Kevin Kyle pretended to be her blind date, Charlie Gook’s betrayal, and Samuel Daly indirectly killed off her mother… Fear and anxiety were hitting Karen Daly hard, making her shocked, scared, and uneasy. She looked at Faye Reed in great shock and said after a long time, “Faye, are your words true?” Karen Daly didn’t remember the things that Faye Reed said at all. She was very worried that these things were all made up by Faye Reed to deceive her. She was afraid that she could not remember her past anymore and she was afraid that her memory was purposely twisted. She was so afraid of so many things. Faye Reed’s heart ached when she heard what Karen Daly said. She hugged Karen Daly and said, “Karen Daly, I can lie to everyone in the world, but I won’t lie to you.” They used to be so close to each other and they were good friends who talked about everything. They would think about each other in everything that they do. But damn it, Karen Daly had forgotten about what happened in the past. Faye Reed was genuine, but Karen Daly just could not trust her completely. To be exact, she could not trust anyone easily now. She didn’t believe in Samuel Daly and couldn’t believe in Kevin Kyle fully. Of course, she couldn’t absolutely believe in Faye Reed. Faye Reed was a little anxious when Karen Daly didn’t believe what she said and said, “Karen, I swear with my life that every word I said to you was true. If any of the things I told you turn out to be fake, I will die a terrible death.” Karen Daly did not want to lie to Faye Reed. She smiled apologetically and said, “Faye, I’m sorry! It’s not that I don’t want to believe you, but I’m just so worried.” Her father did not just drug her, but also indirectly murdered her mother. The truth was so horrible that she didn’t want to believe it In the past three years, Samuel Daly was by her side, took care of her, accompanied her… In the blink of an eye, everything changed. How could she believe anyone else? Karen Daly had to be cautious. Faye Reed added, “Karen, it doesn’t matter. I will wait until you remember the past.” “It doesn’t matter. I will wait until you remember the past.” Such a familiar sentence? Karen Daly still remembered that Kevin Kyle said something similar. Is it possible that only those who really cared about her would say such words and be so patient? Because they really wanted the best for her, so they couldn’t bear to lie to her, and they wouldn’t force her either. They would cooperate with her choice and grow with her pace, She had to spend a lot of time digesting what Faye Reed told her earlier, so she needed time to calm down and think about it carefully Coming out of the studio, Karen Daly glanced at the sky with the scorching sun. The sun was shining so brightly, as if it was burning Karen Daly took two deep breaths and calmed down. Perhaps she experienced too many things in the past two days, so Karen Daly adapted and was much calmer than before. After hearing Faye Reed’s words, she could still keep her cool. Karen Daly thought for a while and decided to pick out some fabric to make some clothes for Little Karen. After that, Karen Daly would focus on planning her future. “Karen Suddenly, Kevin Kyle’s voice came from behind. Karen Daly turned around and looked at Kevin Kyle’s caring eyes. She smiled and said, “Mr. Kyle, what a coincidence. You’re here too.” Wherever she went, he would appear on time. It was a coincidence that happened too frequently. She really suspected that he had installed a tracker on her. “There’s no such thing as coincidence.” Kevin Kyle walked to her side and rubbed her head. “I heard from Faye Reed that you were here, so I came to pick you up and we can go home together.” It turned out that Faye Reed had called him earlier. If he didn’t clarify, she might seriously doubt him. Karen Daly was very clear that even though she was in a bad state, she couldn’t resist overthinking. She smiled apologetically at Kevin Kyle and said, “Mr. Kyle, if you have nothing to do, you can accompany me to a place.” Kevin Kyle nodded. “Okay.” Karen Daly said, “Are you not even going to ask me where want to go?” “As long as it’s a place where you want me to go with you, no matter where it is, I will accompany you.” No matter near or far, high or low, as long as she asked for him to go, he would not complain. Karen Daly said, “What if I take you away and sell you?” Kevin Kyle said, “Then I’d like to see who dares to exploit me.”a Karen Daly said, “That’s right. Who has the money to afford our Director Kevin?” Kevin Kyle said, “You.” “Me?” Karen Daly pointed at herself in surprise. Kevin Kyle added, “I’ll give you Director Kevin, free of charge.” Karen Daly smiled and said, “People don’t know how to cherish things that don’t cost money. So Director Kevin, you must not give yourself away for free.” Kevin Kyle said, “Then you can quote me a random price and that will be my price.” Karen Daly raised her fingers and gestured some numbers. She said, “Mr. Kyle, what do you think of the price?” Kevin Kyle knew that she was teasing him, but he nodded and said, “Isn’t the price too high?” Karen Daly just heard some shocking news from Faye Reed, but she was acting too calm. Kevin Kyle didn’t know how to make her feel better. If she wanted to joke around, he would accompany her. Karen Daly hooked her arm onto his arm and said, “Mr. Kyle, in fact, the figure was just the tip. You’d better be free to me.” Kevin Kyle put his arms around her waist and said, “I’ll listen to you.” Karen Daly took Kevin Kyle to the cloth market. She carefully selected a few pieces of cloth to make clothes for Little Karen, and it could count as a gift to her. After buying those fabrics, Karen Daly wanted to go back to the place where she lived, because that was where her tools were. Kevin Kyle said, “What tools do you need? I’m going to ask someone to prepare it now. When we go back to Secret Garden, it will be there.” Since Kevin Kyle was so generous and acted so cool, Karen Daly took advantage and listed down the tools she needed. When they returned to Secret Garden, an electrical sewing machine and all the other tools were already ready, and they also set up a small workstation for her. Karen Daly sighed, “So this must be the efficiency of Rovio Corporation Inc?” Kevin Kyle shrugged and said, “Miss Daly, are you satisfied with our efficiency?” “I’m very satisfied, indeed.” Karen Daly smiled at him. “Mr. Kyle, I’m going to start my work. You could go and do your own things.” As a qualified fashion designer, she was familiar with both the simple and complex steps of dressmaking. It was not difficult for her to complete the set of clothes. She took out the draft she had drawn before and began to concentrate on the work, leaving Kevin Kyle aside.

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