Samuel Daly continued with tears streaming down his face, “The Kyle family wanted children, but they don’t want the children to know that they have such an ordinary mother. The easiest way was to kill you, so they injected you with the chemical that the military used against spies. They wanted you dead, but you were lucky. You survived.” Samuel Daly’s spoke with emotion, and Karen Daly could not resist feeling sad when she heard it. But if what he said was true, why did Kevin Kyle bother getting close to her? Why did he tell her that Little Karen was their child? If the Kyle family simply wanted children, Kevin Kyle could probably get any woman he wanted. There would be tons of women willing to conceive his child. Why did he choose her? Karen Daly still had doubts in her mind, but she did not show it. She looked at Samuel Daly with a calm expression. Samuel Daly shifted away his gaze, avoiding eye contact. Karen Daly took a deep breath and asked, “Then how are you going to explain why my mother died because of you?” Samuel Daly did not expect Karen Daly to suddenly ask about the cause of her mother’s death. He was a little flustered, but soon regained his composure. He was a very cunning person, and soon came up with a reply. He wiped his tears and said sadly, “Karen, you would rather believe in a person who has nothing to do with you, more than you trust me?” Karen Daly, .” Karen Daly admitted that she believed in Kevin Kyle and Faye Reed more, but she couldn’t say it out loud. She was worried that she might be wrong about Samuel Daly. Seeing that Karen Daly did not say anything else, Samuel Daly understood her hesitation and added, “Since you don’t believe me, I have nothing to say. I just want you to know that wherever you go, you can always come back to me if you need me.” After saying that, Samuel Daly got up and left. He couldn’t walk straight, as if he had been hurt gravely. Seeing Samuel Daly like this, Karen Daly couldn’t bring herself to ask more questions. She had lost all her memory. She could only guess what happened in the past based on what people told her. She did not know what was the truth. In order to verify whether these stories were true and to find out what actually happened three years ago, she had to regain her memory But she knew nothing about the past. How was she going to get her memory back? Samuel Daly spoke nothing of her past. Faye Reed, on the other hand, told her a lot. She told her that they both grew up in Beaford City. Maybe she could get some more information from Faye Reed, then go visit Beaford City. Perhaps that would help her regain her memory. With that thought in mind, Karen Daly couldn’t wait to see Faye Reed. She had to get to the bottom of things. At the same time, Kevin Kyle had just finished listening to the conversation between Karen Daly and Samuel Daly. He looked devastated. To hear that he had guessed correctly about Karen Daly receiving the lethal chemical injection, he didn’t know how to react. His precious Karen Daly. If she wasn’t lucky enough, she may have left him and Little Karen forever three years ago. The thought of Karen Daly having to put up with the torture tore him apart. He couldn’t imagine how helpless and scared she must be feeling, having gone through such terrible schemes. He pulled out his phone and keyed in Karen Daly’s number. Just before he dialled the call, he stopped… She probably wouldn’t want to receive a call now. After consideration, Kevin Kyle did not call Karen Daly. Instead, he called George Ken and said, “Karen Daly was indeed injected with the chemical you were talking about Please think of a solution as soon as possible.” The reason why Kevin Kyle gave orders to release Samuel Daly and not prevent Karen Daly from meeting him was simple. He wanted to collect some information from Samuel Daly, who probably wouldn’t say anything to him. Kevin Kyle managed to get the information he wanted, and of course he also heard the accusations made of his family. Maybe it wasn’t totally an accusation. Perhaps his superior grandfather did exactly what Samuel Daly mentioned. Now, he was just worried that Karen Daly would believe what Samuel Daly said… Amelia Gray knocked on the door and came in, interrupting Kevin Kyle’s thoughts. “Director Kevin, the meeting is about to begin. Kevin Kyle nodded and suppressed the complicated emotions he had. “Okay.” Karen Daly walked out of the house and hailed a taxi as soon as she walked onto the roadside. She was hurrying to see Faye Reed at the studio. She was lucky. It was usually difficult to hail a taxi on this side of the road, but there was a taxi coming towards her as soon as she came out of the house. It was almost as if the taxi had been waiting for her. After she got on the taxi, Karen Daly told the driver the address and stared out the window, with too many thoughts in her head. After returning to Chatterton Town, she had come in contact and talked to more people than she had in the past three years. It was a nice feeling, because it did not make her feel like a freak anymore. She no longer felt as if she was alone all the time. Just as Karen Daly was deep in thought, the car stopped abruptly, causing her to topple forward and hitting the seat in front. She was rubbing her head and wanted to speak when the driver signalled for her to remain silent. He held up a piece of paper towards her. – Miss Daly, please read this silently. There is a tracking device with an eavesdropping bug installed on you. Your every action and your speech are being monitored. If you do not believe me, take off the amulet you are wearing and look inside it. “L…” Why should she believe him? Karen Daly had just said a word, but stopped quickly. She stared at the driver and looked at him quietly. She wanted to understand how he did he know that there was a tracking device installed on her, and why did he tell her? The taxi driver did not show any expression on his face. His gaze was even calmer, as if he had been trained professionally. Karen Daly bit her lip. Anxiously, she removed the amulet Little Karen gave to her with care. After taking it off, she held the amulet tightly in her hand, She did not dare to open it up. She was scared. Although she knew she shouldn’t trust Kevin Kyle fully, she had feelings for him, and therefore trusted him. If there was really a tracking device in that amulet, it would mean that Kevin Kyle used Little Karen and took advantage of Karen Daly’s love towards her.. that would be really despicable. Karen Daly took a deep breath in and opened up the amulet with her hands trembling. Fumbling about the contents of the amulet, she found a small device just the size of a pin..

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