a lot of things together. This relationship was and remain irreplaceable by everyone else, including your Mr. Kyle and my Mr. Spencer.” “But-“Karen Daly was a little embarrassed. “But I don’t have any memory of what you said. I don’t know if I’m that person. I don’t even know the name Karen Daly well.” “It doesn’t matter if you don’t know.” Faye Reed grabbed Karen Daly’s hand and said firmly, “Karen, as long as I’m here, it’s not a problem for me to answer all your questions. I promised to help you recall your past together.” Karen Daly said, “Faye, I really want to thank you so much, but I don’t know how to thank you.” “Don’t thank me. If you really want to thank me, please recall the past as soon as possible. Return to Mr. Kyle’s side ASAP, and return to Little Karen ASAP.” Faye Reed’s heart ached when she mentioned Kevin Kyle and Little Karen. “Karen, do you know? I never know, a man…” Speaking of this, Faye Reed suddenly teared up. She didn’t know what words she should use to describe how she felt when she saw Kevin Kyle after her injuries had healed. She just felt that the damage she caused to Kevin Kyle was far more terrible than she had imagined. It was so terrible that she could not describe it. In Faye Reed’s mind, Kevin Kyle had always been a mysterious and an unapproachable figure. However, after Karen Daly left, she found that Kevin Kyle was just an ordinary person He had blood, flesh, feelings, love, and so on. There was no difference in him and other ordinary people. Of course, there was no difference between him and ordinary people. Faye Reed was referring to Kevin Kyle’s feelings and personality. In terms of career and status, Kevin Kyle was the big boss who could dominate his work and was respected by many people. Karen Daly continued, “Faye, just tell me what you want to say.” “Karen, Mr. Kyle was really a very good husband. He was so good that I don’t know what kind of words I should use to describe him.” Faye Reed sighed and said, “At first, I found out that he took someone else’s place to go on blind date with you. So, I suspected that he had some other purpose to get close to you and secretly observed him.” After a pause, Faye Reed continued, “After that, he said something to me, and my impressions towards him completely changed.” Karen Daly asked, “What did he say?” Faye Reed thought for a moment and said, “I’ve forgotten the details. It mostly meant that he was your husband. He would protect you well and not let you get hurt.” Karen Daly was speechless. It was what something Kevin Kyle would say. Faye Reed added, “Karen, you wouldn’t know this. When saw Mr. Kyle, I was so glad that Charlie Gook betrayed you. If that scum didn’t betray you, you wouldn’t have met such a good man like Mr. Kyle in your life.” Speaking of Charlie Gook, Faye Reed looked angry. “Charlie Gook and Kristine Daly were a perfect match. In the end, Charlie Gook deserved to die in Kristine Daly’s hands.” The more Faye Reed said, the more agitated she became. She didn’t notice Karen Daly’s face at all. She just wanted to help Karen Daly get her past memories back as soon as possible, but she didn’t know that these may be too overwhelming for Karen. Faye Reed continued, “Karen, these things are not important anymore. The most important thing was that I heard you were with Samuel Daly. At that time, I was almost sacred to death. I was so worried that he would hurt you. The most important thing was how could you be with a murderer who indirectly killed your mother.” [Public Chat: Today’s update is too late, and I’ll update it earlier tomorrow. By the way, I accidentally dismiss the group yesterday, and then reopened it today. My interested friends can continue to join it. The group number is still the same as before. I’ll update it early tomorrow, and it will be even higher after six o’clock in the afternoon. Mua foreshadowa.)

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