Because she wanted to take care of Little Karen better, because she wanted to quickly regain her past memory, and because she wanted to return to Kevin Kyle and Little Karen as Mrs. Kyle badly… Karen Daly’s perseverance in her drug rehabilitation was stronger than anything else. For a few days in a row, she did not experience any relapse, and her mental condition had improved a lot A Children’s Day celebration was coming up in a couple of days, and Karen Daly was finishing up the clothes she made for Little Karen Because it was her first time making clothes for her daughter, Karen Daly really put in a ton of effort. She made two beautiful dresses and a suit, so that Little Karen would have more fashion choices. She could either be a beautiful little princess or act like a handsome boy. Karen Daly held the clothes and couldn’t stop looking at them. She could already imagine how cute Little Karen would look when she wore them. Every time she thought about how she was the one who gave birth to Little Karen, Karen Daly felt an immense warmth. She was not alone. She had her own child, Little Karen. Just as Karen Daly was engrossed in her thoughts, the phone beside her started to buzz. She shook off her thoughts and saw the most familiar contact number on the phone screen-Father. She didn’t want to answer the phone, but after some consideration, she decided that she wanted to hear what Samuel Daly had to say, so she picked up the call. As soon as Karen Daly answered the phone, she heard Samuel Daly speak with concern, “Karen, I am back. You are not at home nor at the company. Where did you go? I’m very worried about you.” If she didn’t know that she was drugged by him, Karen Daly would have been deceived by the kind act Samuel Daly was putting on Karen Daly used to feel so happy every time she heard Samuel Daly’s voice. While she had lost her memory and everything in the past, there was still a father who cared so much about her and stayed by her side to give her strength. But now, Karen Daly only found his voice to be fake and hollow. She didn’t even care much to respond. “What’s wrong, Karen? Why aren’t you speaking? Are you unwell?” Samuel Daly kept asking, demonstrating his concern for Karen Daly. Karen Daly took a deep breath and said, “I’m fine. What can I do for you?” Karen Daly’s unaffectionate reply proved Samuel Daly’s suspicion. Karen Daly mentioned losing her medicine when they were on the phone a few days ago, she probably already knew that he had added morphine to her medication. After figuring that out, Samuel Daly said, “Karen, since I’m back. shouldn’t you come home?” Karen Daly thought for a while. There were some things that she wanted to ask him face to face. After a moment of silence, she replied, “I’ll go back soon.” Karen Daly washed and hung Little Karen’s new clothes, then packed up some clothes to go over to Samuel Daly’s house When she got there, Karen Daly could already smell the broth from the doorstep, much like in the past. She used to be elated smelling this, but now she felt like Samuel Daly was only doing this to get in her good books, and not actually because he cared for her. With the others like Kevin Kyle and Faye Reed, she could feel that they cared for her sincerely. It was very different with her father. Women have very accurate sixth senses, and Karen Daly believed in her own sixth sense. Just like how she felt Little Karen was familiar at first sight. “Karen, you’re back.” Samuel Daly greeted her. “Mhmm.” Karen Daly nodded and didn’t want to say anything else. “I cooked your favorite soup and dishes. Take a seat, the food will be served soon.” After saying that, Samuel Daly turned and went to the kitchen. Samuel Daly acted as if he didn’t notice Karen Daly’s abnormal mood. He was still as kind as he had been to Karen Daly for the past three years. He was aware that Karen Daly was suspecting him. And it was precisely because of her suspicion, that he wanted to put up more of an act. As long as Karen Daly hasn’t regained her memories, he could grab every opportunity to use her against Kevin Kyle. Now was not the time for him to confess about drugging her. He wanted to wait for Karen Daly to ask about it. As long as she initiated the conversation, Samuel Daly had the chance to regain her trust. Samuel Daly served Karen Daly a bowl of her favourite soup, “Karen, I know you can’t stand being hungry. Have some soup first.” Karen Daly did not take the soup. She stared firmly at Samuel Daly and asked, “Why did you drug me?” Karen Daly did not even greet him well, and she spoke in a cold tone. Samuel Daly knew Karen Daly had already learnt that he was the one who drugged her. But it didn’t matter. He had long prepared to deal with this. Samuel Daly pretended to be sad and sighed. “You already know? Did Kevin Kyle tell you?” Before Karen Daly could speak, Samuel Daly continued, “1 wanted to keep it a secret from you, but it seems like I can’t hide it anymore.” “Keep it a secret from me?” Karen Daly was shaking, “Even if you could keep it a secret for now, I would find out some day, right? Samuel Daly added, “Karen, do you know why I had to give you the drugs? Do you still remember that you had been bedridden for a year?” Of course Karen Daly remembered that. It was a problem for her to even get out of bed and walk at that time, and she was not very conscious of what was going on. She felt that she had been to hell and came back to life. “Do you really think you were sick?” Samuel Daly shook his head, clutched his chest and said, “No, Karen. You weren’t sick. The truth was, you were injected with a chemical.” Karen Daly was stunned and asked, “What chemical?” Samuel Daly gritted his teeth and put on a suffering expression. After a long while, he said gently, “Anyone who gets injected with that chemical, would have a 50% chance of death, and a 50% chance of memory loss if they lived.” After hearing Samuel Daly’s words, Karen Daly felt extremely shocked. She recovered after a while and asked, “So the reason why I lost my memory was not because of an illness but instead, it was due to the chemical injection?” Around that time, she should have been pregnant with Little Karen. Or maybe she had just given birth. Who would have done this to her? Samuel Daly said firmly, “Yes.” Karen Daly asked, “Who was it? Why did they do it?” “Because we came from an ordinary family with an ordinary background, we are not worthy to be in the Kyle family. They simply needed someone to conceive their child. Once you gave birth, they didn’t need you anymore. Samuel Daly teared up as he said this, and slapped himself hard, “I’m sorry, Karen. It was my fault. I wasn’t successful enough that you had to go through this.

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