After dinner, Little Karen dragged her father and Big Karen to take a walk with her. Little Karen was holding her father’s hand with one hand and Big Karen’s with the other. She was jumping along the way and felt very happy. Karen Daly looked at Little Karen and couldn’t move her eyes away, as if her eyes were fixed on Little Karen. Kevin Kyle was observing Karen Daly throughout the whole walk. He wanted to guess what was on her mind, but it was of no use. Kevin Kyle did not want to mention anything about Samuel Daly to Karen Daly, because he did not want Karen Daly to get hurt before she could retrieve her memory. However, he did not expect that Karen Daly would look for Faye Reed after he had left her, just for a while. No one could replace Faye Reed’s and Karen Daly’s friendship. Over the years, Faye Reed always felt that Karen Daly was in that car accident because of her. She had been blaming herself for this matter, but she didn’t know that there was a conspiracy behind that incident. Now that Karen Daly had returned, Faye Reed was very happy at first until she knew that Karen Daly couldn’t remember anything. One could imagine how much Faye Reed hoped that Karen Daly could regain her memory and everything would be back to normal Kevin Kyle understood Faye Reed’s feelings, but Faye did not realise that there were things that could not be rushed. In order to restore Karen Daly’s memory, they could only guide her slowly. “Karen, slow down.” Karen Daly pulled Little Karen, who was jumping around, and wiped the sweat on her forehead. “Look at you, you’re sweaty.” “Big Karen, you should wipe your face too.” Little Karen stretched out her little hand and wiped Karen Daly’s face sloppily. “You’re really thoughtful.” Karen Daly held Little Karen in her arms and kissed her again and again. She was reluctant to let her go. Kevin Kyle checked the time and realised that it was getting late, Little Karen should go to bed. He said, “Karen, you are now responsible for taking care of Little Karen at night, let her sleep with you.” Karen Daly really wanted to take care of Little Karen and let Little Karen sleep with her, but she was still suffering from her withdrawal symptoms. She couldn’t take Little Karen with her, as she couldn’t afford to scare Little Karen. She shook her head and said, “Maybe a few days later.” She could take good care of Little Karen after a few days later, when her drug addiction was over. “I want to sleep with Big Karen and daddy.” Little Karen didn’t care so much and blurted out her thoughts. Kevin Kyle looked at Karen Daly and saw that she did not object her request. He said, “Okay, let’s sleep together with Big Karen then.” Hearing her father’s words, Little Karen was very happy. Later, she would let her father sleep on her left side and Big Karen would sleep on her right side. That sounded so blissful. Her classmate, Marius, said that his father slept on his left side and his mother slept on his right side. With the both of them protecting him on the sides, nothing scary could come close. Little Karen didn’t have a mother and couldn’t experience having a mother sleeping on her side, so she hit the little boy who showed off in front of her. After beating Marius, Marius burst into tears. Little Karen also cried after realising that the situation didn’t look good. She cried loudly, even louder than Marius’ crying, so the teachers thought that Marius had hit her instead. Looking at Marius being criticized by her teacher, Little Karen was very pleased. With Brother Lionel’s protection, those children would not be able to bully her. After a shower, Little Karen seemed so energetic, and she rolled around on the bed. “If I roll to the left, I can roll into my father’s arms. If I roll to the right, I can roll into Big Karen’s arms.” After getting a kiss from each side, Little Karen rolled more and more vigorously. After rolling a few times, she stopped. She held her father’s hand with one hand and Big Karen’s hand with the other. “From now on, the both of you will sleep with me.” “Okay. we will sleep with you.” Kevin Kyle carried the little girl on his body and patted her back. “Go to sleep, or you won’t be able to get up tomorrow.” “Kiss me again, Big Karen.” Before going to bed every day, her father would give her a goodnight kiss, so Little Karen asked Big Karen to kiss her goodnight too. She could only have a good sleep after this. Karen Daly approached Little Karen and kissed her on her cheek. “Good night, Little Karen.” “Big Karen, daddy, good night.” Little Karen laid on her father’s body. She had been playing for too long, so she was fast asleep after a while. Karen Daly only saw Kevin Kyle after Little Karen had fallen asleep. When she saw Kevin Kyle, she suddenly felt sorry for him and asked, “Kevin Kyle, have you been coaxing Little Karen to sleep like this all these years?” Kevin Kyle held Little Karen in one hand and held Karen Daly’s hand in the other tightly. He said, “Karen Daly, you have missed some years in Little Karen’s growth, let’s make it up to her together in the future.” “Yes.” Karen Daly nodded. “I will.” Kevin Kyle added, “Little Karen is very sensible. She usually falls asleep without thinking too much. It’s just that it’s a little difficult getting her up in the morning.” Karen Daly reached out her hand and touched Little Karen’s face. “I can’t imagine how it’s look like when the little girl refuses to get up.” “Very cute.” Kevin Kyle looked at Karen Daly and asked softly, “Do you want to hug her?” “I want to sleep with her in my arms.” Karen Daly nodded, then she shook her head. “But I’m worried about…” “Don’t worry. As long as you think about Little Karen, you won’t think about anything else.” Kevin Kyle handed Little Karen to Karen Daly and checked the time. It was already late today and Karen Daly did not exhibit any symptoms yet. It seemed that the treatment had been working after half a month. Karen Daly hugged Little Karen and looked at Little Karen’s flushed face. Her heart was melting. “Kevin, our daughter is so cute.” She was talking about our daughter”. The person who spoke did not notice the gravity of this sentence, but Kevin Kyle did. He said, “Yes, our daughter.” The stories about Little Karen that Kevin Kyle told Karen Daly were all pleasant and nice. He never mentioned what happened to Little Karen when she was very young. Little Karen was taken out of her mother’s womb a month before the due date. She was in an incubator for nearly half a month due to the premature birth. She was also in poor health and would fall ill easily as she grew bigger, and she almost died. During that period, Kevin Kyle stayed by Little Karen’s side day and night, looking for the best doctor, using the best medicine, and taking good care of her until Little Karen’s condition had improved. His Karen Daly was gone, and so was Momo. There was only him and Little Karen left. Kevin Kyle felt like he was living in hell as he looked back at that time. After some time, he bought a Pomeranian dog and named it Momo too, so that it could grow up with Little Karen while they wait for Big Karen’s return. It was because of Kevin Kyle’s attentive care that Little Karen was so healthy and lively today.

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