The man in the lead said, “I heard that you never get close to women. Why did you come to my place to snatch my person?” “I’ll do whatever I want. What kind of reason do I need to give?” Neil Brown replied coldly. The man looked at Neil Brown and said provocatively, “Captain Brown, there are rules to follow. If you want to snatch a woman from me, you’ll have to ask my men.” “Hmm.” Neil Brown snorted, “How many people are here? Just come and fight me then instead of spewing nonsense.” The fact that they drugged Mia Kyle was already crossing his boundaries, yet they wanted to challenge him too. Neil Brown grew up in the army and had already trained himself well. Even if he didn’t hit anyone, their hands would hurt from hitting him. The man waved his hand, and several men attacked Neil Brown together. Neil Brown kicked them away. He effortlessly kicked those men away and they collapsed instantly. He even stepped on a man’s back. Neil Brown looked at the main man and said coldly, “Perth, no one will stand in your way if you want to play with women. Just be cautious in the future.” After saying that, Neil Brown walked away while carrying Mia Kyle, leaving everyone in the room looking at each other in dismay. When Neil Brown walked far away, one of them asked, “Master, why was Neil Brown here suddenly?” “That little girl was not stupid. She called Neil Brown before causing a scene.” The man said. The man was admiring Mia Kyle’s courage, but although she was courageous, she still lacked some brains. He barely touched her and just spiked her drink, yet she fell for it. Mia Kyle, who had lost consciousness for a long time, was lying on the shoulder of Neil Brown, swaying from side to side. She was unconscious. Neil Brown put her into the car and drove Mia Kyle to his house in the central area of Chatterton Town. This was the house he had bought for himself to stay during his leisure time. Neil Brown was the only one left in his family, and he lived in the military base almost everyday. He would only come back for a few days during his days off. It would take a long time to drive here from the military region. It would be a waste of time for Neil Brown to travel to and fro. After carrying Mia Kyle home, he threw her onto the sofa. He then turned around and went to the bathroom without looking at her. He opened the faucet and filled the bathtub with water. He went back to the living room and picked Mia Kyle up, it was as easy as picking up a pet. He put her into the bathtub. Neil Brown pressed Mia Kyle’s head into the water, and only brought her back out after a while. Mia Kyle coughed and spat out a mouthful of water. She had woken up. Before she could figure out what was going on, she scolded, “F**k, you old bastards, how dare you drug me? You wish to die, don’t you?” She scolded and waved her hand in the air. “Bastard, wait for me. I’ll cripple you up so that you can no longer harm others.” “Mia Kyle!” Neil Brown’s voice came from above her head, which made Mia Kyle shiver. She looked up and said, “Neil Brown, don’t make a sound. I’ll deal with those old bastards first, and then i’ll accompany you.” “Mia Kyle, is something wrong with your brain?” Neil Brown threw a towel to her and said, “Please wash yourself up!” Mia Kyle didn’t realise that she was soaked in the bathtub until she caught the towel thrown by Neil Brown. Her thin clothes were wrapped tightly to her body, and the beautiful skin and curves of her body were completely exposed to him. Mia Kyle deliberately puffed out her chest and coughed softly, “Neil Brown, I was drugged just now. My legs and whole body were weak. I don’t have the strength to stand up. Help me.” Neil Brown glanced at her and leaned against the sink. He said slowly, “You’re in a pool of cold water. Continue being in it if you’re not afraid of the cold. I don’t have any objections.” “F**k, are you a man or not?” Mia Kyle was a little excited at first, but when she recalled that he didn’t even look at her, the little excitement was vanished. Neil Brown then looked at her and didn’t say a word. Mia Kyle pouted her lips and said discontentedly, “Neil, I called you so early, but you didn’t come to save me before I was drugged. It’s really unforgivable.” Neil Brown said, “I was not going there to save you, I was there to see you make a fool of yourself. Let’s see how foolish you were to be set up by those people.” “Everyone will make mistakes, and I’m just a little girl.” Mia Kyle suddenly jumped up from the bathtub and rushed to Neil Brown to hug him tightly. “Neil Brown, don’t be stubborn. Is it so difficult for you to admit that you like me?” Neil Brown forcefully let go of her and pushed her away, saying, “I cannot control how you think about it and I don’t care.” Mia Kyle rushed to him again and hugged him tightly. “Neil you’ve brought me to your house. Don’t pretend anymore. If you want to sleep with me, just say it. Don’t worry, I won’t reject you.” Neil Brown said, “My sister is in poor health and she still treats you like her own daughter. If something happens to you, how long do you think she can live?” “So that’s the reason why you took care of me and came to save me?” Mia Kyle blinked and a drop of tear rolled down from the corner of her eyes, she had been greatly hurt. If others saw her like this, they would definitely be deceived by her superb acting skills. But Neil Brown was different. He was the man who often fought with her. He could read through her intentions. “Stop acting. I won’t be tricked.” After saying that, Neil Brown turned around and left. Mia Kyle lifted her foot and kicked him. Neil Brown didn’t walk fast, so she kicked his ass, which made her laugh. “I’ll let you pretend to be a nice person, and let’s see how long you can keep pretending.” Mia Kyle wiped her body with the towel. Her clothes were see-through from being drenched in water, but she didn’t mind. She then sat beside Neil Brown. She stretched out her hand to touch him. Neil Brown grabbed her hand and said sternly, “Mia Kyle, you are not young anymore. No one can take care of you for the rest of your life. You have to learn to grow up.” “No matter how old I am, I can’t be older than you.” Since her hand was caught, she then squeezed her whole body against his. “Marry me please. If you marry me, I will be a wife and a mother. Maybe I will grow up and be sensible then.”.

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