Kevin Kyle looked at her silently and did not disturb her. Karen Daly’s movements were skillful and agile. It could be seen that she was very focused. She was so focused that he had been staring at her all the time, but it did not affect her. Kevin Kyle didn’t leave until his mobile phone rang. He answered, “What’s the matter?” Nick Black’s voice came from the phone, “Director Kevin, Old Master Kyle came back to the country a week ago. He’s currently at Beaford City, but we haven’t found his exact whereabouts yet.” Kevin Kyle frowned. “So Old Master Kyle returned to the country? Can’t you get in touch with him?” Nick Black said, “I can’t get in touch with him and the people around him. He must have deliberately prevented us from getting in touch with them.” When Nick Black learned that Old Master Kyle had returned to the country a week ago, he immediately asked the person in charge of the Beaford Airport to show him the surveillance footage of that day. After watching the surveillance footage, he could confirm that Old Master Kyle and his two assistants had landed at Beaford Airport on their own accord and were not threatened by anyone. They were not threatened by others, but they could not be reached by various means, which implied that they were in hiding. Kevin Kyle responded, “Since you can’t get in touch with him, then try to let his people take the initiative to contact you. I’ll give you another day.” “Yes.” After answering, Nick Black said, “The purchase of PM Corporation has been completed, and according to your instructions, all the shares you hold in the company have been transferred to your wife’s name.” “Okay.” Kevin Kyle hung up the phone. Karen Daly liked fashion design, so he bought over a big brand and transferred his shares to Karen Daly’s name. In future, she could do whatever she wanted and did not have to be restricted by others. It was just that he couldn’t tell Karen Daly now. Otherwise, with Karen Daly’s character, she wouldn’t have accepted this. “Daddy- Hearing the soft voice, Kevin Kyle turned around and saw Little Karen, who was running towards him. Kevin Kyle opened his arms and caught Little Karen’s small body. He kissed her on the face and said, “Karen, you’re back from school.” “Dad..” Little Karen held Kevin Kyle’s face with her small hands and kissed him on the face twice. “I missed you so much, Dad.” “Well I miss you a lot too.” Kevin Kyle kissed Little Karen again and said softly, “But you can tell me, what have you done in the kindergarten these days?” Little Karen blushed and said softly, “Of course I’m well behaved. I didn’t beat other kids.” As soon as she heard that her father asked her what she had done in kindergarten, Little Karen’s intuition was to hide the fact that she had bullied other kids in kindergarten, so she explained quickly. But that may have backfired. Kevin Kyle was also amused by the adorable appearance of Little Karen. He pinched her face and said with a smile, “However, you said that you didn’t beat others. Do you think I was going to reward you?” Little Karen shook her head hard and looked at her father with dissatisfaction. Her father must have known that she bullied other kids in kindergarten, yet he still said that to her. Her father was not cute at all. She decided to be angry with her father for two minutes. She didn’t want to talk to her father. Kevin Kyle added, “Then you tell me, why did you hit other kids?” Little Karen blinked her beautiful big eyes at her father. Her eyes were clear and innocent. She had just said that she did not hit other kids, and her father asked her why did she hit others. She chose to remain silent. Kevin Kyle added, “Didn’t I mention how kids who lie are not cute kids? Little Karen pursed her lips and said aggrievedly, “I don’t want to be a child who’s not cute.” Kevin Kyle continued, “Tell me then, why did you hit other kids? And which hand did you use to hit?” Little Karen raised her right hand and said obediently, “I didn’t like him. He didn’t behave well. I hit him with this hand.” Kevin Kyle grabbed his daughter’s right hand and looked at it to make sure that she was not hurt. Then he said, “Well, 1 understand.” He touched Little Karen’s face and said, “Karen, listen carefully. In the future, hand over these disciplinary matters to others. You can’t hurt yourself.” At this time, Little Karen still didn’t quite understand what her father meant. However, she would understand as she grows up. When Karen Daly, who was busy working in her workstation, heard Little Karen’s voice, she stopped her work immediately. After learning that Little Karen was her child, she had yet to meet her. Karen Daly felt a little nervous and her heart was beating fast When she came out of the room, she happened to see the intimate interaction between the father and the daughter. Looking at them, a smile unconsciously appeared on Karen Daly’s face. The handsome man was her husband, and the lovely child was her daughter. Even if she still couldn’t remember the past, no one could change the fact that Little Karen was her child. Both the father and the daughter were her most solid supporters. Karen Daly really wanted to go over and hug Little Karen, but she was so nervous that she couldn’t move until she heard Kevin Kyle teaching Little Karen some bad behaviour. Karen Daly intervened, “Mr. Kyle, do you regularly teach her like that?” The crisp voice of dissatisfaction suddenly came from behind. No one knew how long she had stood there and how much she had heard. Kevin Kyle was stunned. “Oh no, I have misguided the child and was caught by the child’s mother.” He thought silently. “Big Karen, I want to hug you.” Seeing Karen Daly, Little Karen was more excited Karen Daly took Little Karen from Kevin Kyle’s arms and held her in her arms. She asked gently, “Little Karen, what do you want to eat tonight? Why don’t I cook for you?” After knowing that she was Little Karen’s mother, Karen Daly treated Little Karen a little differently. Although she still did not remember the past, she still wanted to give Little Karen more love. And she would start by the littlest things. “I want to eat strawberry tart, strawberry pie, strawberry…” “No main dishes?” Karen Daly interrupted Little Karen and asked. Little Karen replied, “I really like strawberries.” “However, children have to eat balanced meals so they can grow taller and prettier. If you don’t believe me, you can ask your father.” Karen Daly looked at Kevin Kyle and glared at him sternly, as if to question Kevin Kyle’s ignorance when it came to their daughter’s eating habits. Little Karen replied, “I will eat whatever food you prepare for me then.” Kevin Kyle quickly gave Little Karen a thumbs-up. “What a good girl!” Karen Daly also smiled happily. ” Little Karen and Daddy are both great!” Little Karen looked at Big Karen’s face and then at Dad’s, like she realized something. Last night, when her father didn’t come back home, Little Aunt told her that her father was with Big Karen. Earlier, Big Karen did praise Dad. Did Dad already win over Big Karen’s heart?.

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