At the largest entertainment complex in Chatterton Town – Charm! There were people feasting and seeking pleasure in the debauched environment with loud music. The men and women were dressed in revealing clothes while shouting and swinging around on the dance floor. The private room upstairs was much quieter compared to the noise on the ground floor. Some people were here to drink and some people were here for business. There were many different kinds of customers here every night. It was not the first time for Mia Kyle to come to such a place, but it was the first time for her to come here to discuss a script. In the past, her script was personally handed over to her by her manager from Rovio Entertainment. If she liked it, she would accept it. If she did not like it, she would reject it. The quality of the films and TV series produced by Rovio Entertainment were guaranteed, but they were not good at promoting their actors. Normally, their TV series were far more popular than the individual actors. In the past few years, Mia Kyle had been featured in a lot of TV series, and also in some movies. Last year, she even won the Best Actress Award for a movie. Her popularity peaked at that moment. After being popular for a certain period, some people began to question her acting skills, saying that her role was simple and not challenging. Sh*t Mia Kyle rewatched the roles she had played in the past few years. Most of them were of similar roles and appearances, which was similar to her own image. There was indeed not much space for her to show off her acting skills. If she could notice the problem, others would also notice it. There were people on the Internet who edited her recent roles into a short video. They said that if it weren’t for the different style of clothes, they would have thought that she was acting the same role in the same film. A large number of people attacked her acting skills after the edited video came out. After being attacked, those fans who did not understand her strayed away from her. Her popularity was falling, or it was declining sharply. Mia Kyle felt distressed just thinking about it. She was greatly impacted. Mia Kyle suffered a bigger blow when she saw a recent actress the same age as her attracted an unprecedentedly high attention. Mia Kyle decided to change her style. She did not want to play the role of a good girl anymore. She wanted to do a completely opposite character. Anyway, she had to be more open-minded and bold in this field. However, her manager was not willing to give her other roles, saying that the image she had built over the years with great efforts could not be ruined. Upon hearing her manager’s words, Mia Kyle gave her manager an earful Her manager was one of her brother’s staff, so she knew that her brother had some indirect control over these decisions. When Mia Kyle was worried about her own role and image, she received a call from a Director S, who said that he was going to shoot a new movie and was looking for a lead female actor. He thought that her image was quite suitable. As soon as she received the call from Director S, Mia Kyle did not think twice and secretly went to the appointment without Jacky Ball knowing. If Jacky Ball followed her, her brother would certainly find out, and then her dream of changing her image would be in vain. They first went to a restaurant for dinner and Mia Kyle paid for it. The meal costs thousands of dollars. Although Mia Kyle wasn’t poor, it was definitely painful to spend so much on others. After dinner, they said they would like to have some fun, so they had chosen the most expensive entertainment centre in Chatterton Town. These bastards knew that they were not spending their own money. Hence, they wanted the most expensive private room, the best liquor in the house, and also a bunch of escorts to accompany them. Mia Kyle took a sip of wine and cursed in her heart, “Damned old bastard, you’re not going to live long with this lifestyle.” “Polaris, there are a lot of people who want to work with Director S. Now that he had given you a chance to audition, you should take full advantage of it.” After drinking a few glasses of wine, the director’s assistant sat next to Mia Kyle and tried to speak to her. “An audition? Where?” Mia Kyle’s patience had been worn out. She could guarantee that she would hit someone at the slightest bit of inconvenience. The assistant passed a room card to Mia Kyle and whispered, “It’s in this room. As long as Director S is satisfied, the role of the lead actress will go to you.” After a night’s worth of hassle, Mia Kyle finally understood that these old bastards wanted to play by an unspoken rule. They shouldn’t think that she was really stupid just because she looked silly and sweet. These old bastards tried to harass her. She had to let them have a taste of the consequences of fooling with her. Director S was a well-known director in this field. His reputation was also very good and he made a lot of actors popular Those who had played the lead role in his movie gained a lot of fame and popularity. This was why Mia Kyle came over without thinking twice when she heard that he wanted her to take the role. At this moment, Mia Kyle was not in the mood to serve those bastards anymore. She was looking at the bill to check how much money she had spent today. She must let these bastards pay her back. “Polaris, why are you still standing there? Go ahead.” The assistant pushed Mia Kyle and said, “This is such a good opportunity. If you miss it, I’m afraid you won’t be able to have another chance for the rest of your life.” Mia Kyle dialed Neil Brown’s phone quietly and said, “Please cough up roughly five hundred thousand dollars in total.” The assistant asked, “What?” Mia Kyle said, “It’s for tonight’s expenses.” The assistant said, “Polaris, are you crazy? Don’t you want to stay in this industry?” Mia Kyle sneered and said, “I’m very sober. I won’t be fooled by you.” Over the years, it was always her who would normally lie to people, no one could lie to her. Five hundred thousand dollars, she would get back whatever she paid for them. She couldn’t let these old bastards take advantage of even a single penny. As soon as Mia Kyle caused a scene, the people in the room looked over immediately. One of them said, “Yo, you willingly joined us tonight. Don’t make a fuss now.” Mia Kyle said, “Pay me back the money, then I can pretend that nothing has happened. If you pay less, none of you can survive in this industry in the future.” Mia Kyle was telling the truth, but no one would believe that she was capable of doing that. If someone were to believe her capabilities, then Mia Kyle would not be invited here at the first place. “Ha ha ha…” They were all laughing at Mia Kyle, laughing at her stupidity, laughing at her foolishness, laughing at her arrogant attitude in the face of disaster. Someone stood up and said, “Polaris, do you know who is sitting in front of you?” Mia Kyle raised her eyebrows and glanced at the man they were talking about. Only then she noticed that there was a handsome man sitting here. But so what if he was good-looking? He was still far worse than her Neil Brown. She snorted disdainfully, “I don’t care who you are. As long as you give me back my money, everything will be fine.”

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