“Little girl, you have been in Chatterton Town for a long time, haven’t you? Don’t you know who you can’t offend in Chatterton Town?” Seeing Mia Kyle’s arrogant attitude, some people wanted to give her some advice. Otherwise, she would not understand what trouble was she in. “Who is the person who can’t be provoked in Chatterton Town?” Mia Kyle really couldn’t think of any person who couldn’t be provoked in Chatterton Town as she had always acted according to her own liking. Because no matter what she did, no matter how uncontrollable the situation was, there would always be someone behind her to clean up the mess, so she never knew how to control her temper. This person lent her some kind words, “Leo Kyle from Rovio Corporation Inc, Neil Brown, who is in charge of the military of Chatterton Town, and our mayor’s son, Master Perth.” “Neil Brown can’t be provoked?” Mia thought. Mia Kyle was provoking him every day, and he couldn’t do anything to her. The most miserable thing was that she was beaten badly by his men last time. In the end, Neil Brown still stood by her side and treated her nicely Her very own cold brother, in addition to being very good to Little Karen and Big Karen, was also very good to her. Although he took care of a lot of things and was quite strict with her, it was always for her own good. Among the three big shots who couldn’t be provoked in Chatterton Town, two of them were people that Mia Kyle were very close to. She had been playing around with them since she was young. They had been treating her nicely and preciously ever since she was young. As for the son of the mayor, Mia Kyle really didn’t know him. Over the years, she had spent all her time with Neil Brown except when she was filming. She had no time to think about anything else and could not tolerate other men in her eyes. Mia Kyle arranged her thoughts quickly. After some time, she soon guessed that the good-looking man in front of her should be the son of the mayor, Master Perth, whom they mentioned. Mia Kyle looked at him and said, “You must be one of those top figures in the city then. Well, I’m guessing that you definitely wouldn’t let a hard worker like me pay this bill.” “What’s going on? How can you let such a beautiful girl pay the bill?” The man who was surrounded by everyone stared at Mia Kyle and finally spoke. One of his subordinates said, “Master Perth… The man waved his hand to stop his subordinates from talking, and then he said, “Return the money to this beautiful girl, five hundred thousand dollars, every single penny of it.” “Yes.” Mia Kyle received the amount she had spent this evening in her account within a few minutes. Looking at the figures on the her mobile phone, she smiled and said, “Master Perth, you are indeed one of the top three powerful people in Chatterton Town who can’t be messed with. You are forthright when dealing with things. You can come to me if you need my help in the future, as long as you don’t bring these bastards along.” “I also like to make friends with generous people.” The man looked at her, smiled gently and said, “Let me propose a toast to you and apologise on behalf of everyone. Let’s pretend that nothing unpleasant happened tonight.” The man said sincerely. He raised his glass and finished his drink. He said, “I’ll toast first.” Mia Kyle was also a generous and bold person. She took over the glass of liquor passed by his subordinates. She said, “I have never forgiven anyone so easily in the past. Today, i’ll make an exception because of your good looks and generosity, Master Perth.” The man nodded, as if he accepted Mia Kyle’s compliment. “Since the money has been returned, and I’ve accompanied you all enough, I should go now.” Mia Kyle waved to the man and said, “Master Perth, see you again!” The man looked at Mia Kyle and smiled without saying anything. His eyes were deep and unfathomable. Mia Kyle turned around and suddenly found that her feet were so heavy that she couldn’t move at all, as if they were planted to the ground. Besides, her head was also dizzy. Her vision gradually became blurred, and these people in front of her seemed to be going around in circles. “F**k! You f*cking drugged me.” Mia Kyle gritted her teeth. She had heard of this kind of thing, but she didn’t expect that she would encounter it. She had been working with Neil Brown and Kevin Kyle since she was a child. She didn’t expect that she would be defeated by such a few losers today. One of them said, “Master Perth, this little girl is really hot tempered. She can still remain calm at this time.” “How are you spike my drink. You’ll see what I can do.” Mia Kyle tried to keep her eyes wide open and was trying to keep her head clear. “Hahaha. The people around her laughed again, which was louder and more arrogant than before. “Since she threatened us, it’s better for us to take her clothes off first.” “Take off my clothes? Any fingers near me will be chopped off!” Mia Kyle was still very arrogant, but she was panicking in her heart. She hadn’t encountered such a thing, and she didn’t know what kind of drug these bastards had given her. Her head was getting more and more dizzy that she couldn’t think anymore. Their voices were so close but she couldn’t hear what they said. She subconsciously held her mobile phone in her pocket. She didn’t know if the previous call went through to Neil Brown’s phone, whether he had answered it, and whether he would come to save her… When Mia Kyle was thinking of Neil Brown, her head slowly turned blank. Her body went limp and she fell to the ground. In her mind, she was plotting revenge. Looking at Mia Kyle who collapsed on the ground, the others stopped laughing. Everyone looked at the man and asked, “Master, how do we deal with this girl?” The man got up and walked to Mia Kyle’s side and bent down. He pinched her chin and slightly raised her head. He stared at her again and again, as if there was something on Mia Kyle’s face. After looking at it for a long time, the man said, “Send her to my room.” The men exchanged looks and walked up to carry Mia Kyle. At this moment, the door was kicked open violently. With another kick, the thick wooden door fell apart, and then the tall figure of Neil Brown appeared in front of them. Neil Brown suddenly appeared, which made everyone else stepped back in fear. “Captain Brown, it’s you.” The man in front smiled and said, “I heard that you would never come to such a place. Why are you here today? Neil Brown grabbed Mia Kyle and carried her on his shoulder. His sharp eyes swept around the room like a cheetah In just a second, Neil Brown scanned everyone’s face, and especially those whom he knew..

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